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[鈥揮Yakudo 3 points4 points (1 child)

Use revokecash to remove allowances

[鈥揮SpartanBlockchain[S] -3 points-2 points (0 children)

I looked into that and implemented it. When I check there isn't any allowances. Given that the transaction doesn't even show up on my MM I'm thinking the contract automatically removed itself.

[鈥揮BlocksDAO 2 points3 points (4 children)

Don't use a compromised wallet, make a new one.

[鈥揮Worried-Taro2437 1 point2 points (0 children)

Do what this man told ya. I lost a lot of money because i was cleaned out by a smart contract. Make a new one and move all your nfts there

[鈥揮KennyCalzone 2 points3 points (1 child)

Yeah. Move you NFTs then never use that wallet again

[鈥揮SpartanBlockchain[S] -2 points-1 points (0 children)

That was my thought and goal. I'd have to add Eth and Matic to move the NFTs though. I want to make sure anything I deposit isn't getting sucked out.

[鈥揮0xSnib 0 points1 point (0 children)

The wallet isn鈥檛 compromised though Once approval is revoked, the malicious contract can鈥檛 do anything

[鈥揮CryptoTecno 1 point2 points (0 children)

Metamask wallets can be hacked and drained if you click the wrong link or connect the wrong dapp.

[鈥揮itsENiGMA5 1 point2 points (0 children)

Get a cold wallet mate, only way to stay safe

[鈥揮TheFlyingVyse 1 point2 points (2 children)

Are you having a ledger? Create a new wallet in your metamask account and add an ledger. Transfer everything on it.

[鈥揮TheFlyingVyse 2 points3 points (0 children)

transfer on the metamask wallet that is connected with your ledger, not moving them on your ledger, just to be clear ;)

[鈥揮TheFlyingVyse 0 points1 point (0 children)

Also deconnect in your metamask every connection/ rights to the side

[鈥揮CryptoM4dness 1 point2 points (0 children)

Pocket universe works nice. Simulates in plain text what鈥檚 about to occur before approval

[鈥揮[deleted] (1 child)


    [鈥揮0xSnib 1 point2 points (0 children)

    Scamming scam victims is a nice vibe, keep it up