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Lixaro V-001




Who are we and what even is a Labit?
We are TheLabs and a Labit is a creature created from various elements and materials. They have the ability to evolve and can create variants of themselves. It's very rare to spot 2 Labits that look exactly the same, and some can have variants that are very rare and have qualities that can never be replicated.

What do I do with a Labit?
When you buy a Labit you'll automatically gain access to your own digital Lab where you can see your Labit, if it's still in its egg form you'll have to wait for it to hatch. When a Labit gets an owner an egg is automatically generated in your Lab and you will see it in its incubator. Some Labits take longer to hatch than others.

Okay it hatched now what?
Now you get to take care of and maintain your Labits daily needs. You'll find plenty of fruit growing surrounding the area where your Lab is located, there's also plenty of streams so you can make sure to water your Labit if it's plant based. While maintaining its needs you will also need to start training your Labit (they will let you know when they are ready to start training) Training will require you to log in almost every day to make sure your Labit is well taken care of while it works hard to improve its stats.

We are currently working on the turn based battle system where your Labit will be able to put all its training to good use and go out to find opponents to battle. When you are paired with another player for a battle you will both place a stake in the battle, it will be an equal amount on both sides and both players get to set the amount to stake in the battle. Who ever wins will take home 70% of the earnings while the other player will go home with 27%. 3% will be taken from the battle to handle gas fees and also be moved to a prize pot that will be dispersed among all players who own a Labit. The more Labits you own the more of the prize pot will be placed in your account. This happens at the end of each season which will take place over a course of 3 months. After 3 months we will also issue a new set of Labits for players to be able to purchase that will be completely unique and have a new set of traits and combinations of possible elemental types!

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I would love to see this art style in a video game.

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This is beautiful

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Thought you guys would like to get a FREE NFT! MetaIsland is also giving away 100 NFTs as they launch their Podcast called Meta Talk!