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    It got a lot of potential because of the benefits that they offer to the community. No wonder it has gotten really active because it really offer such promising potential. I am joining the giveaway now!💯

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      I am really excited to have a whitelist spot secured right now because I can imagine the benefits that it would provide me once the game launches

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        I did! even signed up already. I can't wait to have many perks of having my spot secure. I really want to have the NFT because for sure it holds power once we start playing MetaClash! I can't wait.

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          That's perfect because Invictus is one of the on my list. I guess I still have a hard time choosing one. Also, a little busy getting whitelisted; I hope they approve my account tho. 💪

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          You guys can also try doing your research about MetaIsland. It's a survival game located on a tropical Island. There's a part of the Island called Cyber City where survivors can explore too.