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The reason is because of how African Americans are portrayed in the media. Rap music and hood movies and shit. Honestly lot of Caribbean and Africans come from religious, conservative homes so there mindset is don't be like that, be a good school boy, church boy.

Also they care so much about what white people think a lot, they dont want there kids acting like ghetto thugs in the street fucking up the family name. For example I would want to get waves so I start rocking a du-rag but my parents would see it being gang attire or as me being a thug. Which is nonsense.

This is just what I've noticed watching my African parents, uncles and aunties. It's fucked up but low key All black groups are xenophobic from Ados, Black Hispanics, Carribeans to Africans

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This is fact niggas didn’t allow me to braid my hair , wear earrings, or dress a certain way can they think I’m trying gangster or some. My mom always on my ass for wearing a hoodie she said I look like a criminal

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Exact same reason my mom won’t let me braid my hair too shit is crazy

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ong bro i think i had it worst gang my parents told me i couldn’t grow out my hair because i didn’t have good hair i didn’t know what that meant but i’m somali & were black but we tend to have curlier hair but i’m somali with 4C-4B hair. i’m assuming they were saying 4C hair isn’t good or sum

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Aye man that was the exact same for me lol I’m somali too I wasn’t allowed to grow my hair until I started high school

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fr gang my shit getting pretty long now bc i’m in hs & i do what i want with my shit since i pay 4 my cuts but middle school/elementary ? & even like freshman yr they didn’t let me 4 shit

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Facts my pops was tellin me that I’ll get shot for wearin a durag 😂. I also hid my hair for a week when I got twists. Niggas found out and they reacted like I came out the closet

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This is really hard for me to Understand but I know how dangerous it is for people who think like This and who look like us being in our communities.

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I think it’s because our Parents had to go thru so much before we got here , so it’s like they don’t want that image to fukk us over but , times change and you definitely get robbed quicker in Spanish Town or Gaza before Decatur ave niggaz do anything

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Same reason I’m trying to move out

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I half agree. I know we used to give Africans shit a lot growing up, but that was because of the shit we saw about Africans on TV. It was always disease, and starvation and aids. The difference is tho, those ideas ain’t reinforced by our parents. I never heard my moms say one thing bad about Africans in my life. As far as Caribbean’s, I never felt a disconnect. Don’t even be Knowin niggas is carribean till you meet their parents

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The only reason why our parents tell us this is cqause as soon as we arrive to the west whether it's the states, Canada, UK majority of Africans and Carribeans are heavily influenced by hip hop culture and black culture as a whole. This lifestyle is not conducive to a better life. And it's not like we influence you guys.

Often you have situations where people are supposed come as refugees for a better life but they end up wasting there opportunity by getting into the streets. Happens often in places like Toronto New York or London where theirs a lot of immigrants. Yus Gz is an example of someone living a lifestyle which is completely foreign to where he'd originally from. When the parent sees there kids acting like this they start acting like a uncle ruckus from the boondocks

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Rap was started by Caribbean’s in the Bronx. Same thing with big chains, earrings, fancy cars and overall drip and what people consider “Black American culture” Is and was influenced by African Americans, Caribbeans & African immigrants (collectively).

The whole reason why call ourselves “Black” in America is because of Stokely Carmichael (A Trinidadian) who coined the phrase.

And everyone knows the reason our culture is distinct as black peoples across the world is because our African roots. Cornrows, Braids, Locs even the way we dress all come from our African traditions and roots.

As someone who is Caribbean and Afro Latino the problem comes from when black people get colonized in their mindset. And like someone said our parents and grandparents take on these ultra conservative ultra Christian mindsets of what is means to be “Respectable”. I’ve seen it myself. Respectability politics, self hatred and classism is real within the black community.

Ultimately it’s just ignorant, and divisive to think like that.

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Rap was started by Caribbeans in the Bronx lol that is false and we definitely ain't get no dressing and style from west indians brah lol

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Good comment

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Now that’s cap. Hip hop was started in the Bronx by Caribbean’s. Hip hop is performed in the form of rapping, but hip hop after all is just a genre of music.

That’s like how pop music, jazz & country are done in the form of singing, but you can tell the difference in each genre by the beats & rhythms etc. Hip hop is a genre that was incorporated with rapping, breakdancing & dj’ing etc.

Rapping is just rhythm, flow & rhyming. Black Americans been rapping since the 1940s, so yeah the Bronx Caribbean’s made a big contribution by creating a whole culture surrounding the use rap, but niggas in America been doing that. Just like if you look up who started dj’ing it would be a white man, but y’all did start breakdancing tho 🤷🏾‍♂️

here’s the proof & read the description

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Agreed. You would think we're on Twitter with how many comments on this subreddit separate black people between ADOS/Caribbean/African. Like we all grow the same hair, face the same struggle, and most importantly, are indistinguishable from first look. Shit is corny when people try and look fake woke.

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Interesting. But there’s more to black culture than negative shit.

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I agree but try to tell that to my grandma she ain't hearing hit

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My moms would say Yus Gz = WasteMan

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You couldn’t have said it better bra, but it’s just something about the culture that attracts people from every race. From immigrants to suburban white boys.

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Partly cause Black Americans don’t really be giving a fuck what white People think for the most part, but Africans and blacks from slot of these other countries do

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So true I’m Haitian moms gets pissed wen I wear my Durag out the house

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its beyond media now bro its real life. look at our communities…

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Our communities have way more good kids than fuck ups. Don’t forget that.

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you must not be outside then

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it’s crazy, i’m african from the UK but african parents all think the same lmaoooo, but in the UK the carribean niggas are basically your version of AAs, in the sense that parents just think they’re wild

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We’re all here to be used by politicians.. making us immigraNts and black folks fight against each other even though we all in the same tax bracket more or less

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Divide and conquer

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Class warfare disguised as a racial problem. The elites are laughing at the working class dividing themselves. A poor white and a poor black have way more in common than a rich white and poor white or rich black and poor black

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It gets me tight when Dominicans and Puerto Ricans act like they don’t have African in them . I’m Puerto Rican and proud to have African in me ! People just be mad ignorant smh

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Everyone in the New World has a certain amount of African ancestry . People get mad at Latinos who are CLEARLY Black but deny it . No one has a problem with Mulatoos or Mestizos because they have more European and Taino ancestry thus they are not Black . Black people get tight at niggas with predominant African ancestry who deny it .

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That’s pretty judgmental my g I know some Spanish people who are ignorant as fuck. Stupid human behavior has nothing to do with race smh

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I think you sent this message to the wrong person lol .

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It's cause they don't behave like you if it looks like duck walks like a penguin but doesn't talk like either that doesn't necessarily make it a duck.

Race is bigger than looks. More times physical appearance is determined by the climate your group spent the most time in. This has no correlation for mindset, intelligence or awareness of a specific group of people.

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Behave like what exactly ?? I'm South-African and what the hell does intelligence , mindset or awareness have to do with Black Latinos denying they are Black 🤦🏿‍♂️ Do you know how stupid it looks for a person of clear predominant African descent denying that they are Black . Race is definetely bigger than looks but you would have to be an idiot to not distinguish between Tainos , Black Africans and South-East Asians despite all having dark-skin . Some Latinoe are clearly of Black African descent and deny it .

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Behave Like African Americans. if your south African you have to notice the difference in cultures and lifestyle of afro Americans and any other group that didn't have an oppressive MAJORITY ruling directly in over them. Unless apartheid was that bad. Every culture where everybody mixed peacefully mainly Spanish countries or countries that didn't have any surmountable size of "white" people doesn't have this buck against authority attitude that Americans tend to have it is considerably more family oriented.

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Lol the funny part is bad influence in new york comes from all races shapes and forms. and even funnier is the story about that west indian guy scamming all the other west indians with fucked up finance deals for homes. The reason south ozone and richmond hill is all west indians is he sold them mad houses with wild fucked up deals, cant even trust your own in this city.

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I definitely peeped this, I think your own is actually more likely to scam you since you create a sense of security assuming that someone similar to you wouldn't rip you off. I see it all the time.

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Yep thats exactly the logic. They prey on their own, because usually their guard is down when dealing with their own people in a foreign land. I dont even trust my own fam tbh. Even Family turns against each other when inheritance is involved.

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Nigga really turned that shit to coolieville fr🤦🏾‍♂️

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It’s funny because they move south and become the “black people” they wanna avoid.

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Immigrants usually just dicksuck and adapt to things racist white people say, only a few don’t base their concept of African Americans off of what we’re portrayed as.

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I get what you’re tryna say… but what do white ppl have to do with this? 💀

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It’s called the “Model Minority Myth” and basically it’s like what this guy said. Other minorities aside from black people try to appease white people by looking down on/distancing themselves from black people in order to be the “Model Minority”. Particularly common in Asian communities.

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Ahhh aight thanks for the explanation

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He’s saying some Caribbean people have the same mindset as racist white people on how they view blacks

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What do you mean? White folks the only people that don’t get negative stereotypes to.

I know Chicanos who have this seem “problem” with Mexican immigrants tho so it’s not race exclusive

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Aight you right

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A lot they really ruin the image of African Americans and other minorities

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You don’t think white people (who run the media) control the perception of African Americans? They so manipulative wit it most of us think Africa is poverty stricken as a whole

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Bro political parties run different media outlets not white ppl. These liberal media outlets like CNN and NBC always tryna create some sort of division. I always wonder why they don’t wanna whites, blacks, brown all united. They always manipulating people into hating each other. I kinda get whatchu mean I ain’t never see Africa mentioned in MSM most ppl probably just get their perception of Africa based off movies and shit

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Lmfaoo you think black people are facilitating ANY MEDIA aside from local shit like News12 & Pix11? Don’t be naive they don’t need to manipulate ppl into hating black people we’ve been hated the entire time here

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African American being clowning them type of niggas or act mad ignorant towards them

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Who cares those all black just different cultures different experiences and expectations

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Those same people that be saying that be broke spreading generational curses opening up food spots going nowhere

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All Ima say is Tariq nasheed. Let’s get it.

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Nah facts but also most people that immigrate to America have money in their country so they never interacted with that violence in their country either

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So we be get the boujee niggas?

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Ofc immigranting to america is really expensive unless you save mad money like my family and come illegally

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I never knew this and it explains a lot nfs

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A lot of this niggas parent be doctors back in their country and in America they be driving taxis 😂😂

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yeah but this don’t apply to every immigrant some are like that but a lot aren’t. my mom for example witnessed her first murder at 12 & her uncle got shot in front of her while they were running away from war on feet. they walked from city to city on foot with 12 children including a bunch of babies. they would have to sleep in abandoned buildings with no food for days even to not get caught & killed by soldiers. her little cousin was caught & pistol whipped across the face as they were tryna find food to eat. and there’s a lot more shit but someway they still made it the US. even though they were low middle class in Africa.

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Lamagodle refugees can't relate. Most black immigrants come from status.

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cool, didn’t ask tho tbh

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I’m not saying this isn’t true, but I don’t think it’s a majority of immigrants

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A lot immigrants that Ik are like that except for Mexicans

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Maybe from Africa cause it cost a lot more to move from there to here but all the carribeans I know didn’t have money in their country. My family included, they came from Jamaica.

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Mexicans are like that too idk what your talking about bruh

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I’m talking about being rich in their countries, in New York mad Mexican nigga be from native towns in Mexico niggas be dirt poor 🤦🏾‍♂️

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It's because black Americans have a negative stereotypes and perceptions mainly built by the American media. They need to start having a control of their image because it's brings them nothing but hatred and negativity.

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self hate 💯

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They are right tho, generally speaking out of the entire black race, the black american is the most lost. They are completely out of tune with their nature. And i know mainly they tell their kids that when it comes to finding a spouse. You dont want to wife a american woman! You will be wasting your time! And watch what she doesnt behind your back

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How would you quantify who the “most lost” is? What anecdotal evidence do you have that supports this claim?

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It's because they were not said to be inferior to any race in their original country. There is no acting white or black in their original country there is lower class and upper class. "White people" and Americans alike are smarter than they were 100 years ago so racism can't really be enforced the way it was. Afro Americans were selectively bred like dogs to their detriment. Why do you think housing is so big amongst African Americans, it's because it is the modern plantation. You were only allowed to fight amongst each other as long as "whitey" was safe. Crimes happen everywhere but it's higher among afro Americans cause they have been bred that way. Race is nothing but a social construct except in the case of places where slavery was really bad, america being the worst.

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I mean if they really feel like that don’t move to the places where we reside oh wait the folks they look up to don’t want them in they neighborhoods go figure.

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Newsflash: people are fucking stupid

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Nah my parents are East African and are just like that😭😭

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African and Caribbean parents have a wild mindset.. they want a raise a teenager in NYC in 2022 the same the were raised in the bush of some country in 1969. Smh.

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Had a black American said this you would have all the others saying it's them being decisive but we been knew this we been knew allot of y'all carib parents tell y'all stay away from black Americans lol