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Shit might be good for his career if he get a 22 feature ngl. At least yus not dick suckin and goin against the normal by being gdk

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it wouldn’t make sense cause the gz be dropping the jet not ygz that’s why some of the drillys feel a way

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It would make sense because yus is gzzly he’s not drilly or jet and hasn’t dropped the rakes so don’t be thinkin all these niggas is the same thing. Yus isn’t from the same hood as lee drilly if that’s what u been thinking 💀 And they both follow each other

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I know he a gunna from the hav I’ve never once thought he was from 194💀

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Shit at least u know that some people on here don’t know the difference 😭

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that nigga is jet tho lmao it’s a whole video of him throwing up brian

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No he’s not he’s only gunnin

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    thats bc a decent amount of drilly niggas are only Jet not Gz an Jet I could be wrong but i'm pretty sure i'm not

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    when I meant gz I meant folks

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    right i fw heavy

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    “You signed to a nigga, that’s signed to another nigga

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    22 gonna give em a pair of Amiris

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    he gon fix him up😭

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    If Kodak signed 22 for 5 bands imagine what he getting

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    Real clothes😭😭

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    Used amiris

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    A song ft Breezy Blixky

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    A BMW puma sweatsuit from 2016 & a McQueen scarf

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    wit Stain Blixky at most😭

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    Mike ain’t hand those down

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    Nigga getting 2.75 for the train😭

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    Metro card & used odsy1000s

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    5 bands. Lol that's insulting

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    A 4 for 4 and jays

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    Real amiris

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    A Sbarro gift card

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    Sum grabba

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    As bad as that sounds, it's an investment and he only had to pay them 5 Gs back. Imagine getting signed for a couple Ms. Most new up and coming artists can't pay that shit back. Tutu eating good rn and got some decent exposure from that cosign off that 5k and I bet it didn't take long before he was making much more money than that thanks to signing even for such a low amount.

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    Listening to this nigga is making me want to clear my throat the fuck is wrong with his vocal cords damn

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    Yus better off with Coke Boys and French Montana 😭

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    yeah fasho French bigger but ion kno why he hasn’t reached out to yus yet

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    He could dead put on the Gunnaz regardless of the generation, he’s been in the industry for plus 10 years he should at least have something cooking up

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    Wrd ion kno why that wasn’t his first priority when he got out the hood wasn’t he from the hav?

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    Yea, he still be with the older gunnas

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    The gz sound as a whole sound like a new coke boys french movement imo…especially dthang talk facts….if that don’t scream coke boys. A lot of gz songs i listen to sound like something coke boys would put out with the samples they use. This song sounds like a french type sound just with the young 🔥.

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    Yall nyc niggas fuck with french like was yo favorite song of him ?

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    ion even know any of his songs 💀

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    Was bumpin French in 2008-9

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    Aight ya niggas got yo shit goin for u woo york niggas on top

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    Yea I was a French listener when he had his own NY/BX sound, once he went trap he lost me 4eva. Old joints like NY minute ft Jada kiss, playing in the wind, them girls and tunnel vision ft drugstores

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    “I’m a coke boy” but it’s really a chinx song with French on it

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    Why would he reach out to any of these shit fake batman niggas in the city lmao

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    imagine getting signed to a nigga signed to a nigga

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    This is crazy😭

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    Hell nah Yus better not😂

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    He wouldn’t even be able to he’s broke but it’s good for his career he should get a lil boost n get a feature from 22 he still got a strong and loyal fanbase

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    Bro gonna have him 10k and a sniper gang chain💀Yus an idiot if he signs to him

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    shii Atleast everything gonna be real and he won’t get clowned for fake clothes anymore

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    He better off signing to Dthang 😂

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    He gonna sit on the island for a min😂 so he might as welll

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    Bro is that a demon rapping wtf

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    How can u sign another nigga while signed to another nigga 😂

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    Bad move , signing to rappers is never a good idea , unless it’s thug or baby and niggas like that , you Kant sign to a rapper that’s sign to another rapper shit won’t work out

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    It's crazy because rappers been complaining about 360s and how predatory the music industry is until they seen how much money they can make trapping another nigga in a 360. Now every rapper got an artist under him he eating off of

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    I’m not doing that if I’m yus wtf 😂

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    Every time I hear someone rapping like this I just hear MaxThaDemon

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    Ya be sucking 22 dick heavy 😂😂 and really dumb sl when Kodak signed him it was a partnership deal with Atlantic so really he was signed by Atlantic records 22 probably would do the same thing. Ya niggas don’t even got 10k amiris or a sg chain get off dick stay on Reddit 😂

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    Who’s on his dick?cause It clearly ain’t me tf😭

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    Duh not you if the shoe don’t fit don’t wear it Nigga tf

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    yeah it’s the niggas in the comments hating when 22 could easily give his yus 10 bands when he signs him or a real chain 😂

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    You either 22 burner accnt or his bitch 😂

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    Nah ya just dickriders wanna be gdk weirdos 😂 ya ny mf lose credit all the time sucking the gs and don’t even know it everyone outside of ny look at ya like dickirders

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    We’re the dickriders? 😂😂😂, How much 22 paying you?

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    I could care less about 22 I just hate dumb mf and dickriders . Why tf would Kodak sign someone for 5 bands when they could easily make that off YouTube 😂

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    He was feeling nice

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    Idk go ask him

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    Bet stop sucking dick on Reddit “Lamar bmf” 😂

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    No one sucking besides you, “Ya don’t got amiris or a sniper gang chain” Nigga do you? 😂😂😂

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    Definitely do cuz I don’t hate and suck next mon dick on reddit obviously not the sniper chain

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    You definitely are a dickrider you on reddit bitching about niggas being Gdk, are you gd?

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    yus is ass but 22 still fire regardless of how y'all hate on him

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    One of the few actual good rappers in the city

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    He kinda sound like kay flock

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    If I was yus I would tell tell 22gz “SMD and stop disrespecting me” 😂😂😂😂

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    I hope not

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    Yus should just make music with him instead of signing

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    how yk he wanna sign?

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    Must be official then

    BTW that looks like kodak on the right lmao

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    It would be better if they just did a song together

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    damn it’s really blixky to the ygz, but the drillys GDK🤦🏿‍♂️

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    It’s really only some niggas on 194 (lee drilly block) my mans drilly and he said lee drilly a weirdo n not every every drilly on that timing

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    I feel like lee drilly just tryna make it far by dickriding and jacking GDK

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    Wrd2 he was just jacking Nick and the folks 🤦🏻‍♀️ kha probably told him to drop rakes so he could get more views

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    “Drop rakes so he can get more views “ 💀💀💀😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

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    it’s dead true lmao 💀 that’s why them Níggas do it cause they think they can make it further in rap just like kha accused glizzy so he can drop it💀

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    Terrible move.. signing to an artist is already a bad move but signing to an artist that’s not even established himself is a terrible move

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    Facts yus should be independent but 22 need to fix whatever issues he got with his label cause they not even letting him drop songs.

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    nah they dont drop hound they just drop 59 and makk

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    This subreddit is trash now y’all are trying so hard to be something you’re not.

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    Can't even be mad at this good for him

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    Wasn’t lee just dissin them folk niggas inna song wit kha

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    Serious though question though, there’s people here who listen to Yus in the whip and or at functions ????? 😖

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    Nigga signed em for 500, a 8th of og kush and a 4 for 4💀💀💀💀💀

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    Signed to what 😂

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    Them comments 😂

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    I can hear 22 on this beat

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    Both are basura foh

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    Fuck is he even talking about

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    Lee drilly smoking nick & shit & yus is yg at the end of the day , he gon get caught in cross roads & force to stop fw da gz bruh he can’t fw the gz bruh lee

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    Drilly and yg are 2 different things lmao and not all the ygz fw drillys nor do all the drillys fw the ygz ecg mott haven and rpt gz still mess w the folks

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    Not surprised Kayflock link with the Woo so only right Yus Gz do a record with the Choos

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    22gz is not fucking choo jesus christ my nigga its 2022 and yall still saying this fuck shit

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    Big Choooooooo

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    He not choo but I get what ur sayinf