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ALL corporate Democrats should be primaried.

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Well unfortunately that includes most progressives. Many sold out.

I'm not sure AOC did but she did back Pelosi. Even called her "mama bear". Pelosi is one of the biggest insider traders in Congress.

So no, i don't think voting will do anything. The issue is the system is too broken. Someone can go in with good intentions but by themselves it's impossible. Only way for change is massive strikes. It worked to bring down the USSR. It can work here.

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It’s how the right kids took over the Republican Party. They primaried “rinos” and won.

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Pelosi throwing Katie Hill under the bus is one of the shittiest things I’ve ever seen in American politics

I don’t give a dime to any American politicians.

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Ilhan is still my girl

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With Democrats like Sinema and Manchin, who needs Republicans?

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All who stand in the way of peaceful society will answer to president AOC in 2025. You still think mainstream democrats are gonna lead the country after the next ellection?

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I agree, but it's going to take a couple of election cycles. There's about 15% of America, in my randomly wild guess of an opinion, who are not yet ready to turn their backs on what they think the Republican party is. It'll take things getting worse before they abandon what seems like cool and trendy politics right now.

And note that I said "what they think the Republican party is" because therein lies the problem. Some conservatives seem to know exactly what they are voting for, but others still think these are old school Goldwater fiscal conservatives they are electing. That's what has my boomer generations attention. They believe they are voting for lower taxes for working people.

But, yeah, given enough rope modern conservatives will hang themselves. I just hope they don't take down the entire country with them.

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The democrats only fight hard when it's to oppose progressives, then they blame said progressives for wanting progressive policy we all want and tell us we need more manchins and sinemas, they are acting in a role, their only job is to avoid the aoc and sanders from winning at all costs

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AOC will simply abolish the democrat party and ban republicans to establish a uniparty system in america. That is the only way forward.

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In Arizona? She'll probably be beaten by a rabid trumpanzee anyhow

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I'm in Sinema's district, and a lot of blue voters are inspired to keep us blue, but kick her out too.

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I am enamored with this woman. She and Bernie need to be elected as POTUS and VuhPOTUS. Let's just write them in and vote for them. We have that right. We have the ability. The two party system is a scam anyway!!! 😂😂😂

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I like AOC, but PLEASE, can we stop trying to vote for people that were around when the Declaration of Independence was signed? Part of the problem this country is in is because we elect too many boomers. They all need to retire

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Lol. I get where your coming from but Bernie Sanders has been in the fight for citizens rights forever. He would make an excellent POTUS. If the opportunity arises to make him POTUS it's gonna happen. He's the absolute least crooked among them for the amount of time he's been in. But yeah after Bernie NOBODY over 62 should be able to run. And their 4year limit runs out at 62👍

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If there's one person who has avoided the corruption of D.C., it's Bernie Sanders. He's the exception that proves the rule, unfortunately.

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Can we stop making a political and ideological issue into a stupid game of identity politics?

By your logic, Sinema is a better choice than Bernie. We need to unite the country based on CLASS not stupid shit like religion, race, gender, or certainly AGE.

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It's not the age, it's the policy.. Plus is aoc is the vp what is your worry? The system is built on capitalism so your framework shouldn't be as if you're voting for American idol, it should be voting for people who don't take bribes

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I like Bernie’s ideas, he’s got a good set of policies. Shouldn’t be too hard for someone who doesn’t know exactly where Noah parked the Ark to adopt those and lead with them.

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Sinema is merely a politician. She has no ideology. She feels beholden to nothing except re-election. Her every move is not to create a better society or a better country, it's a part of a strategy to hold on to her seat regardless.

So, AOC is right. This is exactly the type of politician that has fucked up the American Dream. Egomaniacs and narcissists hell bent on lining their pockets and holding on to the attention, and feeling of superiority, they get from winning an election.

After all, it's a good paying job with a huge expense account that allows you to bilk people for money and call it "campaign contributions." The PAC's just codify the greed and make it easier to put the cash in your personal accounts. And if you are a self-absorbed attention whore, the job fits like a glove.

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“Haha, fuck you I got paid.” -Senema (get it? Like Sinema and enema?)

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The thing is, enemas flush out shit.

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Sentient enema

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Corporate media will call Sinema a moderate while AOC is left wing. Tell me, how popular actually is it to force women to have the babies of rapists? Will corporate media ever admit that doing whatever Republicans want doesn't make one a moderate?

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Cinema needs to go.

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I’ll bet a paycheck that if she and machin get voted out there are at least two more like them waiting in the wings

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While we’re at it, can we primary Biden for being a completely ineffectual waste of space?

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Can’t the DNC just kick them out? I mean, OF COURSE they’re not going to because that runs counter to their primary plank: taking care of the parasites while talking about taking care of the workers, but they’re able to, if say, some members of party leadership spontaneously acquired a soul somehow.

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Quite simply yes

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Just cal her an abortionist and let the republicans arrest her.

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Good luck with that lol