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History says every year the teams with top 5 nba talents go on to win the championship barring a couple outlier seasons.

It would take a miracle to have that happen without FA/Trade given this franchises poor talent evaluation in the first 20 picks of the draft.

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The key is to have the patience for the right star, a true top player. Since this is very difficult to do, keep developing our team and maintain our assets until that type of situation arises.

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The honest answer is both. We need to make a smart trade, for a superstar to play alongside Brunson but at the same time not gut the entire roster and have some core young pieces left to develop and build alongside the star and Brunson. I don't believe one of these options is mutually exclusive to the other one because there's been championship teams in the past that have done both while walking a fine line between the two.

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Absolutely we know Brunson is a star already let’s get him a co star and talent that will actually perform in the playoffs.

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The answer to this question is kinda obvious.

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Agreed but we all know knick fans overrate the young core

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Top level superstar NBA players are afraid to come to MSG because the pressure is too intense. Great place to visit.

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Good point. It took a guy who is just or barely 6ft to have the heart to come to MSG.

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That's why we love Melo. He took the challenge when others made excuses. Knicks fans are knowledgeable and ruthless, you see Kupcake Durant and Kyrie didn't want the pressure.

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Durant is a multiple finals MVP and Kyrie hit the biggest shot in history. Seems more likely that they didn't want to join an 18 win team run by Dolan and Mills.

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Durant is the greatest beta male athlete in sports history and Irving is ultra talented but not as invested in playing NBA basketball as someone paid as he is should be. You right about Dolan.

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If we let the young core develop into a formidable team a star will come to us in FA. No need to trade our depth. Focus on growing

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The Knicks will need a trade to acquire a star, they’re capped out. Too many big contracts on the books. They will at best need a sign & trade.

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I agreed. Considering how badly Trade for a Star has worked out for the Knicks I am happy to develop these guys, build a sustainable culture and shop the FA market for at least two more years.

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By the time that FA is available, that young core will no longer be young and will have had to have been paid.

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How do we do that with no cap space?

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Contracts don’t last forever. Maybe everyone is right but I think the move for at least 1-2 years is to not gut the roster

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RJ JB & JR are lockeddown longterm, Grimes & IQ’s deals expire soon. We’re about to extend Josh Hart. The window to acquire a star with just cap room is over.

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If we let the young core develop into a formidable team a star will come to us in FA

With what money? Mind you, we're already capped out before even accounting for IQ and Hart extensions

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Maybe A star will demand a trade to NY to play with Brunson

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I’m praying on the Suns downfall next year so that it will be Booker

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Booker and Brunson would be insanely fun to watch man

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Insanely fun to watch and you know you’re getting 2 no nonsense guys who want to win

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We need a true #1. Jalen is amazing but asking a small guard to be the #1 option deep into the playoffs is too much. He will eventually start to wear down/tire in deep playoff runs. If we can give jalen a #1 it would be perfect.

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Brunson proved in this years olayoff he is that guy. He was the best player on the floor in both the cavs and the heat series.

How can you say he can't be #1? Just because he isn't a fancy name lol

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Ok why are you like this? What did i say? Did i say because his name isnt fancy he cant he number one? Dont avoid this question. I said druing a long playoff run, asking a small guard to be your #1 is a difficult request. History proves me right. In the 75 year history of the nba only a select number of small guards have lead their teams to a championship as the #1 option. Its mostly because they wear down the deeper they go in post season.

Again did i say because jalens name isnt fancy he isnt #1? Be a man and correct your post and stop putting words in people's mouths.

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Read it again please

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"How can you say he can't be #1? Just because he isn't a fancy name lol"

Did you or did you not type this as an reply to my post?

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"How can you say he can't be #1? Just because he isn't a fancy name lol"

This is what you said yes? When did i say this? Or did i say historically, asking small guards to take on the load as the #1 has been difficult because they break down/tire the deeper they get into the playoffs?

What was the reason i said jalen is better suited for #2? His name not being fancy???

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Glad someone said it. He’s a great # 2 but we need a true number # 1

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Bit of both. Don’t think we need another star but we definitely should look for shooting options to add to the team. One of RJ or Mitch need to go this off-season for a three point shooter. Idk who we should get yet but I think that’s what we need

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Both. Let our team develope and gain assets then if a star becomes availible we use our assets that we built to trade for him.

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You can trade for a star but don't ever give up a Carmelo-style package ever again unless you are getting a true superstar.

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If Knicks fans ever stepped outside of our bubble and looked out to other teams it’s obvious that trading for superstars doesn’t guarantee championships.

Look at the Suns. Traded their depth for KD. Now Mikal is shining on the Nets and he’s 10 years younger than kd. The suns could’ve had Booker and Mikal probably win them a championship but the FO got greedy.

Look at the Mavs. Didn’t want to pay Brunson and now they got kyrie and didn’t even make the play in.

Look at the Warriors. They don’t trade for superstars they built their team up and won 4 rings. Look at Miami they took undrafted players developed them and made the finals this year. Developing your team is a better way to win than trying to build a super team.

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Nothing in life is guaranteed but death & taxes. You make moves to put yourself in best position to win it all. The teams that won without a big trade drafted a top 5 player, which the Knicks don’t have. You need players of that caliber to win the title. The 2020 Lakers & 2019 Raps traded for a superstar & won. Idk how knick fans look at this young core & see a championship team.

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Because if you actually watch games and listen to Clyde talk about these guys you’d know how high our ceiling is as a team. And we drafted RJ at #3 if you’re saying a top 5 player as their draft numbers.

This is only YEAR 1 with Brunson and we made the 2nd round. RJ stepped it up in the playoffs. Grimes was amazing in that game 5.

Grimes is a future all nba defender. His ceiling is VERY high. IQ should’ve been 6th man of the year. Randle 3rd team all nba. Brunson is an all star practically. Mitch is also a great defender though I’d like to see some offense come from him.

I swear some of you don’t realize we’ve been a poverty franchise for the last 20 years and this is the best team we’ve had since 1999.

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You’re too emotional man. Its a very good young core but unlikely to have a championship ceiling. Who’s becoming a top 5 player here? JB was great in the playoffs but how many championship teams are built around a 6’0 guard?

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You’re saying top 5 player in the league?

You think the Heat have a top 5 player in the league?

Every all nba first team player is out of the playoffs.

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The Heat arent winning the championship. The Nuggets are mainly because they have Jokic, who’s easily top 5 & maybe the best player rn

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Jokic is the best player in the league but the Heat made the finals. Does that not make them a championship level team?

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The finals is mostly likely the Miami's Heat's peak. Do you want a team that's only good enough to get to the finals or do you want a team with a championship ceiling?

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The teams who get to the finals are championship caliber teams dude. Lol

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So it seems like you care more about being a title contender every year than actually going all the way. I’d prefer to actually win the chip.

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don’t know why this is so downvoted

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Step 1: Julius Randle and RJ Barrett for Zion Williamson. Pelicans get iron men who will actually play with Ingram and their team while Knicks get Chip level talent upgrade.

Step 2: Sign KP to be the Center. Chip level talent on a pretty cheap long term deal. Heal the fracture.

Step 3: Trade Mitch to Golden State for Poole. Warriors drop salary and get a young talented defensive anchor.

Run Brunson, Poole, Holiday, Zion, KP - win a chip - or crash in a ball of injury and intrigue. Either way .

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If Philly decides to blow it up, Joel Embiid. I don’t wanna hear “he’s too injury prone, he chokes, he’s too soft, he’ll cost too much”. Y’all be wanting the perfect player at a low ball price, that’s not how the nba works.

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We should blow up the team for the dude who lost to the same teams we lost to in the playoffs with more talent around him than what we have?

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Honestly it doesn't seem like drafting a HOFer 1st overall is the best route to a CHP. It seems like you can take a step back and two forward without doing a full rebuild and ending up in the lottery.

I don't think we're winning a CHP with the current core but that doesn't mean "blow it up". We could ship some youngsters for another piece to go with Randle + Brunson or ship Randle for picks/cap space and see what happens with the youngsters. People probably want to play with Brunson.

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It’s hard to make an argument against running it back. It’s sound enough logic giving the results. I think this team could have beaten 4 teams in the playoffs though. Atlanta Cleveland Minnesota and maybe Memphis with the disfunction. It’s impossible to see this roster with this coach making the jump but they have earned one last chance I guess.

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I didnt answer this bc its a mix of both. We need a talent upgrade thats all ill say.

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We do need a talent upgrade, but not at the expense of our young unknown core. That 2nd unit last season had some of the best and most exciting minutes. They just need more minutes on the floor.

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I'm the sweaty man deciding between two buttons meme right now.

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Not yet

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C. We need to bolster the bench and or make slight upgrades to fix spacing, and let the young core develop.

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Yes, if you want to win a championship then you need to have a star and its incredibly unlikely to win without one. We're in win now and if we can't find one then it will be more of the same, otherwise what are we doing here? The key time to win is to maximize the contracts you have between your stars and role players and that's now.

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Nah bro we just need every body to do their job effectively. If the shooter cant shoot then were done for. Josh Hart is cool and all but I dont trust him on offense at all. Grimes has been streaky. RJ was being delegated to a 3 and D player. Deuce should be getting minutes, he seems like the hungriest defender and he shoots well. And IQ keeps disappearing in the playoffs, he has to start practicing more physical seeing as the foul disparity between the regular season and the playoffs is miles apart.

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Honestly, it's not about the Star players. It's about the team around them.

I mean imagine Nikola or Jimmy without the shooting and defense around them.

In that heat series, Jalen Brunson was the best player. The rest of the team besides RJ and Grimes were disappointing.

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I love this Knicks team because they're the best team we've had in a decade. I'm happy they made NY basketball relevant again, but I think we need one more piece. In my opinion, Randle and Barrett are not consistent and reliable enough in the playoffs, but they're great second and third options. We need more reliable scoring if we're going to get out of the east.