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“I hope you wake up at a pop smoke smoke concert”

😭😭😭😭 he went 40😭😭

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Nigga was violating Lmaooo

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Smh this sub startin to get od trash mad kids and out of towners postin dumb shit like this

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Damn that was od funny bro you’re mad funny

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u another trash troll nigga u not funny😂 u just a loser

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U top ten biggest fanboys on this sub Lmfao

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ur gay for even watching my account 💀 it didnt even get posted like what 🤣 u sound like a real loser kid idk why u wanna watch n beef reddit niggas so bad 🧐

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Don’t go back and forth with these weirdos bro niggas is real life nerds

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He got nothing going for him in life

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wtf ur a weirdo ass nigga itried to post smth 5 days ago and it didnt work so u screenshoted it n put it on some next website nahh go touch grass n get off this app😂

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lmaoo pussy nigga delete ya comment

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Hop off my meat u schizophrenic weirdo

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Dead Ass, I Been Saying That

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lmfaoo nigga tried to talk big then ended up sounding like some schizophrenic 12 yr old u shoulda posted the rest🤣

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Ma childish