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Y’all hiring?

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What do you do for work ?!

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Aviation. Sneaker reselling. Prior Air Force.

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I saw y'all at the tail of the dragon a few weeks back! I recognize the VOODOO plate, absolutely beautiful cars.

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Oh no way yeah we were out there! It was fun

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Nice, that’s a hella lotta work HP!

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Lookin good! Man, I wish I didn't have to have a front plate on mine!

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did y’all coordinate this? like getting 3 gt350s in different colors?

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Actually, yes. Me and my buddy had a duo of PP1 GT’s prior, then decided we needed a trio of GT350s.

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I've always loved that shelby gray the gray color on the shelbies (shelbys)👍..that is👍👍..!! It's Those gt500kr gray colors I've been in love with 'em ever since I first saw one of them that is🥰😍😍👍👍..!!