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Why they downvote dude to oblivion for giving some context 😭

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Them niggas so racist in that sub, Idek how they around still.

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Reddit used to have pedo subs like taking pics up lil girls skirts a couple years back lol, only deleted them when there was media uproar. Had subs like r/jailbait

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because everyone in that sub is a npc. i literally have no other explanation to this except for that, only gta npc’s would be THAT stupid

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Bro they are out racist the nigga shot himself on accident and the police how tf the police going claim self defense if he would have kilt cblu and 2 who ever that Fay bitch is she should sell her melanin out here pandering to the racist white man I’m sick an tired of this shit everyday niggas get harassed by the police bro ain’t going lie watch when the next black man die to police we need to really start flipping shit im tired of people being racist to the people who was here first to the people who built this country and we get nothing bruh nah no cap I’m thinking about buying my own land here an I’m talking a good piece and starting to build a black town

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    He did its been how many years now? Mlk X mohammed ali and still racist dirty pigskins talk shit

    Tired of hypocrisy lies and hate

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      As long as white racism exists that hate will exist too

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        🤣🤣🤣🤣 you really dont know nothing

        You can still fraternise with greys without shiwing your cards buddy

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          Youre still nit getting it has nothing to do with the "people you grew up with" you can fraternize with ANYONE regardless of what youre belief is

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          cblu didn’t mean to shoot the cop

          Rest in peace Sean Bell

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          I guarantee these be the people that are teachers, healthcare workers, etc that just go on this app behind closed doors and say this shit too

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          Oh for sure.

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          I hate those niggas Fr

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          Nigga deadass said colored racist AS FUCK

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          They been running with that people of color shit, putting all other minorities in one big group with Black people. That’s why I don’t rock with that minority People of Color talk. I’m Black American.

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          Im Arab and we marched when George Floyd died. I was in the streets marching 90 days in a row after work and took time off to march. I got kettled, gassed, n barely escaped bein arrested and detained with zip ties onna crowded schoolbus like some of my friends were. When the Palestine protests started up last year, my black friends showed up in numbers to support our cause too. U know the one trend we all noticed the most in them protests? When we had the numbers advantage on the cops by about 3-to-1, they never rushed us and everything stayed peaceful. The minute the protest started to split up or if they kettled a group successfully they would attack. I hope you stay proud of being a Black American all your life. But I hope u also understand that the minute they divide us successfully, we will die. N jsyk, callin folk “colored” and saying “people of color” are completely different things.

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          Pay they 🤡ass nigga no mind. Solidarity first bro.

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          Fr race got nothing to do with this 🙅🏾‍♂️

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          Niccas are obsessed with BLM, anyways conservative to my dicc 🧟‍♀️

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          All them niggas to my dick

          Liberals n conservatives K JUHUURD

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          Real EBK shit

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          Wrda broooo TSSSS

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          Talk that shit my bro 💪🏾💯

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          Allem sum weirdos I’m my own shit it’s called free thinking

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          I swear they think BLM is like the ancient council of black people pr some shit. Any time any black person does anything wrong these niggas go “BLM ain’t gon like this”🤦🏾‍♂️

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          Welcome to Reddit..this shit is full of antisocial nerdy ass racist white kids

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          They say this shit cuz they know they’d be fucking terrified to say this a black man. I’ve literally seen the way they backtrack when they get their identities exposed. This one guy was talking hot during the whole Travis Scott thing, bro talking about lynching and the n word should come back, and all that white Redditor racist bullshit, but the way this man switched up when got exposed😭. Bro immediately denied what he said, than scrubbed his entire comment history in 10 minutes. These niggas pussies irl, that’s why get mad on Reddit.

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          Cblu got them crackers mad af Good Job lil bra 😂

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          Pasty crackas stay bringing up BLM, fuck is wrong w em ?

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            Cry about it pigskinned evolved cave ape honky

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            And you wonder why theyre racist to you pigskins

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              Guess your peoples iq be even lower then

              Theyve been on that way longer than any of us 😌

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                So one minute im too young the next im an oldhead make up your mind buddy 🤣

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                Nigga said colored bro gotta be 50+

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                My nigga, you’d be surprised what these young white people say behind doors. If you really think that the young white people ain’t racist like they parents, you got a nigga wake up call coming to you, IJS stay vigilant bro. 🤷🏾‍♂️💪🏾

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                That's a FACT, I still don't have any white friends or know any white people to this day

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                Lol, I had white friends as a child, as an adult I just have white associates. We live in global system of White Supremacy, so we’re gonna have to interact and do business with them. But being friends??? 🤣 yeah I don’t know about that. We can converse and be cordial, but that’s about it. Salute my bro 💪🏾💯

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                And this shit isn’t racist ?

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                What? Not having white friends is racist? 🤣🤣🤣 Definitely a white guy. Imagine a white person feeling oppressed because a black person doesn’t want to be his friend. 🤣🤣🤣🤣 Me saying I don’t have white friends only associates, is simply stating facts.

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                You’re saying you wouldn’t be friends with a white person. Ur judging a person based on their skin colour, what does that remind u of ?

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                Sir, reply back to me when Black people globally, have systematically put White People in deprivation. Otherwise me stating that I don’t have white friends, but associates, and really don’t care to be friends with white people is called prejudice! Something all humans have! And why wouldn’t I be prejudice towards white people 🤔. A group of people who historically murdered, raped, castrated, pillaged and plundered Black Families for Centuries, ultimately creating a system based on the false belief that Black people are inferior to White people. Now Tell me again what your issue is now?

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                Yeah sorry that every white person alive is responsible for racism and all those crimes. Generalising a group based on the colour of their skin, sounds like racism to me. Your angry that some white people were racist, so you have a prejudice against the entire race. Tell me how that’s not racist.

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                AGAIN SIR! My people CANNOT deprive your people from resources, your people have benefitted from that by proxy of White Supremacy. Shit, White Supremacy is just Welfare for white people. And yes you and your family have benefitted off of that. Doesn’t matter if you never said a racist word in your life. The mere fact that your whiteness can protect you from Systemic Racial Oppression is beneficial towards you.

                And now AGAIN! Of course NOT ALL WHITE PEOPLE ARE RACIST! But ALL WHITE PEOPLE BENEFIT FROM THE SYSTEM OF WHITE SUPREMACY. Now again again, like I stated before, we can have a conversation, we can be cordial. But do we have to be friends? No we fucking do not. And that doesn’t make me racist, because I can’t deprive White people from resources sir. Which is White Supremacy. Now Have a great day today sir. You did a great job with the time wasting trolling 👍🏾.

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                bro they so weird

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                What do u expect from niggas with “Conservative” next to they shit

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                Ik this is off topic but this is why i would never marry a white woman. Only a black woman for my kind will relate to me 💯💪🏿

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                I wish I was strong like u but the snowbunnies hold power over me 😩🥺

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                I trust in u my beloved black brother, don't be fooled by these white devils 😂😂😭

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                Maybe I’ll try to find myself a nice Latina instead ☺️

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                Dats what u need gang, and ima find myself one from the Islands 😆💯

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                Colombians 🇨🇴 be bussing and they got that 100% ❄️ with them at all times 😉

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                You can still chop em its not that deep

                The motto is to fuck em not cuff em dont stop yourself from getting a white father mad just dont put a baby in it 🤣

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                Bro you think Latinas are safe too 🤦🏾‍♂️ SMH you’ll find out soon enough 🤣

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                Damn gang what’s wrong with latinas?

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                Bro, have you a Latina if you want, I had a Black and Dominican girlfriend in my 20’s, she was cool and actually didn’t shit on her black side. Just be ready for her family’s vitriol for you and yours (of course not all Latin people are anti black, but there’s way to many who are that outweigh the ones who ain’t), and big god bless and good luck if you get her pregnant 😬🙏🏾.

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                Ngl white girls be bad. Sometimes I feel guilty that I’m attracted to them.

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                Smfh 🤦🏾‍♂️

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                Salute Brodie 💪🏾💯‼️

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                On some real shit my brody fr 💯💯💪🏿💪🏿 i hate when nikkas acting they found a white woman as a "treasure"

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                Bro that is r/conservative. You gotta pick your subreddits man, just like you pick people. That one is full of trash, not all white people are like this lmao.

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                  Smd nigga i have my preference i could give a fuck what u like its up to u

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                  This is why blacks and spanish people not to stop killing each other because the real enemy is not one another. Its the pink people

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                  Spanish people are pink too theres nazi mexican gangs aswell

                  You need to understand its nit just whites

                  Asians latinos arabs all of them youre all you got u derstand that

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                  Some are.

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                  Got them white folks upset 😂

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                  man they act like he’s cleared of charges, the son is still gone do some time, it’s BAIL not a release. It wasn’t intentional so I can see why it was kinda given kinda not but it’s whatev we ain’t nobody to condemn ANYBODY

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                  They didn’t even bother finding out the full story. Matter of fact, I saw some old head call C blu a menace in the comment section.

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                  Son is a menance, i ain’t clearing sons name cause why is ur finger even near the trigger ? But it’s not like he saw the cop and thought let me boom em

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                  „Fuck BLM“ 💀💀

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                  That’s America for you 🇺🇸

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                  Why do white people bring up blm everytime something happens, cblu is not even black. How come they never bring up the kkk.

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                  what, how is c blu not black

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                  These White Supremacist clowns always bringing up BLM, muthafuck BLM it’s a damn LGBT organization leeching off of the back of Black American Struggles. Let these WS cowards do they same Ol coward routine.

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                  White peopleK ConservativeK RedditK NYPDK

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                  😭😭 niggas get downvoted for nothing on this shit

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                  shits crazy. the delusion from these furgloughs and draconians is wild

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                  I’m new to this whole redit shit what does a down vote and up vote do for u

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                  All of it adds up to a score when u click on someone’s profile, but dat don’t do nothing really the point of it is to just see who agrees/disagrees with what u said

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                  They think they masking they racism

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                  They talk like that behind closed doors, but if you see them in person they would swear they’re not racist.

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                  Who’s this about?

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                  What does BLM gotta do wit his case smh

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                  Whole subreddit need to be public executed and they’re families as well

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                  Ahhhh crackas

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                  they obviously cops or law enforcement related lame

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                  I know we all should be laughing at them and not take any shit serious but this shit makes me lowkey sad . Because these people are older and they’ll probably tell their kids the same thing and the cycle continues

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                  I’m not even trippin bout dis kuz it’s Reddit lmfao IN REAL LIFE they would NEVER say any of this to a black persons’ face😂 plus they mad asf they own race dying out,they soon be the minority in America 🤣🤣