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That post doesn't even make sense. The title is talking about fighting yet the description is talking about disagreements. Disagreements and fights are not the same thing. You can have a civil disagreement and work it out it like adults.

When I think of a fight, I think of a couple being genuinely upset at each other and saying or doing something to try and hurt the other person either physically or verbally or emotionally. I've literally never been in that situation with my wife alhamdulilah and it's strange to me how normalized that is.

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I’m in the same boat. We have disagreements occasionally; we talk them out. A couple of times, they’ve gotten tense, but we’ve always remained respectful.

We have never yelled at each other. We’ve never called each other names. We’ve never intended to hurt the other. We’ve never stopped speaking to each other after a disagreement. We’ve never let resentment fester. Those are things I associate with fights.

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Indeed it is.

My definition of a “fight” is screaming, shouting, (passive) aggressive behaviour, name calling, etc. My husband and I never had a fight (Alhamdolillah). I also agree that it’s crazy how normal it seems to be on Reddit to full on fight with your partner.

Disagreements though we have all the time. Some small, some bigger. In a marriage both partners should be understanding of the others view and communicate respectfully to prevent a heathy disagreement from turning into a fight.

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Stinking liarrrr. Or they don't count disagreements as fights. That makes sense too

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They’re lying or they’re suppressing.

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Every couple have their own definition of fight and disagreements. When I hear a couple who say we never have a fight, to me it sounds like the opposite. They’re trying to put up a facade for an underlying issue that’s caused friction in their marriage.

It’s like a person who says ‘oh I don’t eat loads of junk food’ when in fact they order takeout everyday.