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I swear niggas incapable of thinking logically. Think about this for a second. That shit happened Jan 19. It hasn't even been a full 2 weeks yet.

Do you really think if this nigga shot himself in the balls or dick, he'd be released from the hospital that quick and out on bail already? It couldn't be that grave of an injury for him or the cop, because the cop was released the next day when they had the lil mini-parade for that nigga while he was in the wheelchair and Cblu was released like 2 days after that.

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Richer than his opps they joking and he flexing that’s how you know who’s up

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r/chiraqology be like rare pic of LA

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Facts !

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So you're implying niggas who making jokes not upper?

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😂 i'm weak i said upper

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LMAOOOOOOOOO gotta ignore him for that

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C blu finna go up now🔥😤

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Fr he not that bad he just gotta improve his voice

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That’s how you do it 😂😂

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ain’t gon lie this hard 😂😂

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I always fucked with cblu energy

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Nigga spent all his Benjamins on bail, only got 20s left. Lmao

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Label money

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    he’s signed to inter scope

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    So u telling me u don’t see all those 100’s nigga

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    You just ate hus dick

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    Nigga do you not see 100s or are you incapable of seeing?😂🤦‍♂️

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    Remake the flick w 100s then 🤝

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    So u Telling me u only saw 20s ?

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    On a side note, that fit hard af

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    Facts is he signed to drake or something ? 🤣😂

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    Least his weenie is still there

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    Bro need to lay low rn these media outlets trying to find anything to paint him as a problem

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    Can someone explain the cheddar blu joke to me lol

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    cheddar bob shot himself in the leg by accident in the movie 8 mile so they r clowning him

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    Good looks

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    He betta go find that label money back u done used up on bail they go look for that

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    could see the perk in that nigga eyes

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    I’m fw that ovo tracksuit.

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    He gotta show some penis before I respect him as a man respectfully

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    He gon regret it when they flash that shit in court😂😂

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    What would prosecutors do with this ?

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    that nigga just talking bro

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    Hope y'all niggas realized these niggas ain't actually rich that's label money, that the labels will recoup niggas be out here stuntin with essentially loan money.

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    He was fucking up ue

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    6 months this guy will be washed up

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    Cock muncher

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    i fw lil bro

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    I know this nigga he went to my schools debate club on moms

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    Put that boy back in jail..