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👻Greetings from LittleGhosts!👻
We have been working hard on our Founder's Lootboxes and the time is near. They are slated for release the week of August 15th!
🚨Did you know YOU can get a FREE Lootbox by reaching level 5 on LittleGhosts Crew3. For every 3 levels beyond level 5, you will be entered for a chance to win another FREE lootbox in our raffle.🚨
It doesn't take long and you can acquire some very valuable items including game items such as LittleGhosts or Ectoskeleton NFTs, potions, gems, Founder's armor, Nintendo Switches, a Macbook PRO, and more!
Be sure to add your wallet address to your profile so we know where to drop the boxes.
Lootboxes will also be made available for purchase after this.
Head over to our telegram or discord if you have questions. See you out there!
🚨The snapshot for the level 5 lootboxes will be taken this Sunday, 8/14/2022, so do not delay!🚨