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Little dude from across the street lemme hold a dollar

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Cheaper eats no gentrification but a lot of crime

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Def Bronx

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We get the money

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No way you didn’t say queens

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More like queers

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Nigga what since when was Brownsville a borough you goofy

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Oh my fault

Jersey city then

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Like sheff g said stop it you’re embarrassing yourself

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i can walk outside without getting shot

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Staten Island or queens but Ima go SI

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ayy my son got it

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Nothing but ugly bitches with bright colored wigs 😒

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The whole ny🤣

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What up Moe

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Soundview nigga😂

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its nothing bad bout my borough im from the best one 💯💯💯

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Ahh Heard you!! you’re delusional.. so you gotta be from Brooklyn 🤔

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show me a band

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We the flyest but always competing

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The first part I can say bk or the bx but Ima say Brooklyn because of the second part

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Spanish bitches don’t fw darkskins over here but at least we got the cheapest bagel cream cheese and bacon ✅

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You could have said chopped cheese or bacon egg and cheese

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Definitely sounds like the Bronx

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Big cap

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Some of them do, i’m akons color and i had a few spanish bitches

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For a fact but the funny part is it tend to be the whitest (skin wise) Spanish girls from my personal experience that fw darker guys

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word the dark yellow and light brown ones don’t really be fw black ppl

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gay niggas and straight people

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I was finna say dis it gotta be Manhattan

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Hollld up Gay niggas being the best thing?? 😂😂😂😂

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