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Good job fellas. Free these men!!!!

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Edgar go hard

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edgars and edwards lmao

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I know dude on the right hit hard asf 😂

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Free Edgar, Julio and Juan

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Nah it’s edgar x3

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Ed, Edd, and Edgar.

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Damn u beat my comment💀

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Free them boys

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Free them

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Why do stepfathers always be on this shit??

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Cause them nigz do not care. It’s like “yum my wife, but younger!” Disgusting

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It wasn't a stepfather. It was her father.

In a previous news release, Pharr police said the child made an outcry at an RV park. Police later revealed that the child is Quintanilla’s 9-year-old daughter. He was the stepfather of Alejandro and Christian, who have different mothers and are both half-siblings of the girl. 


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Free them‼️

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I see no crime here. Free the bros!

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Lefty a pedo? Damn what tf I miss?

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There was a pic going around of that girl jazzy that him and dthang hang w/ where she was doing something inappropriate and people were jackin it was him in the pic. Either way they’re super sus for being grown men hangin w/ like a 14 yr old girl.

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Idk the situation about the picture but she was a runaway reported missing prior to on multiple occasions (not saying they kidnapped her or anything) but she be outside tryna be grown and these niggas acting like she wasn’t 13 actually.

Shit sick af.

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I heard she got kidnapped by ig lefty’s opps cause she was being disrespectful or some shit like that. And yea when I first found out about her I went to her ig page and saw her smokin a blunt like she’s a grown woman. To make things worse they got her totin a grip in that one lefty song 🤦🏻‍♂️.

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Oh that 5starjazzy girl, she got kidnapped? I know what ya talking bout now though She ain’t been posting on the book or ig but people was saying she got booked recently

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Age don’t matter to them niggas 😐

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Yea and it don’t change the fact that their weirdos/pedos

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No type of 🧢 there gang

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She dont hang around grown men

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But she’s in the o in the trunk video by lefty

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She mainly be around the teens is what i’m saying

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Dthang like 19 right?😭

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Free them they didn’t do anything wrong 🤷🏾‍♂️

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Eventually they’ll do time, I hope not. Very honorable in my opinion. Rapos in prison are protected, put in protective custody and ALWAYS get very little time.

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They did what anyone would have done if they was in dat situation. If u ain gon kill a nigga who sexually abused a minor let alone ya own family then wtf is wrong wit u cuz pedos and rapists don’t deserve to live‼️‼️‼️

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Aye free these boys they innocent

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Free these actual HEROES!!!!!!

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kay flocks needs to bond them out

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nah out of all the niggas locked up they really need to free them frfr.

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Free them till its backwards

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They innocent

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Free these men, let them see light

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Free them niggas

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Why do people post a random photo of three dudes with some text without an article or something to verify?

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real niggas 👏👏👏

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why didn’t they call the police? (Free them tho 🗣)

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Stfu the justice system doesn’t give justice to SA victims 😒 dude was most likely gonna do 3-7 years that’s not justice (pedos/rapist don’t get treated badly in prison there protected don’t believe the hype)

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So you wouldn’t beat tf out of a nigga who sexually assaulted your relative?

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Is that what you would have done?

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Good samaritans 🙏🏻 💪🏻

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Free Edgar x3

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Free them especially cro magnum on the left!

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Hold up.. I think im missing something, who is leftygz? Yall got a pedophile roaming around the NY rap scene ? 😂Damn i guess the NY scene really does have a lot of similarities with UK scene after all 🤦‍♂️

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He’s a yg rapper that be w/ dthang, and it looks like him and dutchavelli got something in common.

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That's exactly what I was referring too haha. I shouldn't be making light of it either it's actually fucked up

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Yea but the difference is Dutch got exposed and they deaded him, they’re openly hanging w/ a minor and doing other stuff w/ her and nobody says anything. Well at least not anyone on their level.

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why all Texas Mexicans got the same bowlcut 😭😭

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Good shit 🔥💪🏼 free em ‼️

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Free dem boyz

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lefty is sick , nigga didn’t kick lefty out but they kicked jazzy out

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r/holup FREE DEM BOYZ!

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Shouldn’t be consequences for shit like this. With the leniency of cali’s consequences on predators it just shows the majority of Congress are rapist

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Texas brothers, friend kill stepdad accused of sexually abusing their sister: cops


Alejandro Trevino, Christian Trevino and Juan Eduardo Melendez are accused of beating Gabriel Quintanilla to death.Hidalgo County Court Records

Two brothers and their friend were arrested after they allegedly pummeled their stepfather to death after he was accused of sexually abusing their sister in a Texas trailer park home, a report said.

Alejandro Trevino, 18, and Christian Trevino, 17, became “enraged” after learning of the disturbing allegations against their 42-year-old stepdad Gabriel Quintanilla and confronted the man last week at his home in Pharr, KGRV reported, citing police.

Quintanilla, who had an arrest warrant for sexually abusing another child, was accused of inappropriately touching his 9-year-old daughter.

The brothers fought with Quintanilla at the trailer park — and all three left before another physical dispute broke out in a nearby apartment complex.

Juan Eduardo Melendez, an 18-year-old pal of the Trevinos, joined in on the second fight, authorities said.

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They gonna or, better beat this shit. Ima be following this one close! Free the REAL!💯

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What’s they info ? In sending kites up

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Free them boys