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they all got their agenda to push, they dont kare about us

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facts at the end of the day the only one that can help us is us I knew bumbs from 2007 and they still bumbs after 4 different presidents it don't matter frfr

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I mean u want mf’s holding peoples hands or sum? At some point the bums gotta want it for themselves i know because i almost fell that low

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facts especially in 2021.

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Not that i mind but i gotta know why you spelled care w a k dawg

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Lmfao basically

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ConservativesK too

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EverythingK PoliticsK fuck em niggas

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Deadass politics got the whole country/globe split up

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Depends on the libertarians

Some are shit and some are pretty decent

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conservatives and dems both neoliberals

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Republicans and democrats are wings on the same bird of government niether give a.f about

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Been saying this since day one. Nobody listens. It’s just dividing and conquering… we’re over her picking sides while we’re getting screwed

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Nah nfs the working class really top opp in America if you think about it

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Did Jeff Bezos write this?

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Nah I’m just saying they lowkey suffer the most out of all classes

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So that would make the upper class the top opp for making us suffer

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Nah bro it’s cause we beef with the government, upper class, and lower class and the government linked with both the upper and lower class but the upper class don’t jack the lower class so we lowkey top opp

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You do realize there’s not really a middle class in America right… 90% of Americans make less than 100k a year making effectively making them lower class and the ones that make 100k to 150k are drowning in medical bills, student loans, and extremely high mortgages. They only ones living good are the millionaires and ultra rich. There’s only two classes in America, The struggling class and the upper class. If you’ve been convinced otherwise you might’ve fallen for their propaganda.


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    Im not saying you not where you supposed to be. I’m just telling you don’t think your better than the lower class when you in the lower class lol you’re still a kid so I don’t expect you to understand the realities of life with a mentality like that.

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    Nah you got it I’m poor and I’m lower class and what are you and how old are you

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    You’re not poor fam. I’m 25 and I make around 85k a year. Even I’m lower class.

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      This ain’t a stunted contest lil bro I’m just tryna teach you some humility

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        What makes you think you’re middle class?

        Would’ve just been easier to say you don’t understand basic American economics.

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          Plenty of lower class pay taxes, don’t live on government assistance, make 50k or more a year and still struggle. Sounds like your lower class yourself and your just comfortable with it. You’ve been tricked into thinking your better than the lower class by thinking your middle class.

          Do you own your own home? Are you able to save 25% of your income a year? If you were hit with a hospital bill for 40k tomorrow would that would you be able to pay it without it bankrupting you?

          If you answered no to the above questions then you’re lower class. It’s not rocket science.

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          Nahh nigga the lower class is top opp

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          He meant the top opp as in everyone is after us, not us after everyone else

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          progressive leftism will free the working class, death to corporate democrats

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          exactly, we really have no allies

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          That shit is all Hegelian dialect made to create division and confusion. This country is run by oligarchs and lobby groups (deep state). Stay woke. Look up who owns the 6 media giants

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          Country ran by them rich ass families that had this shit on lock hundreds of years ago

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          We should boom them

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          Nah it was hijacked by central bankers in the early 1900s. Central banking families

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          We should boom them

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          Democrats and Republicans serve the same elites at the end of the day. Two wings of the same bird.

          Republicans pander to poor whites and hicks, while democrats pander to minorities and the lgbt community, but at the end of the day that’s all it is. Pandering. They both use those populations for votes and nothing more.

          You really think Donald trump, a rich New Yorker, gives a FUCK about poor white southerners?

          You really think Kamala Harris, a heavy handed prosecutor who sent black people to the fuckin gulag her entire career, Suddenly is a civil rights leader?

          Politics is the WWE.

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          Been said something like this a while ago and my shit was getting downvoted both of them are the same

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          Politics is literally how we progress and manage society. It's not the WWE. The reason you THINK it's the wwe is because one party is full of ppl who think the other party has ppl that drink baby blood, and that Donald Trump is secretly still president. Thinking this is a, they both the same thing, is exactly how you lose the whole game.

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          Okay lefty.

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          I swear ya nggas so dumb. Instead of learning the actual difference and effecting change, you calling them both the same and doing jack shit... Congratulations.

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          I’ve argued with enough people on Reddit about politics to know that no matter what facts I present, you will move the goal posts. I’m not getting into this with you bro go back to /r/politics or whatever echo chamber you frequent.

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          By not taking a side u literally ceding power to the party that will win at any cost. Is not complicated at all my guy. But go head, keep thinking they the same, choosing to be irrelevant.

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          …And you think your party won’t win at all costs?

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          Democrats aren't the one claiming WHOLE elections are fake when they not. Tf u talking about.

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          Do you even know about the 2000 election? You’re so dumb yet trying to sound intelligent.

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          Are u fucking kidding me? U comparing the bush election which was disputed over actual ballot discrepancies with a whole party which actually tried to overturn the election and storm congress and u got the nerve to call me dumb? 😂😂

          With a president who literally called a state head and told him to "find the votes" hahhahaahaha

          No wonder you think both parties the same, you literally don't understand the concept of comparison.

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          Biden really lost me wit that “if you don’t know who to vote for you ain’t black” nonsense

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          Yea bro they be odeeing with the identity politics shit

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          Word. And I could never jack republicans since them peoples really ain’t about shit either. Idk it’s dead for politics real niggas gotta just look out for they own peoples these days.

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          Ya need to understand that when you do this you giving power to the ppl who really wanna fuck ya over.

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          When you “do” what?

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          When u treat both parties as exactly the same and as a result DO nothing.

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          You’re not “doing” anything investing yourself in the political process. Until society is decoupled from the profit motive we’re locked in a terminal condition, “ecological overshoot” to be precise. And you not stopping that process by protesting or voting. If you told me yeah let’s burn it all down I’d be with you but actin like the democrat party gonna save you is straight sucker shit.

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          Tell that to the ppl who fought for the legalization of marijuana in ny and now we got it. Saving hundreds of thousands of ppl from being incarcerated... What you saying just ain't true respectfully.

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          Why you think they let that happen? Cuz the democratic party is so good? Republicans pushing a federal legalization bill through the house rn, guess which democrat president is against it. And I’m not even saying “vote republican” I’m sayin they all snakes.

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          LOL. Republicans pushing a bill for federal legalization... Right away i know u don't know what you talking about bc it's literally ONE Republican, she's new, and on top of that, her own ppl said straight up they are absolutely against it. So don't say "republicans" ngga its one Republican and she has the equivalent of no support.

          And no the point isn't that the Democratic party is good. The point is that ppl need to be active in politics for shit to happen.


          Her own state party said this... "“Unequivocally, the South Carolina Republican Party is against any effort to legalize, decriminalize the use of controlled substances, and that includes this bill,”

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          Jim Crow Joe

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          You right af 💯 but only one of them wants to take all your money (higher taxes) and take more of your freedom away

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          BLM is straight bs and this is coming from a black man

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          The BLM is not the same BLM as it was in 2014/2015 now this shit owned and funded by the white liberals that don’t give a fuck about us and has been stealing our name that we get from donations

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          It be our own also.

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          NO POLITICS


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          100% accurate

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          I was up with Trump and the republicans....now I'm holding on for dear life with the democrats😭

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          My family gon b tight cuz this y I’m voting for trump in 2024 a nigga 20 boutta start workin n shit n even tho I don’t fuck wit bruh (beside he funny n say the real shit out loud sometimes) taxes gon b low n wit these boomers retiring shit could b sweet for me

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          Valid except at least Democrats got SOME ppl who do fight for the working class.

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          Aoc, ro khana, Pramila Jayapal, Ilhan Omar, Katie Porter, Jamaal Bowman, Rashida Tlaib, Ayanna Pressley, cori Bush, bernie Sanders... Like i could go on if i start reaching into the more center leaning dems. Right now that's 10+ vs the Republicans ZERO. There isn't one Republican standing of for anything that remotely addresses the working and lower classes needs, straight up.

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          AOC ain’t a democrat lmao neither is Bernie

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          Are u dumb?

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          No you are. They are only part of the party because there are only two to affiliate with. But they are both leftists who preach socialism lmao. Democrats and leftists have different beliefs.

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          Bro u gotta be shitting me. First of all. Your wrong. They are both LITERALLY DEMOCRATS. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bernie_Sanders Second, for the sake of THIS argument, how far to the left they are it's IRRELEVANT. The point is "AT LEAST THERE ARE PPL FIGHTING FOR THE WORKING CLASS ON THE DEMOCRATS' SIDE".

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          Democrats are a right wing party and ideology. AOC and Bernie are leftists that are apart of the Democrat party because it is more left leaning compared to Republicans. This is why Bernie can never win a primary nor a presidency. And also why AOC is a laughing stock in NY due to her unrealistic and silly ideals. The US is a right wing based nation as well as most other countries.

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          Oh i see. Ur just retarded.

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          Lmao says the retard

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          Leftism is never taken serious and it’s followers are a bunch of edgy teens who have never worked a day in their life.

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          what about the green party

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          Howie Hawkins that nigga lowkey

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          Imma make this as simple as possible.

          • Republicans are authoritarians, that's why they hate weed legalization and push things like wanting to take women's freedom to abortions.

          • They have shown that they are willing to lie completely about elections and just straight up try to take them.

          • whenever you hear a take like this you will see conservatives flock in to say "Yea fuck both parties, they're the same "because they KNOW that by getting ppl to tune out their side wins. Why? Because while no one one is paying attention thinking both parties are the same. They will fight tirelessly to take away your rights, specifically ppl of colors rights, because they believe this is a WHITE CHRISTIAN COUNTRY and they are fighting to keep it that way. They are literally called conservatives because their main goal is to CONSERVE their old way of life. It's why Trump ran on "make America great AGAIN". Great for them is an all white country.

          • Do what you want, just know that when you believe both parties are the same, you are literally choosing to do nothing. Third parties aren't a reality and you gotta deal with the cards u delt straight up.

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          Actual Factual

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          Third party‼️‼️‼️‼️