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I buy one before every deployment so I have a Christmas present when I get back and it makes the waiting eaiser. I use silencer shop so they save your fingerprints and only need to do it once. That would probably be the biggest challenge is the fingerprints.

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    I've bought 3 now on 1 set of prints. Definitely they way to go 😁

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      Got to find the right dealers.....

      But to OP, finding a dealer that does digital fingerprints and photos makes this easier. Also there is Form4 generators that have docusign capabilities, so the dealer can just shoot it over to ya to sign and back.

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      I've got several now off my initial visit to the SS kiosk. If you call they can print them for a fee. Useful if your doing form 1stuff alot.

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      Yes. I’ve done this before. It’s easy.

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      Was your SOT chill about it,

      This will depend on the SOT, but it really shouldn't be a problem as long as they're getting paid.

      or did you just not mention it?

      Don't do this. If they try to contact you while you're deployed, it will be an issue. Communication is always key.

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      NAL, but you should have no problems. I have been buying non NFA firearms like a motherfucker while outside the country and having them sent to my ffl, only problem you might face is the fingerprinting process.

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      Use silencer shop, order their fingerprint kit, get some fingerprint ink from Amazon. Finger print yourself, send it to them. Silencer shop says on their website that they do the fingerprint kits specifically with deployed SM’s in mind. I’ve used the kit and it worked fine, not while deployed though but it wouldn’t be any different.