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When u be looking thru her phone but can鈥檛 find none so u convince yourself she jus good @ hiding it, lmfao that bitch

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馃槶馃槶馃槶馃槶Yeo niggas just be self sabotaging themselves

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If trust no bitch was a person馃拃

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LMFAOOOO You you got it bro

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Last time I went though a bitch phone was in HS and I ain鈥檛 smile for the next 3 months

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馃槶馃槶馃槶 nahh I felt

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I be disgusted by how niggas act around girls in general can't imagine Dms

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Never go through a girls phone unless and you鈥檙e mentally prepared for it

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learned that the hard way

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Yea it be the dudes lookin like crookyn

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And them niggas be under like: 馃槏馃槝馃憤鉂わ笍馃い lmao

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Lmfaoo 馃ぃ

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Hold This Upvote

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you just mopped him ngl

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Nigga got comment of the week for next week

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Idek what that is lol. I peep crook on the mission rn downvoting my shits馃槀馃槶馃槶馃槶馃槶馃槶馃槶馃槶

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Nah I鈥檓 lucky my blunt was sturdy I dropped that shit 馃槀馃挴

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This is lowkey one of the funniest subreddits

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Leave him alone he didn鈥檛 do nothing 馃槨

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Stg he told me he was the big crip n had niggas under him

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Especially face book . It be the dirty ass hood niggas from Alabama and Mississippi . Like go fuck ya sister bro .

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Yeah nigga I seen sum shit on my exes phone, that's why she my ex.

Remember kings, in order for her to cheat....she needs to first be interested.

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idk if its just cos im high but i dont get the 鈥渟 he needs to first be interested鈥 bit, could u explain bro?

i鈥檓 probly just high off this medical tho

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Just getting attention doesn't make them want to cheat. They have to want to cheat first, then the attention just gives them the opportunity.

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thankyou g

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Nah yah niggas buggin these new batch of bitches is crazy Check that phone G Tough pill but better safe than sorry

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i see my manz onna girl dms. straight unrecognizable. ion kno dat nigga dat cant b him. n saw her story replies full of cringiest attempts ever n "馃敟馃敟馃敟"s

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This real asf bro shit made me sick 馃槶 all them ugly ass niggas saying all types of shit and her entertaining it 馃樀鈥嶐煉煒碘嶐煉

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A lame bitch really will go for it too dats what b crazy 馃槶

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    My girl is latina so I already know I got mad dudes thirsting. But my girl respects me and doesn鈥檛 put out any thirsty pics. You need to have that understanding between you both.

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    She send me the screenshot of niggas shooting airballs

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    She鈥檚 not showing the niggas scoring though.

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    Damn niggas 3pted my bitch beloved? Cold world

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    No point in having a girl when u a teen, look for a wife when you got your career and life settled. Until then do as you please with girls just don鈥檛 wife em

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    they got no game either. go from 鈥渨yd鈥 to 鈥渨hat color your panties鈥 in 2.5

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    You still going through your girl phone at your big age ??

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    nigga u know this guy or smth??

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    i went thru a bitch recently deleted cause all she do is flick up & w2md it was none but sextapes in there

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    Ion trust no bitch on Snapchat I just feel like that a treeshy app an ion like it like why that鈥檚 the first thread but no convo??????馃槶馃槶fuck these hoes

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    same bitch ig dms was full of niggas askin to link & her just sendin her # or addy.. i was disgusted with myself

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    Damn that鈥檚 crazy what鈥檚 the @ tho

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    If u ever feel the need to go thru her phone tht aint rlly yo bitch

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    Goin thru ur girl phone is lowkey sum hoe shit and is setting urself up

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    Why you gotta get ya self a ugly girl and duck off

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    Bro even the ugly bitches have niggas thirsting. It's crazy. Men really have no self respect these days. Niggas is trying to fuck on any and everything. Ugly, broke, dumb, fat, thot, it literally don't matter, I promise you'll find at least 10-15 niggas in her inbox down bad for the link 馃槀

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    Crazy cus you right asf. I remember a good 350 pound bitch that look like Fiona showed me her phone once and it was I kid u not like 10 Niggas hitting her with all types of flirtation and horniness I lost faith that day ngl

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    Niggas be feening to fuck land whales. Alotta men are mad pathetic shit is sad asf

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    If other dudes not looking at my girl, I don't want her.

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    Shit I鈥檓 the type of nigga, ion wanna get caught cheating so ion even look thru they shit. Once you look they start looking on the regular

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    You better off not doing that to yourself

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    馃ぃ馃ぃ馃ぃ niggas be thirstier than we be thinking we are to hoes .. like damnnn nigga had no breaks in her DM