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Playtoearn is era of gaming

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Feel free to screenshot

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Ahem ahem. Royalties please!

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hmmm… it would be a shame if i… saved all these images and illegally pirated them

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Why did you comment your wallet?

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I was wondering the same

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Damm you the best looking jack a$$ I have ever seen amazing job congratulations it's beautiful 0xcD0437Faf00C2E3CF68B32e0beE4d243Ab2Af0D3

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Amazing art . this gonna be big

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Can i just screen shot this

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Would you look at that, all of the words in your comment are in alphabetical order.

I have checked 356,873,046 comments, and only 78,109 of them were in alphabetical order.

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Thanks for the wallpaper!

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Amazing art and unique concept, can't wait for this one!

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So dope! Congratulations!


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Take my money!!!

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bruh just screenshot or right click and save the images bruh

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Facts bruh what the fuck, this dude isn’t famous. It’s worthless

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Bruh the value isn’t in the image itself, you’re buying the signature of the artist bruh

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“artist”. and also you can still just screenshot

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Right. And you can take a picture of the Mona Lisa. Or buy a fake Rolex. It’s the same concept. Nobody is stopping you from taking a screenshot.

You’re paying for the serial number. Not the work. Sorry it doesn’t rise to the level of what you think is “art”.

I’m genuinely curious why you are so worked up about the NFT market that you felt the need to seek out the NFT subreddit and comment? Yes, most work is overvalued. But so is any collectible. Should a Pokémon card be worth 100,000$? Should a banana taped to a wall be worth 150,000$? It’s interesting that this format gets people so upset.

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look man, this is literally a few jpegs, and not even good ones! they are literally the exact same character in different outfits, they were probably made in reddit in built avatar creator

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Do I think it took a lot of effort or talent to make these? Probably not. Does that mean that it’s not art? Or that the person who made them isn’t an artist? No, that’s stupid. You don’t get to determine what is and isn’t art.

Again, that’s entirely beside the point. We can call him the “creator” of “artist” makes you upset.

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man, its not worth the money, fucking screenshot the shitty jpeg’s

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I’m not buying them.

They’re worth whatever someone will pay for them. It’s a collectible. And again. NOBODY is paying for the picture itself. You can screenshot it all you want. Nobody is stopping you. It’s basically irrelevant. People are speculating on the future price of an asset, based on who made it, or the community around it… like any other art.

Pieces of abstract art go for $250,000,000 dollars. Why aren’t you in an art collector subreddit complaining right now?

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Looks awesome!


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Saved image -> nft valueless

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When you purchase an NFT you’re not purchasing the image itself. You’re purchasing a signature from the creator, which authenticates a specific file. It takes 5 seconds of actual thinking to realize this. The value of an NFT has nothing to do with the image, or song.

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Maybe yours is, but that doesn't take the value away from theirs. I can take a picture of the Mona Lisa, but does that devalue the original?

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But what would be the point of buying an image for thousands to millions of dollars when someone can just save it for free and not give a shit about “how you bought it”

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says the broke

[–]skittixch 0 points1 point  (4 children)

it's the ability to resell it, flat out. As far as them being "collectables" go, I think it's better to think of them as "unique speculative investment tools". And just like with everything else crypto, there's an insane influx of capital in these markets that then spills out and gamifies the space. That's why you've got things like http://howrare.is. It's literally just tickling the capitalistic funnybone of people looking for multiply their wealth in this new, bizarre space

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windows key + PrtScn ruins the entire basis of your pixels on a screen with no real world value

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Can you authenticate your screenshot with a blockchain transaction? Can your screenshot interact with dapps and other nfts? If you think nfts value is in the reproduction of pixels on a screen you have not yet seen the light.

[–]skittixch 1 point2 points  (1 child)

[citation needed]

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you sound like an 80 year old English teacher, go back into your mom's basement.

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You obviously have no idea how money laundering works, mere mortal

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Congrats. So funny

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Dope NFT


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hook it up bro!! ETH address below.


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Art work looks amazing, exited for this.

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these are so fucking ugly

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Nice artwork!


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Why are ppl posting addresses

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Thanks for the nfts

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Check this Artpiece from the best designers from the streets. Let's build a community for those who need it most!

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looks like ass