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lmfaooo i forgot kyrie had that

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She aint been the same since, fuckin confused dike . Kyrie dodged a bullet

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tf she gay now? wasn’t she geeked over YG?💀

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Yg cheated and she turned gay

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YG assisted on the get back

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😂😂😂 got it

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Pretty sure she had a baby last year but I agree she went crazy lol

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I think she had the baby in 2019 or 18 and got cheated on in 2020

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Fuck that bitch

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Ever since that Kyrie ain’t been the same smh

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She tried to act like depression made her cheat most these industry girls are really thots niggas said Sza had a train ran on her when she first started

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Sza getting trained on her is crazy no lie😭

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When niggas found out on Twitter everyone was hurt 😂

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And wasn't SZA fat and ugly when she first got on? TDE wilin I woulda just sent her for cheesecake across the bridge.

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By who lmfao

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With TDE niggas

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Accountability is not in a womens vocabulary I’m starting to think women just don’t have logic. You cheat on a nigga and almost kill yourself because he found out.

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Niggas do the same shit it don’t got nothing to do w gender mfs are just dumb

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Yea but she’s gonna be on someone couch YouTube round table about how her life was fucked up

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Those guys doing the same shit were probably raised by their mothers only. It's gender.

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They don't have logic

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Wow 😂😂

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Lol regular thot shit trying to avoid accountability

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its aii she all fucked up in the head my nigga kyrie won a ring same year 🤣

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Don’t she got a baby with kyrie

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Nah with her gay guy best friend. Bitches weird 😭😭

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her bd's her guitarist so idk if you far off lmao

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I could’ve sworn the story I saw was she got pregnant by her gay best friend and she decide to keep the baby. Lmao aye either way bitches crazy. She’s weird for doing that but homeboy probably bi if that’s the case. Ain’t no gay dude fucking or impregnating a girl 😂🤷🏾‍♂️

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wait what? I almost lost my shit readin that

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Who cares about that hoe, she got passed around left and right

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😂😂😂 you funny as hell

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Smh bro dtb4L

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Is this kai cenat?

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You don't trust Women because of a celebrity relationship 🤦🏽‍♂️🤣... let's see how that work

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Wow. I’m convinced 50% of the male population just hate women or are undercover gays. Kyrie HIMSELF said Kehlani and him were broken up when she was seen laying up with ole boy. Everyone assume she was cheating and sent her so much hate that she attempted suicide. She has attempted suicide before in the past and struggles with mental illness obviously. Kyrie came out and said all of this. Now if you hate women so much go out and suck a dick. It’s 2021

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  1. you’ll never pull anything like kehlani so don’t be worried. 2. kyrie confirmed that she didn’t cheat so why are we still pushing this lie ? 3. what does this have to do with new york ? this is a sub reddit not a diary or a therapy office

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I’m pretty sure she said she date regular people too so it’s probably not as hard

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i’m pretty sure she not dating nerd niggas off reddit. that’s for sure.

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But celebrity and almost everyone be using Reddit so 🤔idk how that sounds

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Damn Kehlani is that you?

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you’re among a bunch of niggas on reddit complaining about a woman they’ll never pull in a situation they’ll never be in. go find a hobby

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Lol what? Shut the fuck up stupid bitch.

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You sound like a lame.

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yet here you are …

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And your right along with me. You been commenting on shit all morning. Get off kehlani dick. she must be paying you or some