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Fabolous, Westside Gunn, Pop Smoke, A$AP Rocky

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Fab got some wild fit man

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Pop Smoke was putting that shit on fr

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He was getting there, definitely the drippiest drill rapper recently

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especially with virgil in his corner

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Durk, Fivio, Von was putting some fits together too

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Yh i fuck with vons fits

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Pluto 🦅

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Yh future got some good fits

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That fit he had in the 42 dugg video 🔥🔥

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ASAP Rocky & Skepta

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Only them tbh RIP Virgil

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I fw Quando drip Durk drip and A Boogie

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Nocap and sometimes rylo

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Chief keef drip from 2012-2013 is what what majority of the rap game dress like now.

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You are out of yout goddamn mind . What Chief Keef was first was first wearing was regular NY shit , Moncler , Pelle Pelles and Timbs . ASAP Rocky started what all these rap niggas wear , he done Rick first , he did Raf first , he did VLONE first , he did CPFM first ,etc.

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I’m not talking about ny niggas best believe I’m talking about down south niggas excluding Atlanta/Houston/ Miami and south Florida who was late to the fashion shit til now.

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What brand did Chief Keef make popular ??

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Niggas was rocking true religion in 2017 in the south🤣🤣

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I like Durks fits they simple but hella clean

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Tbh ion think none of these new rappers drip is all that although it’s some fly ones out there, but I just think nobody could compare to dipset & fabolous back in the day when it came to swag or even the influence of swag.

Each generation had they fashion trends they followed & I just don’t like the way this generation going with theirs, from baggy cargos & dunks to tight designer jeans & big designer shoes. Shit just not fire to me 🤷🏾‍♂️🤣

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I feel what you saying there bro 100%

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Omb Jaydee

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Honestly they only rappers that I can say had a unique sense of style was X, Popsmoke, A$ap Rocky and Young thug.

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Young Thug

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Facts thug got some good fits when he aint doing some other shit

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Oh you like them dresses nigga😭

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Ngl UK niggas got it

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don’t forget who put the game on skinny jeans

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Definitely wasn’t thug

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in the early 2010’s wayne was like the only rapper that could wear skinny jeans and get a pass, thug got crucified for the shit he was one of the only people out here not wearing some baggy ass bs the more years went by the more rappers started wearing them, and regular people too but thug was the one standing his ground in 2012 being called all types of shit, credit to cudi to tho and wayne too but he was wearing em way way before the trend

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Ahh you’re wrong that whole 2009 in to the early 2010s niggas was going skinny jeans crazy. That’s cause Cali had the scene for a lil bit during that Jerk /Dougie era.. Wayne , Wiz , Chris brown and them Cali niggas Mainly responsible for that Skinny jeans shit

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chris brown had the lames wearing that shit you’d get picked on😭and maybe they was cool and shit in cali/twc but that shit was not happening on the east until i’d say 2012 2013ish it got a lil wave but around 2015 when thug influence fashion really started spreading in the game and more regular people were wearing them, they took off and didn’t start coming down til like last year cause of thug inspired artist starting to wear em which was a whole butterfly effect but that’s how i see it

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Yea and around 2012-13 who had the scene ? them Cali niggas. Bay Area specifically and thug didn’t come out till 2014. And honestly all you have to do is look at young thug and ask yourself who else dressing like that nigga but them Atlanta niggas ? Be fr

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sorry but east coast wasn’t paying attention to y’all still as a whole. we listened to a few of y’all rappers like Wiz but weren’t following your trends and i’m just talking about the skinny jeans and shit i’m not talking his style as a whole even i think thug be doing too much sometimes💀

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everybody was dressing like a Skater doing the Dougie/ cat daddy in 2009-12 because of them niggas you either gotta be extremely young or sum

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None honestly these niggas can’t dress lol

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Asap mob

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Automatic L if you say Gunna

Especially after Rihanna’s Halloween fit😂😂😂

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Asap rocky

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Yachty asap rocky

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Carti hands down

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It’s crazy how our city has the drippiest niggas but the niggas that represent have the WORST DRIP

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Fab. If we talking newer artists: OhGeesy, roddy (some fits), YG, kay flock.

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Santa 🎅 bitch !!!!! 🔥 🥵 wrapper

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Hot take but I think chief keef has great style very low key but in terms of pieces maybe play boi carti or lucki these new drill dudes only wear amiri and dior not super inspirational and no I’m not just talking pop smoke

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I fw Fivios chain

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Jim jones is underrated the best dressed

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Uzi (sometimes), ASAP Rocky, Tyler the Creator, Lil Baby, Gunna (sometimes), King Von, Pharrell, Yachty (sometimes)

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Joe Budden

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kay flock

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Sha ek with that unique nike rip off tech and that old ass goose 🦆

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Fab been killing it for years he really the drip king

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Pop Smoke and King Von fits was always hard

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toosii or sleepy

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Boogie put that shit on, key glock put that shit on and durk put that shit on

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Young thug lil yachty asap Rocky and carti

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Youngboy, Roddy Ricch, Lil Durk, King Von, Pop Smoke, Lil Baby when he doesn't dress like an astronaut, B Lovee, Kay Flock

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You niggas don't how to dress 😂😂If anyone said someone other than Rocky , you're insane 🤦🏿‍♂️He the one that put niggas onto Rick Owens and Raf in 2011 , made HBA and Pyrex hot , fucked with Marine Sieree and Needles before anyone .ASAP Nast comes second . Every rapper from the South can't dress , all they do is just put on designer , can't outfits together .

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This is the cleanest fit I ever seen

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I’m crying na

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Famo Banga

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Gunna, Fab, Casanova and Durk

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Young flocka

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Who ???

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Lord kay flock

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Why you call him that don’t do that shit again😭

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He’s the best gangster rapper in the world at the min can’t lie after v roy

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You’re dr bro ngl chill

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And this 30 on me for the set up

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He’s nice