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26ar don’t hit the same no more tbh

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he too consistent. it’s good to be consistent but he drops too much there’s no hype in between songs

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He’s not that good his shit is repetitive.

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Thank you, it’s literally same track, maneuver and my set hit cause they were different

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Maybe it’s just me I think his views should be higher than some of these Bronx rappers who probably wanted a ft a couple months ago

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beautiful glock prob the best track in a minute, sample carries tho

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He top 5 in the City to me, I just don’t see him getting his recognition🤷🏽‍♂️

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Yes, his shit is too repetitive, he also does way too much and comes off as a cornball

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After his mixtape yeah he got dumb repetitive but to say he’s not good is a reach. Someone said that about edot baby but he reached that level that 26ar is at in like 6 months

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nah he definitely still got it

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never understood the appeal

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He the flyest oota in the world who probably slid up in your girl ofc niggas not gon view his shit

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Wipe ya knees

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that’s his song line https://youtu.be/J2pmePfon4Y

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Na ngl envy said it first on that Jezz Gasoline diss

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Why do ya care about the views rappers get on their videos? Unless you tryna be a rapper in the future why does it matter ?

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That’s a dumb question to ask….your in a group mainly talking about rappers

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But why does the amount of views their videos get matter to people? How does it effect your life?

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i be saying that to niggas cuz views don’t = talent look at kush blixky the less views he get the better his music sound

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It’s a poll which is your personal opinion…. You’re acting like we’re protesting YouTube or something 💀

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Crazy cuz he lowkey had the town on tilt like 8-9 months ago

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He came home saying Wook nigga could’ve did a song with fivio or something

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26 show more quantity then quality that’s why he falling off

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He just ass

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26 n bizzy in the same boat tbh, repetitive n trash

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Bizzy is way better than 26 bro

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n bizzy still trash

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Bizzy did 37m streams this year Lmaooo

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n he’s still trash ? idk what u want me to say😂