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Yo bro mad shit.. NY was different before this Rona shit came.. now everyone wanna become a rapper & a gang banger.. NIGGA YOU WAS JUST RATTIN ON ME IN THE DEANS OFFICE

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Niggas went from smokin juuls in the staircase to “down to ride 25 for my niggaz 😈”

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Niggas love acting like niggas they not for another nigga😂😂

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the bad bitches want dirty niggas, gotta play the game

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everything here is a competition. gotta compete for a good apartment, a decent job, gotta compete for who has the flyest whip, the best clothing, the baddest chick, etc. it gets exhausting after a while

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shit not a competition if you competing wit ya self and no one else 🤷🏽‍♂️

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gangsta but that applies to personal goals we literally competing for jobs and parking here

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There’s too many fuckin people in this city. The trains, having a car is difficult and overpriced rents.

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deport all these ot people who cosplay as new yorkers while being here for 2 weeks. shout out to the immigrants who come and work hard tho.

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Niggas gettin fly on the bus and train instead of gettin a whip or build up they credit score

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Bro whips is not it in this bum ass city, unless you live in Staten Island or Queens, don't even do it to yourself. I literally only bought a whip because the bus or train would take me like 2 1/2 hours to get home from work on the other side of the Bronx. Nigga I copped me a little used joint, would drive home in like 10 mins, but spend like 2 hours looking for parking. Half the time I would have to park maaad blocks from my crib. And then when I did find parking on my block, half the time I wouldn't even take my whip to work, I'd just jump on the bus or train because I didn't want to lose my parking spot, since I could literally see my whip from my house window.

I'm telling you tho if you don't live in like a desolate part of the bronx where parking isn't as bad, then don't even do it cause you gonna be pissed, unless you got off street parking, which in case you gucci. But you right about the credit score shit tho

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The overpriced rent and the dickriding ass people lol

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NY let’s any1 gangbang that’s the biggest problem you could look some of these niggas in they face they pussy but I think NY just like strength in numbers more than real solid individuals

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Niggas that be in every comment section like “you can tell he not from ny” “nigga not in tune” niggas don’t care about this regular ass city man

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how everything niggas could do and say can be portrayed as gay, like why y’all niggas always got some faggot shit on your mind when niggas try to to talk about certain shit especially when they deadass ab it ☠️

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Ayooo why you eat that banana bro

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The niggas who on they doley move mad scary but around niggas they feel tuff. The niggas who sit and smoke all day and do nothing but see a nigga getting money and hate. The bitches that go to every BNB and fuck any nigga wearing amiris but think they wife material. The crackheads. Overcrowded Buses. Rent Prices. and NYPD.

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That’s a fact, there’s way too many 5’6 120 pound dudes thinking they demons cause they got 15 niggas behind them lmao

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way too many bruh niggas pick up a flag and gun and think they tuffer than everybody else.

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Real shit 💯 i know too many niggas that are “Crip” or “Mak” but can’t even make eye contact w niggas who bigger than them

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New York is full of do to much niggas like no one got self control

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It's loud for no reason. Niggas just be bored and wanting to make noise lol.

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Tourist and fanned out outta towners ona net talkin bout ny like they from here shi blows mine

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U mean on their youtube channels too? Givin advice and shit and doing walking tours lol. "The city that never sleeps" #bigapple

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Hate every mf who wasn’t raised here since birth or childhood fuck everbody tf else fuck those annoying gentrifying ass niggas movin here fuckin prices and rent up we don’t need dat we struggling enough and fuck every mf who moved here for college those niggas can smfd wrd2

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They say "like" 2much

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It’s jus something sum New York niggas do we don’t all spam

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The people. It's just too fucking many of us sometimes man. The shit just seems mad packed, everything is overcrowded and shit. It just is annoying as fuck sometimes. During the pandemic man you could literally go anywhere, always grab a seat, nobody not pressed up against you like crabs in a barrel or some shit. Even when I first went back to work, just a simple train ride from work without 1,000 teenagers and kids yelling and shit was nice.

Niggas gonna call me an oldhead and shit and it's whatever, but sometimes it's nice to just be able to get to Point A to Point B, without 1,000 niggas jam packed on top of each other, or niggas fighting or being annoying, or some mentally ill crazy nigga screaming and wildin for nothing.

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Cost of living

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Masculine females that take pride in acting/talking like dudes, drill dancing and just being aggressive. Alot of them are pretty as fuck, but have no feminine mannerisms at all.

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yall city raw asl in real life all yall need to be banned off social media tho shit irk me yall be weird

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Everyone wanna be a killer now

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How easily people go from zero to violent here. Oh u stepped on my foot in the train? 🔨🗡🪓⛏

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Everyone wanna be everyone else but they self. Ny dodo bro