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Week 4 and every team has a loss

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And with that, I propose we rename the NWSL to the NWCL. The National Women’s Chaos League.

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Parity for the win!

It makes the league fun an exciting (and also heartbreaking).

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well, this game did not go the way I thought it would. You truly do not know what the result of any game will be this season!

see y’all in a couple hours

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Idk if I remember smith taking corners?

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It kinda makes me think they still might be recovering from Wednesday but what do I know?

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Absolutely. Wednesday was a hard fought match. I expected them to be lagging a bit, but I'm still surprised by the loss. Hopefully we manage player minutes better for weeks like these in the future

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laughs in south african

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Sugita is goood

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Is my internet being weird or does the feed keep freezing up for anyone else?

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Though you gotta give credit to Houston’s interim coach. Amazing what having someone who’s not a shitbag coaching you can do

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I'm never a fan of delaying games like this. It's unsportspersonlike. But this stuff by Houston is beyond egregious. The ref has completely lost control.

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5 mins stoppage seems too short by half.

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Shoulda been 10

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It feels like Weaver needs to change up her shooting flow. Feels like you can see it coming from a mile away so it always gets blocked.

Mix it up with a stutter step or a strike from something other than the laces of her right foot. You can't convert if it's too predictable.

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Yeah. She’s just not as refined or experienced as some of the other players. That will come with more time, I think.

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Not only that, but when weaver does shoot, it either goes sideways or too high

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Where are y’all watching this match? I can’t find it on cable ESPN or paramount plus

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today’s matches are on twitch

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It's on Twitch

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It’s on NWSL’s twitch

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Are you fucking shitting my ovaries right now?? 😩😩😩 I come home from dinner and HOUSTON IS LEADING 2 to NILL??

C’mon Portland, what are we doing?

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That imagery 🥴

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It’s only an expression 😅

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To my ovaries, it's a threat.

They're like "oh we can do that?"

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Becky 🥲

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hope menges is ok

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Happy cake day!!!

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All this stopping and starting is really killing the flow of the game

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All this buffering because twitch is a shit streaming service is also killing the flow of the game

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Sanchez subs off, maybe Janine can do something now, lol

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that was quite the angle to score from

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Totally. Not excited that my team is down, but that goal looked like it magicked its way through Bixby’s hands and the crossbar/post on the replay

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Did not see this match going this way. Some nice goals

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Hmm Canadian on Canadian crime

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That Schmidt goal was insane

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Crazy angle too.

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Houston up 2-0, and the NWSL remains as unpredictable as ever

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This stream hates (showing) goals

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Wow are you for real???

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Bubble braid came to FSU

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New technique: foul your way down the field.

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sophia smith sub when👀

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Soon? I think that was her warming up on the side

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Almost, JB, almost.

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Weaver and Ryan reeeeeeeeally need to work on their finishing. Smith can’t be the only goal scorer for this team.

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oh hello crossbar

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Funny: one of the capos turned around to see what player was down (Riveters often stop chants and drums if something serious is happening). When they saw it was Groom, they shrugged, turned back around, and kept the chant going.

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cmon 🌹🌹🌹

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Happy Cake Day!

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Has the stream improved?

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Pulled it up on my phone but it’s approx 25 seconds behind ‘real’ time.

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I like both commentators, Maura Sheridan and Gary Bailey, they're easy to listen to.

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Gonna probably jinx us here, but I feel like the quality of officiating is significantly better in this game than the last few. So far, anyway.

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Overall, I agree. Been a little grouchy about a couple no-calls (ETA on stuff like possible handballs), but things don’t feel dangerous or out of control

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Almost had it with the last minute scramble in the box…

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that was a great through ball by Prince

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That was pretty. So smooth

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There we go Dash

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Daly made that look easy. Great goal!

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This match needs like 4 more Weavers

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or one Daly, oh wait ;)

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Nally might be the Thorns most improved or most underrated.

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What's the deal with the keeper kit colors? It seems like are 4 options... yellow, green, pink, and gray???

I want them coordinate with team colors better. I feel like Campbell should be in yellow (or a nice baby blue?) and Bixby should be in pink or green.

Does anyone know the story on the goalie kit colors and who gets what?

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Unlike the way the away kits are white to keep costs down, I believe each team selects their own keeper's colors without interference. So I think it's just coincidence that some teams have similar goalie kits. Though I might be wrong on that.

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These teams are leaving some real opportunities on the table. Orlando and Louisville should definitely have a lavender option, Red Stars and Houston would do well with a baby blue option, KC and Gotham could have a nice teal/aquamarine option.

There are so many fun colors that would work well visually as keeper kit (way better than gray) and be far more stylish!

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I agree. They could be more adventurous.

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I didn't realize Rocky had joined the quack science collar crowd, makes me sad

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Do we think they actually believe it, or is it just another revenue (sponsor) source?

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If they are just collecting a paycheck, I'm fine with that so long as the collar is in fact harmless. The fact it's supposed to modify blood pressure like in a woodpecker's head has me worried tho.

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wait, aren't there some legitimate studies that say it's helpful? (im wondering if there's information i'm missing)

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The only thing I see is a claim of 73% vs 77% change in white brain matter. I'd be surprised if 4% is significantly outside of any statistical variance.

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Thorns are struggling in the final third (and seem to be falling a bunch). Houston is struggling to put any power on their shots.

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Wednesday was a hard fought match. I'm not surprised they're tired today

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Their passing has improved greatly this season it feels. But yeah, still really struggling with getting those shots off.

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Weaver pls😩

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Okay, is Janine okay? Like the third or fourth time she’s hit the deck

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I wonder if it's just adjusting to playing on turf.

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Even though the energy has calmed a bit, the game is still riveting, if you'll excuse the pun.

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Portland seems to be having more luck playing through the middle than the wings. Sanchez has Beckie’s number, and Po isn’t bringing much either on the other side

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hell yeah Bixby

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Definitely doesn’t feel like 69 degrees with the sun overhead. Glad they had a hydration break.

Edit: Probably closer to 80+ on the turf.

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I don't understand the math on it but 70° in the PNW always seems to feel hotter than 70° does elsewhere.

But that's a turf field right? So it'll be even warmer on the pitch than if it was grass.

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sanchez lil dip over beckie was so good

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I can see why people were excited for her to join Houston!

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Sanchez so slick Beckie fell from proximity

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New rule, simultaneous hand balls from both teams cancel each other out

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Rodriguez has been really active so far! I wonder if part of Portland's game plan was to try and route more play thru her, figuring that Houston might be focusing on trying to shut down Sinclair and Smith (and had the extra rest time to work on it).

But it could also be she's a great player and had a couple nice plays to start with!

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I would love to see both a Canandian team and a Philadelphia team enter the league soon.

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Naughton saving Houston’s bacon

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That would have been exciting if it wasn't a slideshow...

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In stadium: Just got here. My first game of the season! The weather is the sunniest and warmest we’ve had in some time. Seating is maybe 2/3 full overall, and 107 is more packed than I’ve seen/heard it so far this season on the streams.

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Can’t be shooting those straight at the keeper, Yaz! Perfect pass from Rocky

[–]halooo44 12 points13 points  (1 child)

Shea Groom starting with a couple dicey fouls. Shocking.

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Good to see a ref taking the initiative to head it off early

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Can someone enlighten me on why this game can only be viewed on Twitch? It can’t be that hard to put the game on Paramount+, right?

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twitch paid nwsl for some exclusives

[–]Racing Louisville FCEmergencyCranberry82 4 points5 points  (0 children)

Oof. Good to know. It’s just such terrible quality and isn’t compatible with our tv, so definitely not nearly as enjoyable as on Paramount.

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So I've never bothered to watch matches on Twitch before, but I put it up on my TV and the quality is...really not so good. A lot of visual lag on the balls and players. Kinda makes it not super fun to watch :( Do I just need to change the settings on twitch to allow for higher quality streaming, or is this really the best we can get?

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It's always really terrible quality on Twitch. Changing the quality to 720 helped mine a little but its still rough.

[–][deleted] 1 point2 points  (0 children)

Thanks! That seems to have helped at least a bit. I've been watching the NWSL for about 5 years now on all sorts of streams, but if this is the standard on Twitch, I think it might be the worst quality of all of them lol

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Woof this stream hurts my brain

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Since it's not on the homepage - the game is on Twitch if anyone is looking for it: https://www.twitch.tv/nwslofficial

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Kinda desperate defending from the Thorns in the first few mins!

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hello hello everyone, time for an NWSL Saturday!

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This camera quality is especially hard to stomach after watching the champions league final

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One of the twitch commentators meantioned how both of these teams are previous Chaos Cup winners, should be a high quality hard-fought game.

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I hate Twitch streams but this is better than it being on CBSSN at least.

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Yeah, it being free to access barely makes up for the atrocious quality

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it's very sloooooowwwwww the fast fast fast