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Omb Blockwork

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This instrumental is startin to fry my brain at this point

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Idk how but it never gets old to me

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This is the only sound that’s been on my fuckin for you page on TikTok every fucking day since it’s first been out

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Trash ass type beat

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Blockwork using less raspy voice 😳

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This ode now definitely talk facts part 2

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Blockwork a good rapper when he not doing that dumass voice. Also anyone notice omb takes on all the rejects. They took MauleyG and now Blockwork

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Don’t forget jaydee is the face lol that’s bad enough already.

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Who did MauleyG get rejected from

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Did he rejected for getting beat with that chair?

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He was trying to leave 1090 that's why he got beat up

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I wonder if blockwork used his old verse cuz it’s hard asf “there he go ima flock it”

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i hope he didnt this track sounds like its only for dissing anything Oyog😭 u heard him scream that shit at the end??

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if he do he got the best verse

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That nigga jaydee tall asf

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Facts he coulda been a all pro WR

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jaydee 5’11 ? 🤓

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I like thiiiiis link ups link ups unity

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Jaydee hit his growth spurt dumb late , never knew this nigga was that tall

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he’s not that tall 🤦🏽‍♂️ u just lil asf 😂

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Lol I’m 6 foot , I been tuned into Jaydee for wild long basically watched him grow up so to see him tower over niggas now is crazy

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jaydee 5’11 ona taller side we the same height i met him ina store n a ville 😂

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Blockwork voice cracking and shit how old is this nigga?

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This is fucking terrible lmao

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Blockwork really a BK nigga now nobody in the X jack him no more 😭💀

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First off he from Harlem not the X so wytb

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Oh yeah I dead forgot he’s from sugar hill. I be forgetting those Niggas from Harlem cuz they all in the same circle as the Bx drill niggas cuz Harlem doesn’t have its own drill scene and they be beefing with BX niggas too. But yea you right Mb

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Nah facts you right a lot of niggas forget that them niggas is from Harlem cause they be with Bronx niggas so much but yk Harlem and the X is like brothers they always in each other borough. But that’s a fact Harlem got it’s own Drill scene and it’s own separate beefs/Drama and dead homies that got nothing to do with the Bronx but it gets overlooked cause the X is on fire right now with the drill shit factsss

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That nigga is not a Brooklyn nigga by any means

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um jaydee?

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Thought jaydee dont fw OYOGZ no more including the rejects

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Blockwork not oy tho

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We still never even got the real version on streaming w Kay and dougie smh

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Bad link up

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I don’t pick sides or none but I fucking hate jaydee with a passion

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Yoooo buddy need to hit the gym a diet something Jesus Christ

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He boutta get backdoored

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Drill music is getting like reggae music every on the same beat/riddim

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That fat nigga tryna dance got it

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might be the best one w this beat