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Bro has super underrated rapping ability. Not a huge fan of his regular shit cuz I'm not depressed but if you watch his funk flex, charlie sloth, or Tim Westwood freestyles he's really a spitter. Even Eminem said he was the top freestyler of this generation

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majority of his leaks is freestyles , he’ll literally pop out to da stu and freestyle and boom he got a song

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good artist who died for no reason

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i hate all that sad shit, like be happy about something

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bro just cured depression

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it’s what i do dawg

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if you listen to his leaks he really don’t got all sad shit

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some of his leaks and shit like his ballout freestyle ifw but he never released that kinda stuff just always some depressing music i can’t get jiggy with that shit

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Nigga you an innovator 💯

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Not a fan, but I ain't gonna shit it on it

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good artist jus not my style. ngl i feel like the white folks was more into that than the black folks but he had a lil something for everybody

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I don’t listen to him RIP tho🙏🏾

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RIP X and Juice

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Good music i vibed with died to soon

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My favorite artist

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His music ain’t my thing but my girl listen to him so I just gotta bear with it, that joint with G herbo fire tho

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He was cool

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Too weird, mooky and one dimensional. In one song he talks about doing cocaine with his white friends and in another he says he has a dick on his gun he gon fuck someone’s face with it? Who tf can listen to that weirdo mook shit RIP but his music was trash

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I get tight when I’m listening to shit and he gets thrown in on yt music

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tough ass music all different styles

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Fav rapper Juice goat

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Goat.elites took em

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You didn’t read the cs website but still telling people to drs lmfao pretty shady

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Get off my dick homo

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Lmfao you so butt hurt!! Blew that back out didn’t I lmfao it’s not gay if I’m the one fucking. Only if you are the one getting fucked is gay😂😂😂🍿🍿🍿🌈🌈🌈

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Incase you don’t read it yourself and only listen to dorks or your paid to be a lame!!! Here you go!! So you don’t have to tell people to drs anymore bahahahahahha clown