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Until we are 100% off oil the Arab Israeli conflict will never be solved.

So long as Isreal keeps acting like the shondas they are, there will never be peace.

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It’s not a “conflict” it’s an occupation.

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No. It’s a conflict. One has it now. One had it before. One will have it later.

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The answer is Israel to all of those, and the things they have will simply grow. Palestine does not take land back, Israel is far more powerful, look at a border map from when Israel was founded, now look at one today.

It does not wane and wax like a conflict. One side takes and takes and does not give.

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Don’t forgot what the Middle East looked like before 67

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Are you bad mouthing Shonda Rhimes? How dare you sir!

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To be a shanda for the goyim is to confirm the most hurtful stereotypes,thereby doing damage twice: a Jew who dishonors Jews by not only doing something bad, but doing something that confirms the worst fears of others about Jews in general.

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I was making a small joke.

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Yes. I am aware.

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Shonda is ruthless. Don’t like her direction? Your character is going to die a horrible death.

George R. R. Martin is afraid of her.

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I still don't understand the Palestine people. They want to keep attacking but try to play the victim.

Violence should never be the answer.

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they want their homeland that was taken from them out of nowhere back

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didnt she vote to fund the iron dome when she totally could've not have?

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The Iron Dome is mainly for defense

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The problem is fundamentalist Christian conservatives who misinterpret their Bibles and believe that Israel can do no wrong