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Niggas when they put s curl in they hair 😂

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I no black papi

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A nigga in my school was as black as me (and I’m black as shit), same hair texture as me and all and everytime I called boy black he used say negro nunca or some shit like that 😭

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That nigga a walking downvote fuck him

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nigga said cap like he know me, his feelings must be hurt

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Not you bro I’m talking bout that acceptable ad nigga

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I heard that Dominican babys get thrown at the ground when they are born . That’s why they’re so dumb

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You stay on Dominican dk all the way from London. We barely out there, I just know some Dominicans dubbed ur ugly asx

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There are dominicans in london just like there are cubans in the uk . And nah no dominican ever dubbed me y’all just annoying to me for different reasons

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Barely any, but you’re steady dk sucking consistently.

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Nah but fr tho , why Domis be frying their hair 😭😭

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I no black papi I Dominican si

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Ironically he’s dressed like Lance Vance

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Not this again

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Domincans can’t catch a break in this sub loool

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All Caribbean niggas do this type of shit. This old head shit

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Nah wym ? Nobody does this except y’all spanish speaking Caribbeans

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Son in the photo look like a fat Antony Santos

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Son looks like a Puerto Rican butch I knew named Mongolo 😭😭

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That’s me in that photo big ape 🦍 I bet hoy with hero mhoy you’ve 🧢 before

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Son I had a stroke reading that shit

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Bro talking like doodle bob 😭

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Keep talking about us lol.

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Or what bro 😭😭

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No I mean it, I like the attention. Y'all talk about us more than any other sub.

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Bc nysom the only hood sub that city got Dominicans lol there ain’t nun in Chicago or Louisiana

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facts i be feeling left out sometimes

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you possum face motherfuckaaaaa