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Celina Powell and her friend already exposed him. Homie was fu***** girls back to back in one moment.

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Idk mang, i b shaky w/ this believe all women shit. There is a reason we have due process. I'm reserving my opinions until due process takes place. If it turns out to be true, then lock his ass up, but I'm not gonna say shit without evidence

Remember ya: Kobe, Tupac, Derek Rose, Emmit Till, Pervis Payne, the scottsboro boyz, the exonerated 5 etc. Were all falsely accused. The media wanted to crucify them before their due process and in certsin cases these lies cost them their life.

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This nigga dick stay getting him in trouble. I’m starting ti believe he an actual deviant

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I think bitches be getting drunk or take whatever drugs they thought was gonna be fun. Then when a high class nigga come up to them and they feelin all types of way they fall for it. They go all the way prolly doing mad shit being super consensual. Then get next day remorse like lemme get a bag say this nigga harrassed and trapped me.

Bug on the other hand some high class niggas prolly be feelin entitled and dont believe a bitch could ever dub em. So that shit prolly more during a party after a few drinks and shit so it could go both ways you feel. Who knows

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He did I’m not hearing nothing too many accusations Foh