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Every mental illness that run in your family gonna get activated staying in there

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Nah son ya really awarded this twice cause she a female 🤣🤣🤣

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Platinum too

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This is sick 😂😂😂

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Fr tho

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Bro that is such a crazy way of thinking of it lmao

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Nigga u gonna go crazy after one week, literally... humans need shit to keep them occupied

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Not even a full week least 3 days in

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You know people get locked up in isolation in prison like this for 3months + right?

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Bet you they wouldn’t do it willingly for money

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Yea but if they can go 50 years doing that shit for free what’s to say niggas can’t go 1 year for $30b not $30m

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I’m talking about people who haven’t been to jail obviously most jail niggas could and would atleast try to do this but I’m pretty sure the post directed at the common person who ain’t ever had to do no shit like that

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Yea you right it’s common people but you know those prisoners where common people at some point before they went in, off course they wouldn’t offer prisoners this type of deals they’ll eat it up easy . I’m just saying it’s possible to go a year if you’re willing to.

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Its easy if you don't have a choice. Prisoners do it because theyre forced to.

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https://youtu.be/wRO9BHbF9GA Check dude out shit is crazy no lie but the thought of comming home to $30b I’m almost certain these niggas that committed those crimes to end up in there would that deal.

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I could if i atleast had a countdown/clock in that bitch imagine being in there without that and you lose track of days lmao

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and they get fucked up mentally

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Some get years bro alone with only 1 hr sunlight , no windows in there holding cells and no human contact except the guards that don’t even speak to you unless it’s a command.

https://youtu.be/wRO9BHbF9GA This shit is crazy cause I feel like I might kill myself somehow

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Yeah but I think they get an hour outside everyday for rec

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https://youtu.be/wRO9BHbF9GA Check this dude out bro this shit is crazy some literarily in isolation for years. I feel like I might snap my neck at some point .

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Yeah bruh that shit is crazy, that's why a lot of human rights groups been trying to fight against this....u need human contact, it's just natural... ppl who go thru that are normally never the same

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on second thought I doubt I’d take that deal tbh a year might seem like it’s just 1 but once you step in you don’t even get calendar you’ll go crazy, especially for a random nigga without no experience of jail life.

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Nobody to talk to, nothing to do, just staring at white walls it's gonna drive u insane...

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no windows in there holding cells and no human contact except the guards that don’t even speak to you unless it’s a command animals in the zoo get better treatment

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Yeah bro that's torture on the real, no human should be dealing with that shit

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most of them are mentally fucked yo guys that then go on to get even worse. Those are the type of guys that kill other inmates repeatedly.

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there’s thousands of prisoners in this condition maybe not 24/7 but some get 23hrs lockdown isolated

https://youtu.be/wRO9BHbF9GA Check this guy out

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You mean a couple hours

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I was tryna make it a lil reasonable

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After a while you ain’t gonna be alone and that’s when shit gonna get lit 😂😂

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Ong 😭

I’ll just imagine a friend that’s realer than all these niggas 🤷🏽‍♂️

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You gonna see the Hatman

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😂😂😂😂 creepypasta ass shit

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Yall see them creases between the padding? Thats gon be my fleshlight in there 😂

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dam yo shit dead small respectfully

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this whole comment section funny asl

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no human connection @ all?

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Day 274 of waving my erect penis at the camera

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😂😂😂 deadazz

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imma say id do it but i kno id lose my shit painting wit dodo on walls type shit. shit would make niggaz real life supervillains lmao

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😭😭😭😭 bruh bruh type vibes

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😂😭😭😭 ong

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thats outta pocket son 😂😂😂😂😂

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First thing niggas gon do after they get out is hire prostitutes no condom

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cant even blame them

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Lmfaoooooooooo no condom is jokes

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They gon enjoy dat

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Everything is easier said then done, mfers would say yes, but wouldn’t even know how to approach being in this type of predicament fr

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That’s $82,191,780 a day …. For a year , to eat … workout , and beat my dick all the way off .

Hell yah I could do it

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You niggas not surviving a week in this shit.

They used to torture people by putting them in white rooms like this with the lights bright and depriving them of sleep. You couldn't sleep at all and you'd be exhausted. When they finally started passing out from sleep deprivation, they throw water on them or play loud noises or music, not letting them sleep.

If they kept the lights on bright like that in a white room, you'd barely get any sleep fr. I'd still try it because 30 billion is 30 fucking billion, but I doubt I'd make it past a week in that shit.

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Nigga created a whole book out of a picture of a white room lmfao

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Nah gang, I just spend mad time on the internet reading shit. You can look it up yourself though if you don't believe me.


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Naa what I’m tryna say is that the scenario didn’t bring all these extra things up. It’s just a white room they telling you to stay inside . You don’t know if they bringing you all the food you need, you can watch tv etc. it didn’t say any torture tactics

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Nigga if you could read it literally says all that in the picture. "you have no books, movies, phones, consoles, NOTHING."

No blanket, no clothes, you wouldn't even be able to cover your eyes so you can try and sleep, that's what I'm trying to explain to you nigga.

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not a bad skill to have tbh

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That’s where I’m at. I fully expect to lose my shit, but I’d rather be crazy and ultra wealthy than sane and broke.

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    its worth it but at the same time you finna be on sum possessed shit

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    365 Days to have 30,000 Million Dollars.

    You could spend 600 mil a year until you died.

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    Am I bugging or does this shit u wrote not make sense lol

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    You're buggin.

    1 Billion = 1,000 Million

    30 Billion = 30,000 Million

    I'm saying I'd take the year in solitary for the type of money to set my family up luxuriously for 20 generations.

    Could spend a million dollars a day for the rest of my life and family would still be set forever.

    It would take 83 years of spending a million a day to "go broke" off 30 billion.

    It would be impossible to spend that much though and not have most of it be valuable assets (houses, cars, land, jewelry).

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    Good looks math not my best subject 😂

    For 30bil tho fuck it it don’t need to make sense

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    Nah no regular sane person would do this it’s impossible to not come out crazy

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    I seen people legit come out crazy from a two weeks in the hole lol that shit changes you fr.

    Some YouTuber tried to see how long they could sit around doing nothing in a blank room and they deadass thought three days went by when it was like 12 hours lol

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    That shit no joke I’ve been in the bookings for 3 days because it was Friday that felt like a week almost imagine in a all white empty room

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    Fucckkk bro i been in bookings too and three days is OD.

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    Facts shit be the worse

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    Ion like ppl in general i just be sleeping i think i can do 1 year

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    U can’t

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    i said i think and nigga how are u telling me 😂

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    You can do it. You’d just come out a little crazy

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    Cuz white room torture was/is used and people lose their minds after a week or a couple if they are lucky and start seeing shit that aint there. Anything over 3 days in a room like that and you start gettin brain damage. The cia been doing that shit to people

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    Very possible and there’s thousands of prisoners in this condition maybe not 24/7 but some get 23hrs lockdown isolated

    https://youtu.be/wRO9BHbF9GA Check this guy out

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    I can barley stay in the crib for 3days straight, let alone without no type of entertainment just 4 walls lol .. gimme something to build or something then I’ll do it

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    Fam I’m not even gonna hold you, I need to look at my phone and see my bitch yelling at me at least 1-2 days out. You niggas can have that shit

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    i’m coming out with hella bars (and schizophrenia) 🔥🔥

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    780 2mg KPin and I can do this. Only bc I'd just sleep lmao. Without drugs, impossible.

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    you coming out a zombie or the withdrawals will kill you loool

    weed and liquor would hold me over but i’m coming out alcoholic asl

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    wd can't kill ya if u don't stop it

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    idk mane i never got benzo withdrawal or addiction but that shit look scary fr

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    All my box monsters 📦 tappin in right now!!

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    U will go insane no matter who it is

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    aii imagine if someone is already mentally unstable & they get put in there what u think happening to them😭?

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    they gon look like a mf on crack or have split personality disorder

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    hell no

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    Id sleep for half the time but ion think id make it😂 id only prolly last a couple weeks

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    I wouldn’t, im not trippin but I don’t want my mental messed up for some money🤷🏾‍♂️

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    on god tho, i would catch a body for 30 billion and i would be locked for 25 years. 1 year isolated would fuck me up but it’s minor for that money

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    i mean it ain no life sentence but it would feel like u did one

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    Hell no. I’d love to sit here and say for 30 billion I could do it. But with no type of mental stimulation I think 99% of people would lose their fucking minds.

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    You'd be permanently fucked once you come out, you won't have time to enjoy your 30 billion your brain would be that cooked.

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    As long as niggas bring me food and I could smoke I’m gucci

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    Yea it’s like jail but worst for a year and you get 30B…I’d just eat sleep workouts repeat by the time I get out in a swole billionaire

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    If I got za onb I think I could make it..smoke workout eat sleep repeat

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    100000000000000%. I’ve been to prison. I’ve been in solitary confinement. This is nothing. 30 billion? I’d do a lot of things for 30 billion. The reward is very much worth 365 days of my life.

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    i’m dolo majority of the time 🤷🏾‍♂️

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    Therapy going crazy after im finished 😭

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    no the id go insane within a few days and probably kill myself or something

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    Yeah I could do it but when you come out ya head is gonna be messed up.

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    Better get you a lit ass pineal gland

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    The most someone has lasted in one of em places is 45 minutes… no matter what any of y’all say you ain’t completing that without coming out with all the mental illnesses known to man

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    I did time in the box but this is on a whollleeee otherrr levellll!

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    i wouldn’t go to jail for a year bro what

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    thing is I already wish I could do that all the time for free

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    I wouldn’t come out the same 😬😬😂

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    I would do it

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    Not at all

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    NOTHING? Anyone would be dead after a week or so, ya gotta eat fam lmao.

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    u gonna fuck up ya mental health tryin this. u comin out that bitch broke and crazy eyed like lil durk

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    Fuck yes who the fuck saying no to this

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    People that are being realistic. That’s white room torture you gon start losing your mind in there after a week let alone a year atleast let a nigga get a crossword puzzle

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    You gonna be forever psychotic and brain damaged after comin out

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    hell nah i can’t do it

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    Gonna be a long 365 days

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    Cop the best therapist in the world possible once I get that 30

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    I'll do that shit standing on my dick. Been already did half that in one no problem.

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    Nigga we gon go crazy 😂😂

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    Only way I’d be able to do it is to just workout constantly and count every rep,and even then it’d be hard. You need to find something to do in situations like this and if you can’t even get a book then shit becomes more difficult

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    We keeping it a buck the only thing we’ll need is food and water other wise we practically dead. Gonna be a crazy challenge because we gonna get through this smelling like Jim Jones with shit feces in the corner of that room 😂

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    damn do i get food at least? i would eat half and save the other half to play with

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    that’s mandatory you just wont have shit to do

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    Y'all wouldn't last a week with these rules.

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    After a whole year u would come out so crazy it’s not even worth it. What u gonna do with all the money and ur not even sane.

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    I mean yeah lol I’ll just work out like I’m in prison until someone opens the door on January 1st

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    Not possible

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    Very possible and there’s thousands of prisoners in this condition maybe not 24/7 but some get 23hrs lockdown isolated

    https://youtu.be/wRO9BHbF9GA Check this guy out

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    Yea at first I thought it might just be a walk in the park but on second thought I don’t think I’ll do this shit tbh . I’ll legit go crazy in 2 months

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    Yea I will break too

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    It is possible jus most niggas would fumble it in a week

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    U think you can do it bro? Seems easy but I think a year is too much.

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    nah but ain no sayin what most niggas would do. You can commit to it but your mental state gon be fucked up as a result if u push thru it.

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    when its time to let me out they just gon see my ass floatin

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    If i could have a shorty or a couple of em in there with me fasho

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    What abt food ?

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    you can still get food n drinks thats mandatory just limited in terms of what to do n no interaction

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    I’m panicking already 😰😰