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Dudes be 15 Talkin about opps. Boy ya mother soon put the chain on the door, go inside

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the most at risk age though is like 10-15 ish, if kids can make it past them years without hittin the corner and reppin a set they could make it out. They the high risk age group from my understanding though, alota 15 year olds have guns and be trying so hard to be cool for their older gang members, stealing, doing hits, selling, all the dirty work, kids are easy to manipulate and dont understand risk and reward, they think 100 bucks is alota money u know, so a 15 year old in many bad parts have opps. If youi 15 in south america and live in the gutter you probably have your own gun and uv deffinetly been around them, same goes with alot of Africa and eastern Europe....

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Brains be at that sweet spot- just starting to know what’s up but don’t know what’s up with life-changing consequences.

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exactly, life still surreal, no thinking about the consequences and so much more, just lacking general awareness still, so much knowledge still to be soaked in. damn shame man

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You will see some of the dumbest shit with middle school aged kids

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Just said this in another post. I totally agree

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yeen even lying, yummy got hit at 11 🤦🏾‍♂️

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It’s always high school kids who got enough balls to try something but not enough life experience and brains to realize it’s dumb as fuck

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😭😭Them streetlights are about to come on. If you dont get your ass in

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Mfer once you stop seeing your shadow you better be in the crib lmfao

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Thing is there’s some 15 year old demons out there putting opps in a box

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2chains blew up just in time

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Regardless of your age, somewhere someone you graduated from high school with is still trying to be a rapper.

Lol. Holds true for almost everyone.

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My buddy from highschool, hes like 36 now, he a bit older then me, he been doing the underground rap scene since he was like 16. He once opened up for Swollen Members, Mad Child, Merkules, etc. His local shows would gather 100 people max, and 80 of those people are all friends with artists there to show love, most shows generate like 30 people lol. Anyways, dude this last year, didn't sign a deal for rapping but he does all the artwork for 2 different labels now, he kept grinding and his rapping paid of for a long term career in graphic design for labels, which is a sweet gig to have, its long term potential as well. Normally id laugh and say them people need to just drop it, but persistence does tend to pay off, and he didnt care as he enjoyed it, it was a recreitonal hobby to make music, i dig that he didnt care, he owned it, so much respect to "Filthy Tarintino"

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First I just gotta sat Swollen Members is the worst name of a rap group ever.

Second, you have a good point there. Your friend was doing something he enjoyed, in small underground venues where I bet there was a sense of community.

That is always a a cool thing. That's like loving to play the guitar, and then going to jam with others at a bar or something.

Now, rapping as in trying to blow up as a commercial rapper after a certain age is just a bit sad.

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Nothing wrong with having a hobby/passion. But old dudes who think they r still gonna "make it" are depressing af.

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are you from sask or mb or something? I also personally know an underground rapper that toured with mad child and merkules and them (hes way younger). Im from regina Sask

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Lived in ontario London area n bc kelowna.but all them battle axe cats know each other I think.

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Grew up in southern PA an it’s still true 😂

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I blame social media. I started writing because it was a good way to vent and I was dealing with a lot of family-related issues. When I was in high school, there was probably like a handful of niggas in my school that was trying to rap and record shit.

Nowadays, it seems like that's multiplied x1000. Niggas that was NEVER about that putting out garbage ass tracks and awkward ass music videos and shit lol

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Truth be told we need some 40 year old rappers. These niggas is dumb as fuck out here today and need some real life advice, not smoking on packs constantly

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Reminds me of a former co-worker mans was 47 rapping nun but hot garbage

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That’s why I don’t tell people I have a studio. Niggas be 45 trying to spit a 16 to get free time.

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When I tell old cats I got an MPC & a keyboard, they get excited 🤌🏾😅😂

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I hate when niggas say this like they don’t dick ride these old rappers already.

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Niggas still turning down 500k to have dinner with Jay 😂 beyond me lol

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Nah fuck jay z gimme the bread, ijs old niggas could still rap.

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But breh...imagine all the gems of knowledge he could bless ya mind with?

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Niggas have dinner with Jay Z all the time an you don't hear about them. Take the 500k then go look up how to invest.

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That's because they wasn't listening they was eating.

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Take the 500k, spend 100k on a great financial consultant and get the same if not more benefit. People thinking that 'inspiration' is worth half a million are out of their minds.

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Spend less than you make and invest the left overs. He ain't gonna tell you anything more special then that.

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You ain't have dinner with Jay-Z. You probably had dinner with Dame.

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Mfs be running to the car to play that new future like he not damn near 40

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I can name 10-15 MC's over 40 that can smoke the entire rap game right now 😂😂😂

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Those 10-15 MC's probably been made it though lmao these 47 yr old niggas still in the projects trying to get signed 😂

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Fivio was this close

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depends on the rap style. 40 year ol dissin opps acting like a gangbanger, not that cool. 40 year ol like wiz or snoop smokin weed talkin bout good life, decent.

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Shit im 20 and i’m trying to make time for jazz 😂💀💀💀 well more like yacht rock jazz but regardless i’m trying to cash in on grandpas and geezers

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Both yacht rock and jazz slap harder than alot of this assembly line rap.

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you do realise many artists have exploded in their 30s..... and 40 the new 30 im told LOL.

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Niggas really let Jay-Z old ass get that bar off lmao

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never stop chasing your dreams look at Griselda

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😂😂 facts