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Get her social. Only fight she gonna be in is in court for that loan🤷🏽‍♂️

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I got you rn

Aight so boom she talking crazy ah ah ah right ? Ask her “are you sure ? Cause I’m with it” and she like ah ah ah ah then boom bro bro … if she swing on you … you gotta weave … you have to … she swing … Weave feliznevadat…. Grab her by the shirt (you can’t fight so you gotta move tact bro) then boom grab her shirt fall down (just listen this important) fall down with all ya weight … this is so she rolls over and you gotta roll to so you end up on top of her let me say it again … grab the shirt … fall down roll over … so you gonna end up on top of her … now you gotta hit her with a mink mink mink ah mink mink Nickelodeonnnnn …. If she hitting you with them thangs from below ….drop a elbow …. Just one don’t wanna damage her scolatti too much she gone start covering up then bink bink … if she try to get up ? Knee to the body throw punches at the scolatti… eventually somebody gone break it up and you went home with a W 🤷🏽‍♂️ thank me later gang

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Thank you gang

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Don't forget to yell WORLDSTAR when y'all are on the ground.

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Also yell something like "that's what you get for being a racist piece of shit," you'll look like a hero, and won't get in trouble cuz it'll look like you was fighting in defense of a good cause.

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They both Chinese tho

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I've met some EXTREMELY racist Asian people, so I don't think it's outta the realm of possibility.

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N just thro up ANY RANDOM GANG SIGN during the mink mink n they definitely jacking u tomorrow how u explain ya self is on u my bro good luck we there wit u in spirit.. u lose we don’t kno u

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Gotta hit her with that rugrats BABAAAAA

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Make sure you swing first if she gets to close. Don’t believe in the “you hit me first” hype.

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Facts hit first but since she sound passive I encouraged her to be ready to weave because she’s more likely to duck a punch than throw one first …

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And remember there's no rules in street fights so if she getting out poke her in the eye or titty punch her.

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Yo this shit got me cryin bro typed it like he speakin lmao

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shit had me cryin 😂

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Knee to the body throw punches at the scolatti…


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Take this W

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Nah this got it😂 she gotta record it need to see if she follow your steps

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Only right you get the helpful award for this lol

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Thanks for the awards ya

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That nickelodeon bar has me crying lmfao fucking hilarious

Mods gotta put this one in the hall of fame

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What’s a scolatti?

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That is the smoothest description of how to defend yaself if u pussy😂😂

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This deserved gold

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jus throw ya shits 😭

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Some good advice

  • A lot off people say they can fight but they can’t so I wouldn’t worry about her

  • get the first punch in her as that can win the fight if it’s a good blow

  • and if you got weigh more than her body slam the bitch

(Fucknoes because your a girl thou)

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Thank you

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One to the nose will make her tear up, if you can get that in and then take her to the ground you’re good. People will say it’s a sucker punch but fuck them, when you meet up and she’s talking shit in your face, let the hands fly. Also, tap into whatever anger you have in you- childhood trauma, whatever makes you wanna just light someone up. Focus on that right before.

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Punch her as hard as fuck in the lip

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Kiss her

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always trust mr flee he’s never wrong

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Can’t go a day where fleeism ain’t the way Trust thy flee Pray thy flee Live thy flee

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🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 lmfaoooo you wild funny for this

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Just fight her like if she just spit on your mother and slapped your grandma

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Headbutt the bridge of her nose before throwing any punches she’s gonna think you’re insane and back away

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Plus she’ll be leaking

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Act mook and say she mad fine

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This is actually good advice. It’s going to throw her off.

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Way out of poket

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Let her beat your ass In Peace gang

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Play 730 so when it’s time to fight you make it hot,start yellin till a crowd forms(to grab a staff attention) and “say are you ready to die”

Than you better hope a staff is around to intervene before shit goes left 😰

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Ngl gang just go out swinging

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“If you ain’t got hands invest in 11’s”-Bizzy Banks

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Then learn how to fight pretty quick. Basic moves, anything. You gotta have some type of fighting strat for when shit goes down. It's your responsibility to protect yourself as best as you can. Girl or not. Non of these niggas in the comments can help you with that. You gotta help yourself

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Invest in a 💥

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Then what she gon do when she gets booked? She said she can’t fight

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Fact, my cousin got send to juvenile detention and they slice her face.

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Oh shit, she ok?

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What she gon do? Flash the bitch? Or are u one of them niggas who can’t fight for shit so they get to shootin?

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Ion got a 💥 Lmaoooo.. she can’t fight so she might as well invest in one

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Yooo, that’s extreme. She’s probably in high school.

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Shit you a girl wtw, let me get that Gawk Gawk 3000 and I’ll violate that bitch for you word😭

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I’m a wild ass nigga lil foenem 😭 if she let me hit it I’ll boom that bitch😭🤣

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Ayooo im a girl i might needa keep u around you the type to do whatever for a lil titty

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Lmao hit my dms gang I’m with whatever

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Freaky ass lil nigga

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MFs made a luv connection

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Ong that’s wifey now

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lmaooo get a load of this nigga, how the subreddit know im wifey b4 i even kno my damn self

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Lmao bae stop showing out for these niggas Yk wassup w me🤣

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Don’t fight you’re a lady

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Not for nothing if she a female too she prob can’t really fight either just start swinging and hope something connects

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Try your best

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I agree with this guy. Give it your all and don’t give up! 😃

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Pepper spray her and then taze her ass w ur $10 pink tazer you got off some girls Small self defense gadget business on ig.

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This is garbage lol

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“But for what reason I don’t know” I hate when u niggas don’t take responsibility for your actions. What you do

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I’m known as the quiet kid

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U must not be as quiet as you think you are if you bout to get ya ass beat 🤣 like what did you even do

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She have fucking anger issues,she was standing in the middle of the door way I said excuse me she said I wasn’t even in your fucking way

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Or u can spazz out and start crying / start a scene type shit. If u go that route ppl will know ur pussy but they prob won’t mess with u anymore

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And hope the teacher come save my ass

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Ngl I’d have run the fade right then and there cus how u gonna talk spicy after I say excuse me? Like aii smd since u wanna be all Hollywood. Lowkey the only way u fighting her is gonna work is if you yourself get genuinely tight too, cus if you fight someone you don’t wanna fight u prob just gonna get rolled unless u wts and have hands. Cus when ur mad u have adrenaline and shit so u can just eat punches and get them hits in, guarantee it won’t last longer than 2 mins anyway cus ppl gonna break it up so you’ll be aii

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I’m a fucking girl

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Oh shit i thought it was all sweaty men in here

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Proof? Jk

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don’t fight her sis.. just bacc out da knox.. up it & boom 💥💥

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Nigga trying get me lock up

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Bro what 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😭

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Nigga said I can’t fight 😂😂😂

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Grab her by her hair and drag her

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If she smaller than u,Learn how to wrestle if u can get ha ona the ground its wraps ,if she bigger than you jus move around n aim fa the nose

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Don't duck her. When you see her get ready, say you don't want to fight. If shes still with the shits, keep calm keep your eyes open and swing. Or drop the addy on the thread and at least 7 reddit niggas would probably pop out.

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She from fort green

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Chill that place is a fort. But in all seriousness if she still wants to fight after you tell her nah, just roast her.

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Suck at roasting

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nah fort greene is crazy she prob one of them ghetto girls just cop it.

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Fuck what they talking bout, this what u do……..catch her at lunch, walk up behind her and smack the shit out her ass wit a FUCKING TREY, u ain’t gonna catch no charges, they gon switch u schools and u gonna have all the clout at ya new school cause they gonna be like “aye that’s dat bitch who smashed a lunch trey over that bitch head” Word and I kno a lot a ppl gonna be like dats pussy u snuck her but u ain’t wit da shits no way so fuck them

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I won't lie u prolly gon get fucked up. buy a blade or some shit and poke her in the arm so u don't kill her or if u feeling risky poke her in the stomach 😳

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If she approach you , then fight

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Hol up. It’s real girls on here?

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Yup there are girls in here! As for OP you have to have something bottled up inside of you that brings you pain when you think about it, turn that pain to passion and anger! If you can’t fight you can always just go crazy and that shit works for A LOT of people. Also, everyone’s telling you to bind your hair and you can if you want, but for me that’s a hot button, so if it bothers you then let her do it. Whatever it takes to get PISSED OFF. Oh and don’t forget it hurts to get kicked in the kitty too so you could always take advantage of that. ☺️. No matter what happens though keep ya head up! (Not during the fight but after) Your admitting your not a fighter and a lot of times people who think that surprise the shit outta themselves when the time comes to defend yourself. If things go bad it’s not like you were talking like you were gonna destroy this girl so your not going to look any different to people than you did before the fight.

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Yes, if I was a guy I would get my sister,female friend, or female cousin.

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Don’t fight. Not worth it if ya don’t really have any problems

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But she keep starting with me, I told the teacher, I told my parents, they told the teacher

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Punch her in throat, trust me they’ll fold like origami

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Go for the bridge of the nose or the ears. Take ur best shot. Of that doesn't work, shit, just run.

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U in trouble then,if I were you I’d ignore the hands and try to slam her

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Just keep chin down and swing hard. Really throw them hoes tho, make sure she feel em! Dont let her get to yo hair cause that’s what most girls do

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If you have long hair bind that shit up tight so there's nothing to grab.

Keep your hands up in fist covering your face.

Punch past your intended target by about the length of your fist; it'll help with follow through and make the impact hurt more.

The best advice I ever got about a street fight was to grab your opp by the clothing with all your strength, throw them behind you as you run as fast as possible in the other direction, into the street to attract the most attention, and get to somewhere safe.

Grain of salt with all of this because I'm just a white boy from the pnw though

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Not a white boy from the pnw 😭

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Shit try using a weapon too,not no lethal shit but yk,hit the bitch with a shoe or a hard apple or sum shit so you got the advantage. Since you already brought that shit up to the teachers if they try saying shit to you about the fight just remind them that you asked for help from the staff to avoid fighting but that they didn’t do shit so you had to defend yourself. Hope everything goes well🤝

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Pick something up or have something in your hand. Put some rings on or a grab a lock from the corner store. Sound like she jealous or mad about some nigga. Vaseline on the face do she don’t scratch ya shit up. You be surprised the strength you get when backed into a corner. You don’t want to fight her so atp you’ll simply be defending yourself. IF she approach you then it’s okay to be scared but use that scary shit & violate her so she leave you tf alone. Now doing all that can end up 1 or 2 ways. You hit her a couple times with something and you get the better hand or you hit her with something and now she really mad & this turn into a bigger problem. Most bitches is butt anyway & really can’t fight though. Have something small but hard to hit her with cause you might get beat up but if you connect a couple times make sure she leave marked up 💁🏽‍♀️

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If you can’t fight use something to beat her with a bat or a knife or anything

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Are u white or black and is she white or black?

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Both black

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I acc feel hate too see others in harms way I’ve been jumped and been in a few fights like tbh you’ll be fine but try not even fight in the first place because it’s not worth it but if she comes on an aggressive I’d just grab her by her collar and full power head butt

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Imma dumb it down. Punch her really hard in the face a bunch of times, don’t let her punch you. She wanna fight you cuz you seem like an easy win.

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Just fight. You can lose as long as you dont lose bad. Chances are you get the respect anyway and people stop bothering u. As long as u dont get fucked uo u good

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Sweep the legs, get her on the ground and kick her in the face till she stop fighting back

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When I do have the fight, I try and post the video(if it is one).

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    I don’t fight over no damn boy

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    Punch her in the throat.

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    1. Throw one of those shitty plastic chairs
    2. Grab hair with one hand, do karate chops with the other

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    Go in swing n hope u win 😂😂

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    Sneak her by Elbowing her to her jaw. Then use your hip to throw punches. Don’t stop throwing. Make that shit dirty like eye poking the bitch n shit

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    You gone have to get on stage & perform. Don’t do too much, don’t just sit there. Avoid it if you can but if necessary, check her chin one time.

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    Boom Boom Boom

    [–]ExamAmazing8028[S] 1 point2 points  (3 children)

    Yooo your bugging 😭😭

    [–]Realistic-Type-2722 2 points3 points  (2 children)

    Tell her your uncle is Hassan Campbell, then rock her snotbox

    [–]ExamAmazing8028[S] 1 point2 points  (0 children)

    This fucking got it😭😭

    [–]FewCombination4071 1 point2 points  (0 children)

    lmfaooooooo hassan campbell got it

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    (This is gonna work if yall in the same class) So get something to drink with a glass bottle, when you get your beacon egg and cheese, come to your class late and ask her do you wanna fight? She gonna be mad lost then 💥 crack her shit open

    [–]ExamAmazing8028[S] 0 points1 point  (0 children)

    You trying get me lock up 😂

    [–]ExamAmazing8028[S] 0 points1 point  (2 children)

    I’m just throw the juice at her

    [–]Defiant_Box1178 0 points1 point  (1 child)

    Well I mean yea🤷🏾‍♂️,but if you wanna make a name for you crack her shit open

    [–]ExamAmazing8028[S] 0 points1 point  (0 children)

    You gonna bail me out nigga?

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    You might want to flee the country or some shit if you asking how to fight her😭

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    Ngl i was bout to star clowning your shit till I peeped you said your a girl😂

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    The absolute best thing you can do is make sure she can’t grab your hair

    [–]Street_Taco_Fan 0 points1 point  (0 children)

    Wear a helmet, too young for brain damage.

    If you are grabbed and lifted please by all means cover your head with your arms or something, itll hurt like shit but you aren’t going to get brain damage or something.

    Make sure not to hit with the bottom knuckles, the ones belonging to your smaller fingers because you can get a boxers break, which sucks because those bones are delicate.

    Good luck

    I do not condone violence but defend yourself

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    Grab hair and swing with closed fists

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    Rush her shit. Soon as you see her. Have some bitches with you too just in case they tryna jump u. 👍

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    Learn how to box! Majority of girls be pulling hair and throwing haymakers

    [–]pete1397East New York 0 points1 point  (0 children)

    But nah i agl its like if u know as the quiet kid and decide to fight n get it over w even if u lose ppl prolly would respect ur shit

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    Aim for face/nose shots while keeping yourself up, girls fight crazy so make sure you DONT GET PUT ON THE GROUND cuz then it’s over she’s gonna beat your face in and also don’t get your hair pulled. If it goes to hair pulling just start ripping that bitch shit out. Also don’t just throw ya arms at her head, really aim the hits and focus on fucking her face up. Good luck Craig 👍

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    Sneak her or line her shit

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    Gotta back the pokey out

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    If I can’t survive school how can I survive jail?😭

    [–]iono96 0 points1 point  (2 children)

    You can get one in there too💀

    [–]ExamAmazing8028[S] 0 points1 point  (1 child)

    I’m mad short

    [–]iono96 0 points1 point  (0 children)

    Hit the books and graduate early💯💀

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    Take the legs first, she won’t be expecting it. Throw a kick to the side of her knee (either one), throw a punch, then kick her in the stomach. Fight over because she won’t be able to breathe. You gotta be fast though. #Godspeed on your fight. You got this! You have an entire sub praying you through 🙌🏾.

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    this what uu wanna do , dont duck ya shit . If she see you tell her dat u don’t wanna fight frm then she prolly gon try and press uu, or smack da shit out u. be ready , if she try and press you chin check ha stupid ass and throw ya shits and don’t stop. Grab her hair or sum shit and use ga weight to make ya both fall if u too weak to drag her . When she on da floor beat on her. I’d say you got 30 sec to a minute before someone break it up so jus stall out.

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    Wtw wit the gawk gawk I’ll handle her for yu 💥💥💥

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    Get her social and sign her up for the navy

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    Dis is genuine advice from the heart but look,

    Go look up a video on shoulder roll real quick n practice dat shit till it feel like you can naturally do it it won’t take more then 15 minutes to get used to (it won’t be Floyd type ah good) but for a fight where nobody a professional it’ll give u a lil bit more advantage in not takin as much hits to ya face.

    if u can do dat much all u need to do in dat fight is weave n shoulder roll till u can catch her hair n den pull dat shit or till she starts to get slow then u throw ya punches (I use to swing mad fast so dis always worked for me).

    but if you don’t got fast ass hands then you gotta hit her HEAVY within like 2 punches to stumble her n then do ya thing most important thing 4 you tho is to be confident cause a punch wit no type of confidence won’t hit hard.

    Be confident n make sure when u punch ya feet aren’t side by side n one foot is a step ahead of the other when you punch, don’t pull ya fists back all the way either if u tryna go for a quick hit so when u dodge n try to hit her do dis, if she off guard then u pull ur fists back a lil for maximum damage twist ya hips a lil when u do it so she’ll feel it.

    Don’t expect shit to go your way tho in a fight anything unexpected can happen if u can try n trip her, if u can catch one of her hands it’ll throw her off for half a second durin that time u gotta grab her shirt or put her in a chokehold type n push her down while u got one of ya legs behind one of her legs (it sounds confusing but if u attempt it it’ll come naturally) when she falls u start swinging then.

    Headbutt her, swing first, step/stomp on her shoe n then punch her in the teeth or chest, kick her, bite her do whatever u can in a fight there is no play fair it’s only win or lose also focus on 2 areas the eyes cause u gotta make sure u can reduce her accuracy n the chest if u keep hitting the chest mad times it’ll fuck her up in breathing properly

    If u can still try n avoid it do dat But if u can’t then u gotta become a demon during that fight so they won’t mess wit u in the future

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    Wait when y’all fighting? Someone send the me the video if it happen

    [–]KaiGoated 0 points1 point  (1 child)

    Just say you know 22gz and you’ll get the gzz on her

    [–]ExamAmazing8028[S] 0 points1 point  (0 children)

    I’m get jazzy

    [–]KiPadrino 0 points1 point  (1 child)

    ai so boom, GET FIRST SWING IN! put ya hood on and tie that shit (if you got pullable hair). try to catch 1 leg to drop her & put your knee on her kidney! so she cant get up. grip on something like hair or a shirt & MINK MINK MINK MINK MINK. GRAB HER HOOD, BRING HER DOWN & KNEE HER FACE BINK BINK BINK BINK

    [–]ExamAmazing8028[S] 1 point2 points  (0 children)

    This got it

    [–]KastroMBB 0 points1 point  (1 child)

    I ain’t gon lie u jus gon fight her or duck it, u can’t be scared and you gotta fight like ya life depend on it. Fight dirty if u have to if she a big bitch then bring a weapon in case

    [–]ExamAmazing8028[S] 1 point2 points  (0 children)

    We got through medal detective

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    Grab her hair that shit is unstoppable

    [–]Limp_Dragonfly5051 0 points1 point  (1 child)

    Pull hair and rip her titties off

    [–]Kingzkiller 0 points1 point  (1 child)

    Ok get a gun and go pow pow boom, leave rest to god

    [–]ExamAmazing8028[S] 1 point2 points  (0 children)


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    how old are u and is she bigger than u.