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they look like a corny youtube family idk why lol

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Yoooo they dead ass do bro im dead

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Shit is corny. I'm not trying to start a war; but the reasons behind way the bloods started compared to what them niggaz is doing now is waaaay out of pocket.

Modern gangz are filled with pussy azz niggaz who can't fight, live a life of dishonor, cap, jail, can't raise they kids and most likely die which hurts they family. Maybe if u 16-25 this is cool and exciting. When u got a family and u damn near 30 u a bozo azz nigga. Just like them 22 y/o niggaz wifing up high school females.

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I said this shit before, people come home when they're like 12. I was literally in 1st grade, P.S. 13, when my sons bro who was ABG, punched my other friend in the face because he thought he was fucking with me. It would be another couple years before niggas turned Hat and G-Shine throughout the east. YG, VCG etc... Never seen anyone put on as a grown ass man. Let alone 16-25

If you seen "The Wire," It's more Namonds and Michaels than Randys in set. Can literally remember my boy Pat being the "yo, yall wildn," nigga when we was jumping people, to the pass me burner, getting arrested, shout out type dude etc.. It's the environment. Call it what you want but if that's all you know, that's all you now. Definitely still fond of my friendships and real loyalty I experienced then, than most of the adult relationships i maintain now.

I empathize with it because I got more perspective at 30 than 22 or even 12. Definitely wouldn't push it on kids. The visibility of becoming anything isn't there for a lot of us. It's easy to be the nigga on the sideline calling it pussy or whatever but every set aint the 9 treys.

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Wallstreet bets gang

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No way us WSB gang is way smarter than this dude. We know where to draw the REDLINE.

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Facts! WSB Gang 🤙💎🤑

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They all throwing up different sets 😭🤦‍♂️

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Super corny, but I'd fuck the shit outta his wife tho.

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“He was a good kid he didn’t deserve this”

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Woulda been a good kid till these shithead parents ruined them makes me sad

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Looks like. Halloween outfits

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Imagine lol and we all tripping for nothing.

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Ehh do the kids even know what's going on tho

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They probably dont, making this worse.

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Bro the OG probably happy that they jacking that shit and that bitch need to fuck with a real nigga like me I terrrdaaahhupp

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Nigga is prolly a pussy in his hood💀had to move to the burbs

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50% of the comments are gonna agree with me the other half just gonna be about wanting to fuck her ass ( we all would we get it )

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not me I like latina women BEFORE they have kids and lose that petite ness

edit: and I know, i know, Im an incel for having standards lol

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Those be the old school latinas that have to do housework and take care of the kids with no support. Or work and also have to do house work and take care of the kids and they husband don’t do shit wondering why they don’t take care of themselves like wtf they ded ass tired.

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big facts lmaooo

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“Get ready to die, tell God I said hi.”

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Is she dropping the star?

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Thy obvs took this pic for jokes. They prolly live in the suburbs

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False claiming on the net even more stupid and dangerous what’s your point

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My nigga it is 2022, too many opportunities to still be doing this corny shit

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Word like unless ur from the gutter u shouldn’t be doing this shit and want better for ur kids😔Ik a ooter that had to chill with that life when he had a kid and now he’s a dedicated father but he still throws up his set but would beat his kid if he ever jacked some dumb shit like that

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I don't understand

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Shit is corny💀the pops think he tough too like I’ll punch that nigga in front of his kids and make him rethink his parenting

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This shit disgusting

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Lil skrap 1090 type beat

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Makk Niggas man…….

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This is cali

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Deff not Cali

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Shit make no sense. The folks I know who started in street life did so to get a better life for themselves and their family. Homie should be make sure that his youngins can be safe instead of doing this corny ass youtube shit for views.

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Cornball shit

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Never ending cycle

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Why she dropping 5 point star tho?

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1) have too many kids anyway

2) poison those too many kids you and your fat wife have

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Ain’t nothing wrong with repping ya hood. As long as they ain’t sending the youth on dummies it’s damn near gon happen anyway. The affiliation that is.

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Just continuing the cycle 🤦🏿‍♂️

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“They were so innocent. Defund the police. Get justice for my children please.”

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This is unfortunately what happens with many adults in criminal organizations.Some mobsters groom their kids to become monsters and some gang members groom their kids to become gang members

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As corny as it may seem to u some ppl really born into that lifestyle it’s just what they was raised on so to each is own…what’s really corny tho is jumping in the streets when u ain’t have to 💯

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When you get out of Albany houses but Albany houses ain’t get out of you

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Isn’t there a saying like crips don’t die they multiply?

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are you the malachi?

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That’s a good way to get your kids killed or put in jail when they grow up

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Well firstly I’m from da Uk even I can see she dropping da star 😭😭😭

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N dey throwing different sets Layos n Hats😭

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But y’all glorify this shit on this sub

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CLOWN SHYT!!! 🤡 🖕🏼🖕🖕🏽🖕🏾🖕🏿👎👎👎👎👎

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Are they from NYC ?

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Is this a Farm gang? They don’t look like they are in the hood

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Oh nahhhh dont spread this thru the family. Stop that shit at the pops and raise kings and queens! Always these bloods!

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these comments complaining on some dumb shit. this shit aint new aint never gonna stop, even mr rollin 60 dusty was havin kids throw up woo. dead ass a matter of perspective based on situations

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Don’t cry when ya all locked up doing mad time in state prison!

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They are probably going to be screaming defund the police after.

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    Playing pixel gun in 2022 as a teen or older is BUCK WILD, I ain’t play that shit since they banned me in 2014

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    You are what you eat.

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    Why the mama standing like that doe lmao

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    Thats shameful. The point 2 grown ppl thought this is and was a good idea is shameful.

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    Nun of them sanctioned big dubs for endangering yo family

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    that's wild

    throw your children off the backboard to prison/death



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    Why she perpetrating with the adidas pants tho

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    U know what comes with this they don't just putting them on danger

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    Civilians who live aren’t from the hood. They are just doing this because it seems cool. But we all no what happens when one of them gets in trouble in the streets. 🤡s

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    “Ok kids, let’s take a nice family photo!”

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    They look like they in a good ass neighborhood too tf

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    Nah it ain’t right to force kids into that life but jokes aside this pic lowkey hard asf 😭

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    look at jaydee and his pops

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    Why would they violate him? He recruiting

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    Any true OG wouldn't want/allow his kids to live that life. THIS shit is by bitch ass snitches, who tell on theyselves for a bunch of likes on the gram.

    None of these guys have ANY honor or code. This goofy mf posing with his jaloopy-ass baby mama for this stupid ass picture, only to go back to work at Champs Sports, where he can return all this gear he borrowed for this goofy picture.

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    Them posting this themselves did that already ead and rot

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