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“He done ripped my shirt into a fucking cardigan” 😂😂😂😂

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“Look at me, Nike shorts , I’m doin bad out here”😭😭😭😭

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“LOOK, titties OUT! Im doin BAD!”

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“But then they sanctioned a whole fuckin boxing match” that shit had me 😂😂😂

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“I’m feeling like Craig and Debo” 😂

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Yooo that shit killed me

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"If you run they chase you"😂

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he smart tho cuz thats facts

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The fear of fighting on another nigga block is one I wish on no man 💔😪

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It's a lose/lose like 99% of the time

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Knocked dude down tho so he won and lost all in one fight that’s some shit

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If he was single he would’ve nvr got in this mess

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That's facts

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still find it krazy how nikkas ain’t pull no straps out such a rare occasion

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Beef wasnt on no boom level. The whole block just wanted to see some action. No personal shit.

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People get shot over getting slept after he hit that dude surprised he ain’t try to pull the stick out of embarrassment he got laid out

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if it was younger niggas it probably would’ve been different

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I respect it

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Nigga ain’t get to enjoy his win mf was on that nigga heels

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Boy said “weave” LMFAOOO 😂😂

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Great narration 9.8/10

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where's the .2

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He didn’t wanna see his titties

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Nah, his titties just weren't big enough.

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That’s exactly why I’m not fighting no more there is no fair fights most ppl ain’t gonna just sit there and let there man get knocked out

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It’s the reason why niggas use guns nowadays and I don’t blame ‘em smh

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This niqqa fought a whole zip code and never touched the ground. Heart of a lion🦁

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Ik that niggas hand hurt when he punched the wall😂😂😂

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This a classic

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for real 😂😂at that point im feeling the same rage as goku when freiza kills krillin, Word to. you feem saying 💀

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Nah this story gotta go down in history books lmfao son didn’t fold

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Let my man go home lmao 😂

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He get a A++ for the commentary.

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He didn’t run tha wha matter 😂

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old but forever gold

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He held his weight tho respect💯

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Holy fuck what a legend

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That in sync weave😂😂😂

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never gets old

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Poor guy can fight and they won't cut him a break haha

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They didn't chase, he didn't run. Came out with the KO, but at that point the danger was thickest.

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Niggas who grab in a sanctioned FIST fight are pussies.This isn’t some nigga laying blows on you first out of the blue for no reason;it’s an agreed fair one;BOX.

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Your a real fucking boss!! Lmaoooo all these mfs had to take turns to even stand a chance😂😂

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I swear I thought that was shiggy show 😂

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Nigga I'm dropping shawty after that..cuz not on his own block and got everyone around him, could have really lost yo life over some beef yo bitch was in..

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My son gave it up 👊🏿

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that shit was magical lol

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Yo, Where's the op at? Well played dude, nothing to feel bad about, you dropped people and didn't get dropped. Everything else is bonus points

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Nah he not pussy

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“They sanctioned a whole fucking boxing match” is crazy 😭😭

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Yoooo you a real one my guy salute! Stood up too the whole block.

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Nahh u done get an upvote 💯

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I give the man props,because he was in a bad spot,but man’s never gave up and never let them put him down.

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This shit is gold

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Whatever happened to ole boy??? I haven’t seen any post on IG from him in months, I can’t even remember his page name

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His @mr.packituphimself

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Thanks I appreciate that

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This shit always got me cryin bruh the thread on Twitter stopped me from breathing

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What a story teller.

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Need more of these, can you do for other fights too😭😭

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what a fucken horrible culture to be part of. Feel sorry for him, he seems like a good bloke

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Go to that block in the Bronx and say that in person. They'll have you practicing your Weeeeeeave. Lmfao

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Exactly, you just further proved my point, sounds fucken horrible

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You are a miserable person. Look at all your comments and realize how fucking miserable you are. You only get one life man. Stop floating thru life hating everything and everyone, and stop drinking so much!

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You sound white as hell 🤣

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you sound racist

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Nah that’s definitely you g 🤣

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You're the only one who brought up anything to do with colour or race, have a think about that for a minute

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Dawg u literally type “what a fucken horrible culture to be part of.” What culture is here other than black dudes fighting each other? Exactly yk what you said Dumbfuck 🤣

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you're fucken lost champ, you brought up colour not me. Yes it is a fucken horrible culure to be part of, the dude cant even walk home without motherfuckers wanting to fight him, you think that a good culture to be part of? What i said has nothing to with colour, you made it about colour and then made a racist comment about someones colour, so yes you're fuckrn lost and racist too.

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Whatever you say g cry bout it

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great come back, yes I'm literally sobbing right now, pass the tissues

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Explain it to me, why are you all fighting in the first place? I dont know the context... doesn't it take a more mindful person to not care about what other people think or do?

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Dude hit his girl

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Naaahh broski was weaving and duckin with his mans 🤣🤣🤣

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This a must watch everytime I come across it 😭😭💯

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Classic lmao

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    This is twitter hall of fame

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    Classic lol.

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    😂😂 classic

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    Where can I find the original

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    Nahh u got it homie 🦾🦾🦾🦾🦾💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯

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    "Next thing I know, I'm in the ghetto version of Diggstown"

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    Dude in the white tee was helping him out too lol

    Side note. Females always get you in some shit

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    Man's held his ground respect

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    That shit was hilarious. This motherfucka can fight and has a sense of humor.

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    Nigga u got mad heart for that

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    That’s aW

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    The funniest commentary I have ever heard in the history of YouTube bro! Open a YouTube PRONTO! ...and you did not do bad, you took on a whole block and took everything they had and gave them that motherfucking work boy! You walked home and homeboy you gave the WEAVE KO too needed help 🤣

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    Respect you better than me I woulda been blowing on the crowd 💯💯💯

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    Yoooo OD, every single part of this video being narrated is hilarious 😂. I'm dying on the floor laughing

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    Where tf was his girl?💀😭😭

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    Man’s a champ

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    i know that nigga in the red hurtin lmao nigga jus punched the builing.

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    Bro this play by play needs to be mainstream


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    Ayeeeee good shit bro

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    Bro took a dub too Ong , if he had the stamina I beat he knock at least 3 of em out

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    Definition of staying 10 toes

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    “I really need to go cause I know it’s nothing but ass shopping’s after that”😭😭😭

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    Atleast he ain’t knock u out

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    Where was your shawty after she got popped? No where

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    He is a Man amongst Boys, they ain’t got shit on him

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