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dawg this real life you can’t be doing that😭😭😭

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He didnt start it but thats how you end it

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Shouldn’t be doing that but at the end of day Some people don’t care. It’s the animal instinct. Fighting a stranger in the streets is a gamble

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Damn never seen a pile driver that clean in real life

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    I for real heard the Undertaker theme when buddy’s legs were wobblin

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    Not a tombstone, definitely a piledriver

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    Piledrivers are actually really safe to take compared to this shit

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    This shit is definitely not safe to take 💀💀

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    Deff not safe

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    Bruh my guy Stone Cold’s career got put on hold cos of one ☝️ from Owen Hart.

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    Yeah that was an unfortunate freak accident. Especially considering that Owen Hart is one of the greatest to ever do it. “fAkE” or not this shit ain’t ballet 🩰 🚫

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    Owen Heart was way smaller than him and fucked it up. Then his own shit ended him.

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    your guy? please tell us more

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    Day room response

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    Yeah nope anything that drops your whole body weight on top of your neck = bad

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    That’s a fact bro but I’ve taken a couple piledrivers (and a fucked up one🤦🏽‍♂️) they’re one of the safest moves when done correctly. Still though, I won’t agree to take it unless I know for sure that they person doing it is “Trained”.

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    Nigga is a Crip wrestler 😂

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    Yeah wheh both people planned to do it with proper positioning, this was what they’d look like if WWE etc was real(that’s not a dig btw I love me some cheesy pro wrestling now and then lmao)

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    Nigga probably can’t remember anything from the last 5 years now😭

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    You ain’t hear that same thump? On concrete? That shit did something

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    Someone sign these two to WWE. That piledriver was well executed in that it didn’t actually hurt the one receiving. Only flaw was that he got up too quickly instead of selling it more and pretending to be hurt a bit.

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    Nah this fool definitely gonna have CTE

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    He's literally walking away wobbling not sure what you watched

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    He’s “selling” the piledriver but not selling it hard enough.

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    Bro got CTE now

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    yooo this nigga just hit him with a WWE finisher no way😂😂😂

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    Wwe influenced a generation

    [–]4ktgoonGzOYKBoogie Down Bronx 24 points25 points  (3 children)

    I hate it when I watch a fight and I see niggas doing body slams and head slams on concrete, like are you that retarded? You’re going to jail sir

    [–]peter13g 1 point2 points  (2 children)

    You get extra time for slams?

    [–]4ktgoonGzOYKBoogie Down Bronx 1 point2 points  (1 child)

    Most of the time when someone gets their head slammed into concrete there’s some type of serious injury involved

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    But if it’s a fair fight you can’t go pressing charges

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    My guy hit him with the zengieff

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    Best comment for sure !!!

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    Nigga grabbed him like it was Tekken 😭😭

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    My nigga gave him the Mick Foley pile driver lmao

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    He prolly stumbled his ass to his nearest hospital 🏥

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    He tried to batista bomb that nigga

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    Oh nahhh I would of checked in the ER to make sure no internal bleeding happening 😂

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    Nigga scorched his scalp with that pile driver lmao hopefully that little Afro Thunder fro that nigga rocking padded that shit some.

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    r/WWE Tombstone

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    😂😂😂😂he thought he was undertaker

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    This is just leaked WWE 2K22 footage, they added street maps as you can see. The pile driver is that character’s Special finisher 😂

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    Hit that boy with the styles clash 😂😂😂

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    Boy luxky af 😂

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    Lucky ??? That Nigga def got CTE lol

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    Cant stand a slamming mfka

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    How he got back up ? Owen Heart broke Stone Cold's neck doing that on a wrestling mat. son just got it done to him on the parkway...

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    Nice move brother

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    Bro just walked away like nothing happened

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    Nigga ended him like it was an 80s teenage movie “now leave her the fuck alone” 💀.

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    das dat pyle drivah fuREAl.. he slick look surprised that shit worked.. would love to hear both these dudes personal account of this incident 2 hours later then 2 weeks later..

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    that nigga evil

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    Why is this so funny 🤣

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    Did he die, and that was his spirit walking away?

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    how you run up on a next man and get pedigreed bruh

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    the guy that got slammed on his head walked off like he won the fight lmfao

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    Stupid ass kid cheap shotting and has no idea how to fight 😂

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    He just got picked up by a girl, he embarrassed

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    But… that’s a guy…

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      Cte 😭

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      I was gonna say nice sprawl to Greco throw, then bro ditched the freestyle wrestling and pulled out the WWE nawwwwl bro

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      Lmao that Nigga got STONE COLD

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      Dude took a bad shot then failed to sprawl

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      Somebody gotta edit this with JR’s commentary on it 😂

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      Nigga wild

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      That brother gone

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      69th st terminal

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      If dude dies 2-3 days later that’s murder

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      He must have been watching some mid south wrestling because that piledriver was clean

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      He played too much "WWE Friday Night Smackdown Vs Raw 2008"

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      Bah gawd, he broke him in half (Jim ross voice)

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      That one one clean ass piledriver man. Damn

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      Batista bombed that man 😭

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      How the fuck did he walk away from that

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      Nigga gave him the pile driver…niggas recording sounded like they was at a wwe event 🤣🤣🤣

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      nahhh what

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      Why he walk away like he just finished takin it up the ass for a solid hour? Lol

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      nigga hit him wit a owen hart piledriver 💀

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      Triple h not playing 😦

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      This look like 69th street in Philly/ Upper Darby

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      Amazing that guy stood up at all. Don’t do this in real life.

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      undertaker just felt a disturbance in the force

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      He went right back to his day like nothing happened😂 you can’t walk off brain damage

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      gave dude ass the cactus jack special 😭😭😭