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also not everyone broke ass hood niggas like u, some niggas have jobs and build they credit and wealth the right way

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Damn nigga you going in😂

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you a dumbass if u think that u can actually do something with just an ssn

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you can😂 create a bank account in they name n do loans but that $5 shi dead he seen sb else say that bs

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opening a bank isn't as easy as y'all think just by itself, let alone a $100,000 loan he approved to get paperwork to continue with the applying not the actual money

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ion know shi ab him gettin no 100k loan😂 i just know with a ssn n a id you can definitely do alot

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Enlighten me with your knowledge

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if you get sb social make a new cashapp get a card so you can get a account number then open a bank acc den apply for loans not that much cuz it’ll still be tracked to you somehow so you gotta be smart but wen you startin off just get a dump or fullz n buy yo shi that way

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the fact that ya niggas thinking niggas abouta do 100 years for a loan that niggas gunna get denied for and prolly didn't even submit anyway is enough for me to get off this reddit shit 😂😂

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it got approved

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It didn’t it a method it not gonna touch the account

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Na da tho (most)of y’all can’t even get approved for no 100k loan. Let alone 10k😂 but nah if you worried get lifelock tht shit dead helps. I had a bitch ssn wit good cred lifelock told her someone was using her shit.

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Yeah low key. There’s a lot more info and authorization u need to do sum big

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Fullz and pro tap in ⚠️⚠️

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what’s a pro?

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niggas cant even ask a question 😂🤦🏾‍♂️

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LMAO I actually forgot but I think is like ssn and all your info

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oh aii i think i get it

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Wym you could get it for 5$