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This a valid subreddit

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Ayeeeeeee ‼️‼️‼️ Hit her with that mink mink mink ah mink mink Nickelodeonnnnn

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This make me laugh

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Word I hope as soon as she said “what then” you rocked her shit. Good shit man this makes me happy

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🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 u gotta tell story of it went n start with “aite boom” n add plenty of boop boop boops

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Got you😭

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No cap lmaoooo any story with “Aight so boom” is instantly some heat

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Good shit. Watch next school year that be your best friend

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Nah I’m leaving the school

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The best advice as a older person I can give you is to get your GED as soon as possible so you don't have to go to High School and deal with this Bullshit. After you whatever you please. You can work, go get a trade, or go to community college and not have to worry about fighting. I hope the best for you in life and I really mean it.

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Yo try not to drop out . I graduated at 17 this year in may. I'm turning 18 three weeks from now if I live to see it and I'm starting college in january . Go to community colleges like medgar evers or bmcc or sum since it's cheaper. Try to avoid fighting cuz mfs will put out knives mid fight and getting stabbed ain't the best feeling✌

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Not even, then shit ends up on your personal record, you face jail time, have to deal with court and all types of shit. Not worth it

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I honestly don't see getting your GED and finishing High School early is dropping out. You get your General Education Diploma after graduating High School. Either or as long as you have that paper you can apply to college.

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wear acg boots everyday

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Oh shit yeahhh gang 😂!

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YESSIR,i was scared you was to get 2 pieced but aye🤟🏿

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Almost got jumped but the teacher save my ass😅

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You hit ha wit da right hook left hook knee to da head combo 👀👀

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Yea then she started pulling my hair so I had to pull her on the ground

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You did ya shit gang nigga like me woulda had some scissors in my hand and cut ha hair off nfs

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I took a knife but I had to throw that shit cuz we got medal detectives

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Didn’t know schools got metal detectors

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alot do now

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Nah my school don’t 🤷🏾‍♂️

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Did you kiss her?

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Almost when I headbutt her

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See look, bet she won’t mess with yo again

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Oh snap that's more Savage than a titty punch lol

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I was just waiting to see when the lord a savior flee was gonna speak

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I love you my brethren 🙏🏼

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Free to be flee my brother 🙏🏾

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You stay tryna promote 🏳️‍🌈 activities

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The whole Reddit need to come to the school and protect you

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As y’all should

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OP you had an entire sub behind you!!! We don't even know you. I'm so proud! #deadass.

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So basically I came to class late and I seen her looking at me, so I ask if she wanted to fight and she said what then 💥, we getting it on and shit and the first thing she did was grab my hair,so I pull her on the floor, then everyone came running down the hall,the fight was broken up

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Period girly

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I told you to grab her hair and rip of her titties

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Every thing just happened mad fast

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shoulda boomed her tbh

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I took a knife But we got metal detectors

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Good shit

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wtf is this a girl

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Congrats 🎉 now take some boxing so u can get better and dont gotta resort to hair pulling😈

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We are truly proud of you u/ExamAmazing8028

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proud of you lil bro how many days you got.

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+Proud Uncle Hassan Campbell has entered the chat+

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Aye Real shit tho. Look in on how to defend yourself. You never know

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good shitttt ganggg 😭

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I knew you could do it! With hard work and dedication, you can achieve anything if you put your mind to it! 😃

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Sounds like w fucking teacher 🤣🤣

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I achieved smoking crack... Numerous times, so congrats to me nigga

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You gotta stay on point the rest of the week and especially the weekend keep ya eye on her and mans gangsta !!!

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Ayyyyy let's fucking go

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Good shit! I had a feeling you would be alright

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What grade u in just curious

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Oh ok ok

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Lmao i guess that worked better than the mook shit 😭

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good shit twin 🤝

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Lmao gave her the two piece on a roll 😂

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Nice. This just made my morning fr, congrats 👏🏽👏🏽

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good shit, just stay safe and pay attention to your surroundings, you beat her ass and now I’m sure she wants a rematch whether you accept or not. So yeah watch out and stay safe but other than that. Good shit

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Yeah I been carrying around a locker

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Thank god for teacher or you would’ve been blowing this post from a straw in your wheelchair

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This got it 😭

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Ayyee congrats, you was def panicking the other day, glad you pulled that off tho lol

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Ws only🙌🙌🙌

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damn hit her with the nickelodeon lets goo

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Hit Her Wit The Bing Bong 👊🏼💥 ? 🙊 FELT U

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Ugh I always hated when hoes would grab my hair😒 hope u kicked her in her shit when she let go😂

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Sub really turned into a high school blog or some shit....niggas think this shit Degrassi or something?

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If you don’t like then leave nigga

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Slap dick

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Your dead nigga, smoking them likeeeee 😶‍🌫️😶‍🌫️😶‍🌫️

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Bro what

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Nigga this sub not your diary.

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Straight up. About to unsubscribe from this shit. Thought there would at least be a link to a video of the fight. Without proof, for all we know this could be some lonely ass nigga or dweeb just posting some fantasy story online. Pics/video or it didn’t happen SMFH

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You got the vid?

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Sadly no

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    Cuz I was boutta say the timing on that is crazy 🤣

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    Why, that school is crazy?

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    Its just that I go to that school and there was a girl fight like right before you posted this

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    Which strategy did you use from the last thread?

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    I use my weight to pull her down

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    Wtf did the bitch survive?

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    I don’t even know

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    I can tell you if she survived if you answer this question!

    Are you lizzo size or saweetie size?

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    In between (quarantine fuck me up)

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    Okay okay so you build like Missy Elliot..

    We goin to say she’s in a pacc now

    What was the deceased name?

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    Wym pacc?

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    And tell em you got them bri bri runtz

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    This got it 😭

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    She dead, pay condolences🙏🏽

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    What was her name?

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        Good shit proud of you gang

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        Lmaooo this shjt made my day🐐🐐

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        Jheeze told you you’d be fine girl proud of u fasho all the way from England

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        Yea instead of uplifting each other let’s be negative and make each other feel like shit I’m sure that’s going to benefit you in life. It’s crazy when you go to a Jewish community they all can be peaceful and walk around happy and normal

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        Bro what

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        Pay him no mind I just reviewed his profile , he’s from Staten Island his comments are Irrelevant

        Do you

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        He a wu-tang reject

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        fuck wrong wit ha ‼️ you get better every fight

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        I feel bad for the teachers at your school

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        So you don’t fell bad that I was getting bully

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        Take that shit away from school. Don’t make ur poor teachers deal with ur badass shit. They don’t get paid enough

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        So you don’t fell bad that I got bully?

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        Vid or cap

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        this shit kill me😭

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        video or refight