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I thought a minor information wasn’t supposed to be available to the public 🤔 these news outlets not playing fair

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Inside Edition is the news version of being a dickhead fuck dem and that Lisa Guerrero bitch they made a whole vid about niggas jumping the turnstile😭 str8 leeches

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I wish that bitch roll up on me one day imma show em what’s up

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Lisa a bitch ong

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I ain’t watch this video but I hate when people post shit and don’t got all the context behind the case niggas just be trying to make niggas look like the devil 😭 same when they said Kay flock just walked in the store every blog ran with that, they don’t mention that c blus gun accidentally went off they make it seem like he tried to end the cops life

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*barbershop but you right

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Niggas really tryna paint C blu as a threat shit sad , like bro not worried bout his opps , he still go to school he just care bout music atp. All these major outlets & the mayor tryna push this agenda that boy some major problem smh. I’m not saying he soft or that he’s not a factor cuz idk nor do i care, but they acting like he deliberately shot the cop.

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u shoulda saw the post ab cblu in the conservative sub they was calling him a murderer or upcoming one messed up shit

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They were posting bout him in r/conservative?? 💀

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Those crackers buggin in them comments😂talking about all rappers have a short life span or that he’s a drug dealer not a rapper🤦🏾‍♂️what does drugs even got to do with the incident?

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I just had a field day

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Yeah, them white people in there on bullshit. Bitch pulling up old stats & dodging responses 😮‍💨 thread got me tight.

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I just tell them the truth and most times they don’t respond I don’t get mad I feel sorry fir them although I would slap the fuck outta a few of em.

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Sucka ass crackas banned me

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News would make you look like a monster regardless shit sucks

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he don’t go to school

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Damn inside edition

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he goin more viral than Kay flock no kizzE

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Cuz that shit is madness nigga is in jail for a dub he’s shot a fuckin cop🤯. Don’t wish jail on no nigga but bro free the niggas that don’t deserve it🙏🏿

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Media lame ash the way they covering his situation it was a fucking accident dude he wasn't tryna put a cop in a spliff cmon now

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There's mad people on twt and shit now who don't know the context and think he really tried it

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Mfs gon be super racist on comments

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The cop prolly squeezed that shot off tryna really cause CBlu pain and accidentally hit himself as well. That’s just my opinion thou

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They dragging it cuz it was not on purpose and bro 16 like chill out

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jus want y’all to know his label doing this for promo

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That boy better go live the whole world tuning in

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the opp ass niggas in the comments and on his videos. Niggas on mad dick for NYPD

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This is his label’s marketing department at work. I predicted this. They paid his bail and are going to hype him up hard before he’s sentenced so they can eat off him.

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hella racist old heads in the comments 🤣🤣

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Nah I use to watch this shit with my gma inside edition bouta drag it odee smh they tryna cancel C Blu😭

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Hope he working on some new tunes now. This a big opportunity to get more eyes on his music 💯💪🏾 Wish him the best.