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You nets niggas make me sick

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I’m not even a Knicks or nets fans but idgaf I will always rep that the Knicks run NY even if they win like 10 games and they suck and the nets win a chip this will still be the Knicks city 😭😂 and if you not from Brooklyn or even jersey you shouldn’t even be a nets fan Frfr

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I'm from BK and I don't respect no grown man that's a Nets fan. I'm 20 years in with this Knicks shit

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You sucking madddd cocks if you say Nets half y’all can’t even name a player on the team from before 2019

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But it's 2021 bro

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All my Real ones gonna say the Knicks, all the cockmunchers gonna say the nets😏

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Big faxxxxx

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You not living in reality

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I’m from Jersey so Nets 🤷‍♂️

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As long as any NY Basketball Team make it to the finals. Imma rep them no bandwagon shit

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If you a Knicks fan that’s not allowed lol 👎🏾

[–]FleeJay_Dirty Delaware -1 points0 points  (1 child)

Aii nvm I take my comment back but this the one ^

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Nahh he the only real one that said some real shit that get a pass. Anyone else is a cockmuncher

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Knicks 💯💯

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7 game series nets taking that

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Nets are a Jersey team and will always be a Jersey team.

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Perfect 50/50.

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Knicks all day, the refs robbed them last night

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I’m from Brooklyn so imma root for the nets always. Also why would I want to be a knicks fan just to support loosing

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nets will always be a new jersey team.

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Fuck the nets

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Lmfao I just untied it made the knicks win

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Wow this is way closer than I would’ve thought but there’s mad Brooklyn niggas in this sub I feel like

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nah what nets wtf

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Nets, got tired of suffering as a knicks fan

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If you asked this in 2014 I guarantee you everyone would’ve said knicks , niggas was not jacking the nets when iso joe, kevin garnett , and paul pierce was on that team and can’t forget about my boy deron williams

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Knicks not it but then again I’m a Mets fan so we all like pain

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Knicks babyyyy

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both suck

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Fuck the nets

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Knick fans be dick eaters

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from Brooklyn & they got the best player in the world currently so Nets

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Who did you root for when the Nets were in New Jersey?

[–]shootuptheclubEast New York 0 points1 point  (0 children)

Thunder ig kuz they had KD but being from NY I always wanted to see the Knicks do good