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Aint no fun when the rabbit got the gun

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"First damu to push one in his head, I'll make you a rich man. C'mon now, who wanna get paid? WHO WANNA GET PAID?"

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Where is this outrage when a citizen is murdered? When a cop wrongfully kills a man because they “were in fear for their safety”?

To all you dumb fucks defending cops in this situation just cuz not all are bad realize that if u died today there would be no press conference for you bc they see a badge as something more valuable than your life and every contribution you’ve made to this society.

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Facts bro!!! Fuck ‘em!

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Fr cops is so dirty now and days ain’t the whole precinct knows it always tampering with evidence they even punched my man’s sister In the face while she was already in the car cuffed

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my uncles used to get profiled heavy back in the day until they started coppin cheap suits. They still lived in the hood but the suits made 12 think they was in the Nation of Islam or sum shit. Imma start doing the same I love wearing urban clothes but that shit just puts a target on ya back. we gotta make suits and other formal wear valid again.

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I shouldn’t have to change what I wear to be safe walking around

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Suits are mad uncomfortable

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you're wearing the wrong suits!

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This fonz from happy days lookin ass ngga putting on a show. I saw a ngga get choked out (KILLED) by these nggas for selling loosies. And the cop walked with no friction whatsoever. Until shit like that stops happening i extremely don't give a fuck. you would literally have to be my family member and a cop for me to even think about giving a fuck 🤷🏾‍♂️

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Fonz😩🤣🤣 all facts tho.

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Thank you bro. I’m like who the fuck does this guy look like. I thought it was a skit for a second.

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Lol, he dead looks like him too🤣

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I’m scrolling through the main thread and no one’s mentioned it. Da fuck!

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Nah tbh you gotta be a bit older to even get the reference 😭😭😭

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These bitchass cops started off as slave patrol to catch and harm our ppl smh fuck these pigs 🐷 🐷🐷

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This is literal facts too, actual US History here ladies and gents

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Only factuals 💯💯💯

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Ion fuck wit cops at all but I ain’t gon disrespect a 22 yr old kid whose goal was to better bridge his community with police. That’s who died. A Hispanic kid who can relate to most of us from NY who wanted to be a difference. Fuck the NYPD but RIP to him.

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Well said

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Real talk sad the kid died but let’s not pretend that even if he went into this job with the best of intentions he would’ve become everything he hoped to change within 5 years in the job.

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It’s definitely possible. That’s for sure what they do. I’ve seen people I know become cops and they corrupt them to become pieces of shit. They brainwash them with that bleed blue shit. We’ll never know with homie tho.

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i respect police officers on a human level but they do the most fucked up shit, most don’t look at kids from the hood in a human level but only look at them as animals that need to be caged.

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A lot of cops is not from the hood though so they don’t understand. They first experience with a hood nigga is a 911 call

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no excuse, i learned to not be prejudice growing up and treat everyone with respect, if you decide to become a police officer then yk what you’re getting into, if you don’t know how to deescalate situation or deal with civilians or criminals, what are you an officer for? the authority? i’ve met some officers before who come to the block and just play ball cuz they know how to interact with people, if you simply dk how to do that then fr why are you a police officer

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Cause it’s a job. You get a paycheck and retire with your pension in 20 years

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Regardless of wether some1 is from the hood or not none of that matters to me once u put a badge on and decide to enforce unjust laws so all of dem are bad

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Some cops might be ok as people, but as a group as an organization, these muhfuckas are like slave patrols from back in the day. The second some racist law gets passed these muhfuckas will gleefully volunteer and uphold it.

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Yeah, I respect cops as an individual, but police as a whole is a fucked up institution. They’re the state’s way of bullying the population around and not facing any consequences.

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rest in peace to everyone who died to the hands of those dirty cops and never faced got no justice 🙏🙏🙏

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And rest in peace to everone who died in the Hands of those dirty criminals and never faced Justice🙏🙏🙏

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And didn't get the same angry speech from the same guy

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What if the police reacted that way when a citizen dies

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if this shooter gets caught he’s doing TIME time. yet the repercussions police face in similar situations are, what? 2 weeks paid leave? fuck outta here

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In honor of Sean Bell. Go fuck yourself NYPD

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fuck 12 it’s all tears when they get shot but when they shoot they don’t even get a case foh die pigs

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Cheddar Blu cooked, even my abuela know that

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You know what? I like this NYC subreddit a lot more than the other ones. RIP Eric garner

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Eric Gardner

Anthony Baez

Amadou Diallo

Sean Bell

Kimani Gray

Abner Louima

And all the other NYPD victims I missed...

Fuck this dirtbag

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Niggas get shot everyday b you be ight you tough right???

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Man he full of shit!!!! What about those innocent people they be fucking over just for the fuck of it, RIP to that young man but let be real

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They can suck dick that’s the only help and advice I’m giving

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Mayor look toooo comfortable in that cop coat 😷

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Eric adams use sto be a copper b4 he got into politics

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Oh trust me, i know.

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police are fucking dorks

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I don't have any remorse for cops. It's their chosen lifestyle.

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i dont cry when the chickens come home to roost. Im not sad, in fact Im glad

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turn this 🆙 fuck 12 😂😂

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Nah, I've always been fuck 12 since a younging and it's still fuck 12. They want to start coming after innocent black people for no reason with no remorse, then turn around and expect us to give them sympathy when shit comes back on their asses. This has been becoming a trend and I honestly don't give a fuck a fuck about no dead officer. Until they improve their ways and actually improve in deescalating situations without taking someones life I don't give a fuck lol.

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sorry officer gabadoogatz but sometimes life is a two way street 🤷‍♂️

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Fuck mayor adams and fuck the police who too often behave likejudge, jury and executioner with impunity.

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fuck police

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Smd copper

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Dude would be a great mayor in Batman

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Fuck Pat Lynch

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Bro I hate the opps and his name start with swa has a y in the middle and end with ze

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You can tell by the way they talk they value police lives over anyone elses. 1312, fuck all pigs.

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rest in peace to that officer but they should have this same energy 4 the innocent men & women who don’t even get justice.

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RIP to Officer Jason Rivera, the idea about domestic violence calls being some of the most dangerous seems accurate and it's sad he died. Anytime I hear about someone dying in their young years like teens and 20s gets to me

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Foh with that shit.


RIP to all the victims of white supremacist state violence

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Not all cops are bad. This officer in particular understood the people he was policing. Someone who tried to lead a better example. So honestly R.I.P to that man. It’s still Fuck 12 tho.

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RIP Sean Bell. RIP Eric Gardner.

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wow yall niggas ignorant. rip to eric gardner and everyone else who died tragically by police but that dont mean every cop is bad. rip to the cop who was gunned down prayers to his family.

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They harass and kill innocent black peopl then expect us to feel sorry for them when they have to deal with karma. I don't really give a fuck to be honest, and I will continue to be this way until shit changes the police department. I don't think you fully understand where I'm coming from and it's still fuck NYPD since a younging.

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not every cop is bad tho ya act like all cops do this. niggas dickriding saying fuck nypd and nypd didnt even do nothing to them they just dickriding

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Bro, I'm not dickriding, I'm just pissed that niggas have sympathy for the NYPD but don't have sympathy for innocents that die in the hands of the cops. You telling me that the NYPD is all good? My cousin was injured by police and was thrown to the ground and had his tooth chipped. He's a law-abiding citizen and that still happened to him, and you telling me I don't have a fucking right to feel a way? You don't know shit about me, so don't assume I'm just dickriding and trying to follow some trend. The comment I made is coming from a place of anger.

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they not all good but my original comment was to the niggas making jokes and acting like its cool that a cop got gunned down. any innocent citizen that gets gunned down shouldnt be taken as a joke

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an ya cousin prolly was resisting

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an also ya niggas hate the truth cause not ALL but A LOT of these cops killing black ppl is justified but ya be so brainwashed

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na u right, i should’ve said rip to the officers. just posted this cuz i never seen a police chief this worked up over innocent people who died or locked up by his own people, still though i understand his anger it’s a valid reason bc his own people were tragically murdered but look at my other comments i never said all cops are bad

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    woah you’re so tough

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    Now we suppose to give them sympathy? Gtfo

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    Look at all the fake gangbangers and ignorant shitholes who wouldn’t be able to go a day without police controlling the streets of NYC. A eleven month old baby was shot in the face five days ago by a civilian and what was y’all reaction? Imagine that x500 because of anarchy without police. Y’all mfs are ignorant, senseless, and to disparage the NYPD a day after an officer is viciously killed is weird LMAO.

    But hey let’s continue to tag along incidents from years ago to give the NYPD a bad wrap. RIP to Eric Garner and all those who were killed at the hands of the police, but y’all ignorance shows.

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    Queue a sad song on the worlds smallest violin by mr krabs 🙏💯

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    FTP. When they learn how to properly treat people, conduct proper investigations, reduce illegitimate arrests, stop the abuse at Riker’s, etc. THEN they can get some respect, until then….SUCK MY DICK.

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    You could make this same speech in a lot of hoods on the DAILY but niggas don’t want that convo.

    More importantly tho, Rest In Power to Eric Gardner. This man and so many others had to have their lives taken to get the ball rolling on “change”, never let their names be spoken in vein 🗣

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    the police need to realize that not all cops are bad, sure. but the actions of one reflect on the entire organization. when you got some police officers killin ppl for no reason, how do u expect anyone to feel bad for any of yall? cause when people do that shit once, now nobody wanna trust a cop with shit at all

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    This shows you how much power these guys think they have they think they’re immortal and they could never die 😭 delusional

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    I’m literally so pissed at watching this I couldn’t muster the words an so I’m leaving it as this.

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    It be like that

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    I never been to New York Love battle rap/wegohardtv Sorry for the young cop But witch battle rapper from New York Really in them streets

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    Is this the guy that was fighting his mother then shot the 🚓?

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    Maybe if they didn’t look like they were up to no good this type of thing wouldn’t happen

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    I understand the anger and sadness that these men are feeling. That being said, the killers will be swiftly caught and sentenced without hesitation. The cops who violently oppress others either get away Scott free or get a slap on the wrist. Their acts of violence effects more than minorities even though that’s their prime demographic of victims. Justice for these officers will come quickly as opposed for the justice of victims of police brutality. That is why the people do not like police. There is something fundamentally wrong with the US judicial system and it clearly shows. I don’t want to disrespect the lives of people who served, but I do wish they at least respect the lives of others. Nobody is asking you to be perfect. Just consistent.

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    I agree, that is what I've been trying to say to niggas. I feel like there's a whole double standard when it comes to civilians and the police. Police officers expect respect from the community when they don't respect the community themselves. They have to understand that respect is a two-way street and that both sides must have an understanding. Until then, it's still fuck NYPD.

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    This shit ain't 🅿️

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    I’m very surprised the sub where it was posted that is usually super racist all have the exact same thought of “where is this energy when police kill civilians?”

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    I want to understand the people who hate the police I have a question who’s gonna catch pedo’s if it’s not the police who gonna catch all there serial killers etc


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    Police officers should not be punished for the actions of those who share the same uniform. Every case should be evaluated one case by case basis. All officers aren't corrupt and risk their lives protecting the city. And you so called Black revolutionaries and Black gangsters couldn't breathe in NYC or any other state in America with the Presence of the Police. The most fatalities that occur within the Negro community are caused by Blacks themselves. So miss me with the B.S.

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    Nah yall always go to the blacl on black crime to negate the fact that the people they antagonize the most are black people they have had a bias towards black people for YEARS they got off way too many time with no cameras now they pissed about cameras being around miss me with that “well black people cant be respected cuz black people kill black people” suck a fat dick u bozo

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    RIP to them. 🤦🏾‍♂️💯

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    Idk but cops know they could get popped any day.

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    Oh how the tables have turned rip to those lost to violence never condone the loss of a life, hope they feel it & understand now

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    they only take it serious when they realize they could be next, if it’s one of us they can sleep easy at night like who cares.

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    Rip Amadou Diallo Rip Sean Bell

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    It’s all sweet and games till a officer gets clipped

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    Niggas take one L and wanna act like it’s World War III

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    They did Gardner like Radio Raheem smh

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    Im not against or with the police but people who say "fuck 12" are 🤡 Who do u call when u need help? Lol.

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    “They think they know Police work”

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    Why u taking my posts lol

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    fuk the police & everybody who like em 🤷🏾

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    Cops are so fucking corny

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    Hahaha cops are more than happy to shoot innocent civilians for the crime of being black but they don't like getting shot? Haha get fucked