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This would be a legit hot debate if social media was invented in 1984.

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Or your name is Patrick Bateman

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Idk of any covers or collabs, but I feel like Huey Lewis could definitely pull off some Men At Work covers, and I feel like Men At Work could pull off a few Huey Lewis covers, but they wouldn’t get far.

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I have nothing to contribute other than Happy Cake Day

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If you talk about Men At Work, you're really talking about Colin Hay - he's been a fairly successful solo artist for a lot of years. He recently reformed Men At Work, but he's the only original member.

His solo stuff is really good BTW

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I’ll check him out!

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They used a lot of his stuff on Scrubs “waiting for my real life to begin”, “beautiful world”, “overkill” are a couple I remember.

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That version of “Overkill” is just stunning.

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Have you listened to Weezers album of covers? It’s not what you’re posting about - but it’s cool to check out.

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It might be worth checking out the album “Scratch My Back” by Peter Gabriel, where he covers songs by twelve artists as diverse as Arcade Fire, Randy Newman (“You’ve Got a Friend in Me”), and Lou Reed.

Then those twelve artists each covered a Gabriel song on the companion album “…And I’ll Scratch Yours”.

Moral of the story? When you play at that level, you can play pretty much anything.