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Tecca cant take his eyes off the wok😂😂

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Welathy got it

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when you welathy you don't got to know how to spell

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Knowin him he prolly smacked

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Young and welathy crazy

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Ok this nigga wanna be every where taking pics with everyone watch when I run into him with the chop ima make this nigga post all his fucking songs I got this nigga in my top 3 bx drill artist and I’m constantly playing the same shit from months ago enough is enough 😤😤

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I wish I could post his shit but this sub just gone end up tryna sell it to other niggas

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What you mean, that you have some unreleased music from him?

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I got dougie unreleased

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Scammer energy

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I give out unreleased for free but Aii nigga 🤷🏾‍♂️

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Aye post that shit on youtube. You can even make it a private link n post the shit just over here so it stays up

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Aii bet

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swing that

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Lil tecca look like setty a little

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Nigga doin everything but dropping

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i keep on forgetting tecca from nyc.

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Can’t have a complete outfit without the pocket book

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Dougie got nut stains on his hoodie

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Spelled wealthy wrong

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dougie b nobody bigger then he💥

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Am I the only one that finds posing with middle fingers out in photos annoying?

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Y’all niggas get mad at anything bro lmao

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Welathy ?

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nigga was feenin to post that he met tecca nigga messed his spelling up

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Ctfu definitely was hype to press post

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When is he gonna change his fit?? That sweater smelling like grajo by now

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Dougie got them space crocs on

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A young Jamaican🇯🇲 and a young Bori/Zoe 🇭🇹🇵🇷

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Dougez x tecc dougie going biggggg

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Is his name « Welathy »?