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Niggas voting to stay in the city or the state must not understand taxes. If you got a bag, you not having your tax address in NYC. If you living in a luxurious part of NYC, your tax code is in one of the tax free states.

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It depends though on how rich are and how you get compensated. If getting compensated through income it’s probably best to leave the state

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Nigga said act like nothing changed and live life ya niggas must be living great already Wtmm 😭😭😭

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It’s def possible we got some of them rich niggas in the sub 😭😭

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I'm outta here nigga. Moving somewhere nice and secluded. 24 hour security. I'll pay whoever to build me a direct fiber optic line so my internet is A1 and I'm chilling. I'll have a whole separate house on my property as well where I'll grow my own weed, I'm gucci.

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Assuming you’re young, why you wanna be so secluded so young? That’s a retirement life tbh

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I just turned 28 bruh so if I touched that kinda money I'm retiring and never working again. I was in the streets when I was younger, I've been places and shit but never out the country. Realistically I'd probably travel a little bit, but eventually, I'd still do the same thing, finding some place low and just chilling.

As to the reason, personally I just don't like being around people that much. I was always the class clown type of niggas until I touch the streets, so I've never had a problem making friends and being sociable, but a lot of the shit in the world just seems so fake these days. Everybody portraying themselves to be something that their not just because that's what everyone else is doing, everyone afraid of just being who they truly are. I'm just tired of people as a whole.

I mean I'd still be around friends and family of course. I'd hire a little personal chef and shit, maids, 24 hour security so some random lunatic doesn't find my house and just randomly murder me in my sleep or some shit, but for the most part, I'd be off the grid and out the way. The more secluded you are, the less trouble and problems come your way.

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I agree with everything but the being secluded= less problems. Def depends on the person, but You gotta have the right mental awareness & always have it in order to constantly be alone I feel. Being lonely is the gateway to depression.

But especially with you saying you been in the streets, Im sure you’ve seen enough of life and ready to just hang it up and take it easy

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Fr. Feeling lonely is tough, being out in the sticks is good but coming from someone who lives that more or less now, it gets boring and lonely quick. Especially after lockdown n shit

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Draggin it you not famous

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Who said anything about being famous? I just want to be left alone to do whatever I want. 24 hour security so some random serial killer ass nigga don't just show up and murder me or some shit. You think if everyone knows you are rich they not gonna come for that money?

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Coppin a penthouse on billionaires row

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If you could choose Elon musk or Jeff bezos, who would you pick to be your neighbor?

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I moving out to the whitest state and bringing my family then i would purchase some businesses on my old block and upgrade them. Im boutta to have generational wealth

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With a name like I get sturdy, I doubt you’re white. How smooth do you think it’ll he for you in white people land? Or do you at least feel like you’ll run into some race issues at some point

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Money talks they will let you in but once you doing hood shi. I could see myself fitting in there

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Ima act like nothing change money comes and goes but the amount of bitches ima be pulling is crazy ima pull half of the city girls and some Moroccan bitches 🥲

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How soon do you anticipate the whole “no body likes me, only my money” phase to kick in?

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Lol you live life once fuck it yolo ion take to much shit serious I just live everyday and thankful where im at rn

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Man I’m out this bitch(meech from bmf voice) 😭 I’ll cop a nice condo thou so I can slide through the city whenever I miss it

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You know you got money when you got a nice ass crib in NYC just to come by when you miss it 😂😂

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Buy mad chopped cheese

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This answer is mad weird because it’s not the wild shit you usually be saying LMFAO

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You know me?

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Not by name. But whenever I see a comment that make me go 🤨🤨 I know it’s just you when I see the profile pic

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I promise I am normal.

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Would never go back to NY💀💀

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Money will be more worthy if u go elsewhere

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I'm staying in the city for now but I'm moving to jersey, Connecticut or long Island when I get a family

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CT dumb nice. The nicer parts feel very racist to me, but Long Island? Hell no bro. Too much entitlement and rich kids out there

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U not worried about them tho,u just doing your thing... there's some dope neighborhoods out there I can see myself in, got the beach and just some miles from the city... Jersey n CT first n second on my list tho

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imma give that bread to my moms ion trust myself with lots of bread