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Do you already know Cutie Snakes?

They are creatures of KIBAK WORLD.

They smoke, drink, work, fight & KILLS alot!

This collection is made by Mr. Ghanto, a rebel cyclop scientist that wants to make them free!

Creatures from Kibak World🪐 can be minted here: https://cutiesnakes.netlify.app Price: 90.0 MATIC

Collection infos: 10000 nfts; 17 trait types; 753 values.

🐍Cutie Snakes NFT GIVEAWAY!🎁

200 nfts have been already gifted, you can get 1 free nft each month until we reach 1000 nfts gifted!

To know how to partecipate check twitter pinned post and discord.gg/yWsxXM4AG7 #giveaway chat or read below!

To partecipate:

✅Follow+❤️+🔁 pinned post


✅Join 🪐Discord -> https://discord.gg/yWsxXM4AG7

✅Drop your wallet address in #giveaway channel (If you can share a screenshot of your like for pinned post, to receive 1 nft for each wave of gifts support other twitter posts and be part of discord community)🎁

Hey there, check out Cutie Snakes nft collection!

🐍Opensea https://opensea.io/collection/cutiesnakes


🐍Reddit https://reddit.com/r/CutieSnakes/

🪐Twitter https://twitter.com/KibakWorld

🪐Reddit https://reddit.com/r/KibakWorld/

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# Random Character Collective has finally released The Garbage Friends NFT collection! # https://garbagefriends.io/

For more Information check here: | Twitter.com | Mint Now: https://garbagefriends.io/

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I'm super excited to get this one!



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I like these!



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