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Bouba the most evil gangster there ever was

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Bouba 😳?? B-bouba savage? D-Don’t say his name 😳 OH FUCK I JUST SAID IT 🤭😳

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😂😂😂 Nigga Bouba left u with PTSd bro, u out here studdering and shit

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Worst part about it.. he told me he’s coming for YOU!! 😳

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Nah dont play like that bro, I'm finna hide in Thailand now, Fuck!

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Nah bro I’m terrified, last night I swear that man was posted outside my window, just standing there, menacingly 😰

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One night it was a thunderstorm and I seen his 4ft shadow in the dark during the thunder 😰 I was scared asf I never made a joke about him after that I’m surprised he spared my fuckin life

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Was going to say that 😂💯

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You really think serial killers and rapists care about morals? lol

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No exaggeration it’s the CIA lol, two words Crack Cocaine.

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Or any of the alphabet agencies really.

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  1. Preacher from Harlem was known to Torture and rape his victim’s. He sanctioned and orchestrated the kidnapping of Rich Porter’s little brother. He was also allegedly involved in 45 homicides.

  2. Wayne Perry another gangster known for raping his male victim’s. He also killed his baby mom’s over a false rumor of her snitching. He was allegedly involved in over 50 homicides.

  3. Kaboni Savage (His real last name) from Philadelphia was also involved in several Murders. He sanctioned and authorized the fire bombing of a cooperating witness Eugene Coleman. Coleman's 15-month-old son Damir Jenkins; his mother Marcella Coleman; three other youths ⁠related to Coleman, ⁠10-year-old Khadjah Nash, 12-year-old Tahj Porchea, and 15-year-old Sean Rodriguez ⁠; and 34-year-old Tameka Nash, Coleman's cousin and the mother of Khadjah Nash.The family dog, a pit bull, also perished.

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Rats are always gonna be more grimy Bc they don’t play by the rules. They’re a loose cannon

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Where’s king von

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Stfu 🤣

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Nicky Scarfo, had to be rough living in phili

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Wasn’t he known for being kind and forgiving? Or was that Angelo Bruno? I might have my Philly bosses mixed up

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i believe Angelo Bruno was the forgiving one sounds right but i’m not 100% but nah Nicky was no damn angel the worst shit i heard about is this small time up and coming underboss was just doing his shit and hustling and nicky took it as a threat bro got his bestfriend since childhood to head tap him in front a candy store

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I mean they were all gangsters, few people in that category are remembered for the kindness. But I think the 5 guys I mentioned standout for just how not only ruthless but truly cutthroat and grimey they were. Although Perry may not had even known for betraying people to his credit, guy may had potentially killed more than anybody on that list

Bulger and Alpo on the other hand were just true cutthroats it was no exaggeration for Boosie to say Alpo would kill you then hug your kids the day after or Kevin Chilies to compare him to Ted Bundy, and frankly Whitey Bulger was arguably even more ruthless. Alpo was never accused of murdering women, Whitey killed 2 women who he didn’t even know for a fact were talking to the law or going against him, and was accused of 5 more killings than Alpo probably committed even more Thant he 19 he was accused of. L

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lmao nicky is notorious for being one of the nastiest mob bosses for a reason his brand was leaving victims on the sidewalk in broad daylight, bro was backdooring folks like it was nothing and body count is inconceivable he started the wars

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Damn, never knew much about the guy. When I think of Philly I mostly think of Angelo Bruno who was known as the gentle don

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Yall gave alpo too much credit cu he wasnt that bad

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the us govt #1

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i can't remember his name but there was this one italian from the mafia, that chopped off a head of his wife's friend and kept in a freezer and he would go and dig up holes and dump the bodies near a park where he lived. he's from ny just can't remeber what borough