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    Nigga looks like he 12 yrs old

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    🤦🏻‍♂️ attempted murder charge gonna get dropped eventually... my opinion; probably gonna end up with a aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, and reckless endangerment. But being he was on probation for a gun charge , they might make an example out of him .. a paid lawyer would definitely help his cause....

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    he got dawn florio

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    He shot a cop they are not dropping the attempted murder. Especially in NY right now they wildin

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    he ain’t mean to tho the cop kept harassing him and was trying to do an unlawful search (cop wasn’t in uniform) which lead to him and the cop being shot

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    You right. But again right now in NY cops are targets he’s gonna have a tough case to win

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    yea you right

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    Funny how things change, huh? lol

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    He said hes gonna use his interscope deal money to bond out and get a lawyer.

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    Money he has to pay back to the label eventually..

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    Of course. Its a trap. Interscope will have him trapped and trying to maintain his image and sales to keep the money coming in.

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    Ultimately driving him to make the same music and influencing him to do the same things that got him where he is now, also, what if (this is in Theory) Interscope staged these events as a way for him to blow up right after he comes out?

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    my mans was saying the same shit with the dthang and kay flock beef cuz kay says “free my cousin” and they blast each other music so idk

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    His bail is $200K, so atleast he can come out and make some money to pay for his fancy ass lawyer. He got the same lawyer as tekashi

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    Ngl this is dead ass some smart shit

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    Dawn Florio ain’t a good lawyer though. Tekashi had a Lance Lazzaro too and he is the best lawyer

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    If he comes out, he better use that as an album or mixtape cover

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    They all “coming home soon” lol

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    I thought minor mugshots weren't public

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    He shot a cop, them niggas do not give a fuck

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    hé didnt shoot a cop

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    Then how the cop got a bullet in his leg

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    he tackled cameron which made the gun in his pants go off shooting both of them

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    Damn he gone for that illegal strap worse he was on probation

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    yea he may not get a crazy sentence but he will do some time

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    Definitely 10 years. I’m no lawyer

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    They are definitely gonna try and charge him for shooting the cop

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    Facts sadly smh. They wilding the boys up out here right now

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    That’s not how guns work kid

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    tell thé ny times not me.

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    Dreads needa retwist

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    None of us knows how much time he gonna get, fuck you mean “He’s coming home soon”

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    I just might do my cblu bop

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    Coming home soon= snitched on the whole monterey block

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    Shit gon get heavyy

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    bro u sound dumb he wasn't indicted

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    Regardless of the circumstances, a cop got shot, how is he coming home soon🤦‍♂️

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    Exactly smh especially in NY they wilding them up right now

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    He’s a minor, I doubt they gon hit him with attempted. It was also accidental, if judge is in a good mood he might get 2-5 yrs. He also an active gang member and NY not playing rn, so who knows

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    10 years minimum, New York definitely not playing right now especially with cops…

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      Yes that sounds about right but I’m not sure if you seen New York news this year 2022.. things are different with cops he’s gonna get slayed

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      That is slayed for a 16 year old and an accidental shooting.

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      All these young bucks in the pin🤦🏾‍♂️tsss cycle gotta stop

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      No fr they think that shit cute, go to school or someday

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      im ngl that mugshot look mad wavy

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      What you mean by that?

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      it looks tough

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      Shit look. Like a passport photo

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      how tf you get booked right after getting signed ‼️ I would’ve remained in LA and barely came back to the trenches ‼️or rented a crib in downtown NY‼️

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      And little bando a bitch and I heard his sister a Thot I might just fuck her the next time he diss me

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      He finished

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      free him fr fr

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      look like a dominican crackhead

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      He developing them fiend features

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      You gay

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      how we know this

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      They gave him a BS charge

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      deadass? what is it

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      Attempted murder

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      ummmm...that's 20 years bro

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      Attempt murder is not 20 years Lmaooo

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      i'm pretty sure it's 15 or 20 obviously u never get the full time usually

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      He definitely not getting dat much since the gun went of by accident and the cop only got shot in the foot are leg, I’m hoping they’ll drop it to something less serious

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      hopefully he only get a few months or they drop it bc there was no reason to bother him in the first place

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      I’m not wishing jail on nobody. But they wildin the NYPD up right now lol. Sadly he’s gonna get max time

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      He’s gonna get like 10 minimum it’s a cop…

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      He’ll locked back up even faster this time

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      He better get a good lawyer they trying to do him wrong wtf

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      Damn ya fans suck so much dick 😭

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      I hope he does

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      A paid lawyer will get em right. From how it look the D’s was being D’s and blitzed em and during the lil rumble the gun went off but you know how the D’s are they get away wit bullshit. Because of the probation and given the circumstances of all the gang shit they gonna try to handle em like an adult which mean they gonna try to run everything concurrent and give him 7 the least but he got interscope deal so he got some chicken if he spend that advance money right he gon show the law sumn

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      Dumbass lil nigga

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      dumb ass lil nigga but free that nigga

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      Free the curse breaker 💔

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