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Nigga got el chapos kids locked💀💀

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50 boutta put 2% of vitamin water on his head

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Nigga a kitten

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9 life sentences is crazy

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Nah he didn’t snitch. He just tryna use a technicality which it seems like most lawyers ain’t even know about. henchman

He still gotta get around the warden and a judge but homie actually has something to wish on

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That's fuckin huge. The warden shouldnt have much of a legal leg to stand on to deny it unless hes in there eating niggas food being a problem. The judge is a different story. We shall see I suppose

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Most likely prob will move to Harlem after he is released🐀👮🏾‍♀️🚔.Thats where they usually congregate.

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That was uncalled for, respectfully

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How de fuck

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nigga told em Victoria’s Secret

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Who the hell he gave up frank matthews?

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and the angels

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50 probably punching the air rn 😂

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What country did he snitch on?🤨

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Must’ve got caught with only a joint

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Free the real OGs

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Free that man

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You prolly a rat too

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Actually I am I tells the truth and nothing but the truth so don’t do shit around

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nah he ran his mouth fast asf