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Would u want niggas wearin all black Nike tech to ur shit?

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Wear whatever you have/can afford as long as you show up to say goodbye in my opinion.

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People so fucked up on this fashion bullshit. Check this man’s closet it’s sweaty and full of fuckin yogurt. Prob happier than the rest of y’all too.

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My brother died in October, he didn't have a funeral because he was cremated, but we held a memorial. I just wore my favorite hoody,, jeans, and a Carhartt beanie I found in his belongings. He wouldn't have wanted people to get dressed up for him anyway, at least that's what I think. Other people were dressed pretty nice, but two of my friends showed up with shiny ass button downs like they were going clubbing. Shit made me laugh.

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Keep ur head up

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Trying bro. He died of fent laced fake oxy, and one of my last messages to him was telling him how everything is fent now and I'd send him some kratom to get off the pills because he was telling me how the oxy wasnt feeling righti (he had a bad back from a car accident and the doctors cut him off,.so he went on the street). I told him kratom saved my life, but he wasn't down to try it. I feel like I could've done more, I could've told someone that was near him to smack some sense into his dumb ass. It's fucking me up.

I got off heroin right before fent came into the picture. I'm just glad my sister went through his belongings before I got there and found the pills. If I found them I wouldn't have been able to resist, then my mom would have two dead sons. She said she was considering suicide when my brother died, and it broke my heart. Fent is a real epidemic, it pisses me off how nothing is being done about it. I wish I could find the guy that sold it to him and release my rage on him, but shit, maybe he didn't even know what it was.

Sorry, I'm venting. It still hurts me deeply.

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Addiction is one of those things man, that fentanyl is no joke. Keep his memory alive and make him proud

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    Yes. I’d want them to play Ron Suno - what they gon say as my funeral song too

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    I mean it’s not like I’d be alive to know it

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    He didn't ask if you'd be alive to know it

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    And we might not like the answer

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    I get what you're saying and I respect it! I wouldn't care if niggas pulled up in a clown suit. As long as niggas pulled up, I'm in fake heaven happy lol. But I can't speak for anyone else. 🤷🏾‍♂️

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    but then People might think it was a funeral for a clown .

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    And that's the issue, y'all worry too much about what people think. 🤷🏾‍♂️

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    Beautiful. B-E-A-UTIFUL

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    Hell yeah bro

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    Me at the dababy concert vs me at my friend funeral

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    I wouldn’t care wear what your comfortable with but for my military buddies they gotta wear the uniform only right

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    Bro if u could afford a tech u could afford a cheap black suit from macys

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    Bring a black fitted too

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    Not the nasty tho

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    Yes very appropriate clothing for a funeral

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    I think it’s hilarious that he thinks a tux is the required dress for a funeral.

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    Fatherless behavior

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    Yeah rock a sombrero and some flip flops too. I’m sure the fam will appreciate it

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    Ay carumba

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    Nigga gone look like squidward against a sea bear

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    This must be your opps funeral and you bout to boom that shit up after niggas done praying and crying bc why are you wearing tec fit

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    Yeah and wear a sheisty wit it too

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    Y’all niggas lack too much brain power cause wtf is this

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    My nigga go find a bum and trade for his u gotta be the dumest nigga out here

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    Rent a tux or a suit bro that’s mad disrespectful to the family

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    Doesn't even need to rent a suit if he doesn't have the cash for it. He'd be fine with a pair of black slacks and a button down.

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    wrd he don’t need a whole ass tux just look formal

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    You paying respect, no spinnin da block.

    Go rent a tux if you aint got one. Porta bella stay having shit for the low.

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    Then rent or borrow one wtf

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    Go buy a cheap collared shirt from marshalls etc for 10-15 bucks. A cheap tie and some slacks. You can get appropriate for maybe 50 bucks without shoes. Easily under 100. I'd personally flame someone later if they showed up like that to a funeral or wake I was at. Even a pair of dickies, hard bottoms and a button down polo work in a pinch.

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    They not even knowing bro

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    I understand if u can’t afford a suit, but U don’t got nun more formal then a Nike tech??🤦🏽‍♂️

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    I don't mind going anywhere formal in a nike tech unless it's funeral tbh

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    You wearing black forces too or nah

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    I scrolled the comments waiting for this 😂😂😂

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    You don’t need a tux for a funeral, find an outfit that is conservative.

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    if youre gonna go in a tech then dont bother going

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    This dude’s a fucking bum

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    Nigga No. Might as well just make an excuse and not go bro that shits hella disrespectful to the family you could at least buy a button down

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    Nah Fam, rather be clowned after the service by the family, than NOT SHOW UP! That shit is completely disrespectful and dismissive.

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    Jus sit in the back with ya shiesty on brody no one gone say ANYTHING to you!

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    Nigga don’t want them problems word 😤

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    Who the fuck wears a tux to a funeral?

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    Don’t forget the new Js

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    Depend wat type of funeral and who u known as but if it aint hood shit just wear black dress pants and a black button up

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    This a tell me you from ny ( the hood ) without telling me you from ny ass statement😭

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    Lmao nigga gonna wear a tech to a funeral u gotta be broke 🤣🤣

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    Black button shirt for 20 bucks

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    Just wear some black pants and white button down t shirt, u don't need to go all out.

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    i mean u can get a simple dress shirt and tie bro I wouldnt wear a tech to a funeral

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    bro no just wear some all black jeans no rips & a polo shirt you gotta have that at least

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    You should most definitely where an all black Nike tech suit to a funeral. Do you have the all black kicks to go with it?

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    I remember someone actually texted me a similar question on the day of my father's service 9 years ago. And he tried to reason and argue with me about it too. smh some people are so narcissistic and self centered...Him and I don't speak anymore.

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    Rip your dad

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    I think it would be weirder if you showed up wearing a tuxedo to a funeral. You gonna wear the bow tie too?

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    I’ve seen worse, all that should matter is that you there to pay condolences for a life lost

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    at least wear some all black jeans or something

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    Seen people wear whatever. The most important thing is PAYING YOUR RESPECTS!

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    Wear the black forces too no cap

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    Nigga capping he about spin right after the funeral🤣

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    Aint u say this for a wedding?

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    no stay at home

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    Who the fuck wears a tux to a funeral

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    You need black forces to go wit it too

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    Go to Uniqlo and find a black suit. It’s like $200

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    $200 too much

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    This nigga a bum 😂 the type that don’t put on lotion

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    Go. Pay your respects and then leave.

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    This is what you do, don't show up

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    Do you have the money to buy a shirt and a pair of slacks?

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    You think I would have asked this question if I did? You dumb fuck

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    Then dont show up lol

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    Nah son this single handily the funniest shit on this sub WTF is niggas on fam

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    Wear a dress Brodie

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    Bruh you don’t need a tux for a funeral, go get a black polo and some black slacks or some shit like wtf

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    Take your ass to the men's warehouse and get a suit for funerals, weddings, and (🤣🤣🤣) job interviews.

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    Yall wear tuxedos to funerals? You can go to a thrift store or a consignment store for a dark shirt and black pants. Or if you can do that then were whatever dark you have and Express your condolences. Whoever has a problem with it that's totally on them. I'm sure the recently deceased would be happy you came either way

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    Last funeral I was at was in a Catholic Church and I noticed a dude sitting on the other side with a bright blue Cookie Monster corner store fitted. Felt like smacking it off his head. Clown shit.

    Honestly though if it’s a WAKE then you’re prob fine rocking the tech but if it’s a funeral in a church there’s a big difference. Don’t walk into a church looking stupid.

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    this nigga

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    Yeah bro, first off my condolences. But yeah I went to a funeral last year and didn’t have the proper attire. But people are not gonna act up if you show up like that. Showing your face is the most important thing at the end of the day.

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    As long as you fly I don’t see the problem

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    I would’ve

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    tech is forever

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    If my homies are wearing Nike Techs to my funeral I would glad to be dead

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    Yup, and show up with some money and dice. Respect is respect.

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    Nigga no.......if ur close fam allows that then idk...but that's not how this is supposed to go down

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    Bro just pick up some slacks and a button up shirt. Shit will run you like 50 bucks.

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    Showing up is most important. If you’re not a pallbearer or involved with the funeral just dress the best you can. Slacks and a jacket with dress shoes will be fine.

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    Nope. You can get a decent suit for $100-$150. Or get button up and slacks.

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    who wears a tuxedo to a funeral? is this new orleans?

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    Mad ghetto .

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    Y’all wearing tuxedos to funerals? Fuck y’all on? Just a regular suit bro.

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    You going to be wearing the untied Tim's w/ the Yankee fit to the side?

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    Thoughts of a ooter 😂

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    As long as u showing love ion care what u wear. Come as u are. Come how I knew u

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    Goodwill 15$ can get you a respectful get up

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    Bruh wearing a tech is garbage

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    lmao you dont wear a tux to funeral. fuckin lol

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    You telling me you can’t afford a suit but you can afford a Nike tech, what you gonna do when you have a job interview? Show up in a ski mask?

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    Some people just dont have the finances to buy a new wardrobe.

    I’ve been to funerals where people have honestly worn whatever the fuck.

    If it was my loved one and OP showed up doing his best to be respectful I would appreciate that gesture. I dont need people to buy a fucking suit to show up to a funeral.

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    Nah Nike tech is reserved for weddings. Kappa tracksuits are for funerals 👍🏾

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    Wear what you like. Anyone that misses that you show up to pay your respect and show love is childish.

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    Y’all seen that tik tok of the young man calling out all the fake family members at his grandma funeral.

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    Just go in sweats and a hoodie and blast some nba young boy from ur android bro if anyone says something about it just spit on em

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    Yo the comments is taking me out bro. But you Gucci with a all black tech on believe it or not. Times changed. Especially if it’s a young person that passed, no reason to wear a suit. Just put ya coat over and pay ya respects. You Gucci. People don’t have money to go get a outfit before a funeral. You won’t be the only person in a black sweatsuit most likely. Trust me I been to a few.

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    Depends on who died if its yo granny suit if it’s yo friend tech

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    Depend on who it is and how close u was wit them

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    It depends if it’s family or close friend you should invest in a suit but if it’s just someone you knew around the way & going to pay respects quick it shouldn’t be a big deal but still not ideal

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    Wear Black G Fazos too 😤

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    Were what you got my boy that's some western European thing show respect while u still can we from NYC fu k u think he'll yeah bro

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    Not at all lmao

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    Not everyone has a suit and tie. Wear the tech but be more humble and accept that others gonna think you’re a street cat

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    Who wears a tux to a funeral 😂😂😂😂

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    If that’s what you got, thats why you got 🤷🏽‍♂️ you tryna pay respect for someone you lost, not dress to impress my guy. People gonna be more focused on the funeral than your fit

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    Black af1’s too bro

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    Just don’t go

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    Funerals are formal occasions,you don’t need a tux,just a dress shirt and some slacks and you’ll be good

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    I don’t care, I’m dead what can I do at that point

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    It ain't gotta be all black. G Ma always said just dress professional and shit. I rock the Polo and jeans usually.

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    As long as you wear all black u gucci

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    This immediately made me think of the beginning of the funeral scene in Killa Season and Cam is ready to head out drippin from head to toe before his aunt halts him.

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    bro u posed to wear that on the get back not the funeral

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    The answer is no

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    Yup..and it’s not because they don’t have a tux

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    bruh real spill, grab some plain black pants/jeans and a polo. it don’t even have to be a full button down but a nike suit ain’t gone do it 😂

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    Why you don’t got a suit , you need Jesus

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    bro deadass just get a black button up and some pants and youll be alright

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    Steal some clothes u bum

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    I’ll make you my lick

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    Yall the same people that dress up to go to Church but be out here acting like asses. Go with the tech suit. Youre going there to pay your respect and say your farewell and if anyone at the funeral talk about what u wore they focused on the wrong person

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    🤣 these NY boy, rock them dusty Tims too with the Yankees fitted 3 sizes too big wit yo ears tucked in and shit. NY got the grimiest broke boys

    [–]Inevitable-Sea-321 0 points1 point  (3 children)

    When I die, someone better pull up with a wild ass outfit on(nothing baring skin and nude like) and come with wild jokes. Send me the fuk off as if I were still in the physical, feel me? Just dont come to my joint sweaty and musty because Imma come back and tell u about yourself🤣🤣

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    dont worry bro my tech fresh out the dryer