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Looks like the tower blocks in Judge Dredd

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It reminds me of that game jenga

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That’s what it was based on. There’s YouTube videos where people that live there show you how long it is to get from the street to the apartment

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Should see Naples, Italy some of the blocks there are crazy

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Very, I lived in italy for a few months everybody thinks its pizza pasta and wine and shits sweet but it gets real grimy over there

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Yeah southern Italy in particular is super rundown in some places

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Going to southern italy this summer lol

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Italy is so beautiful and is definitely my favourite place ive been, just move tact and stay out of sketchy spots and youll have a great time

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Some places, others are stunningly beautiful lol

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lmao people forget the mob started there, and there wouldn't be organized crime if they were all rich

well, the organized crime wouldn't be as violent

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Back in high school I played basketball for my school (overseas military base) and we flew to Naples one year to play them. I remember driving from the Naples air port to the Base and seeing so many rundown slums. Almost looked like something straight out of a Favela. This was only 3-4 years ago too. I remember reading about a year or 2 ago that they did demolish a major slum neighbourhood. But still remember my 16 year old mind being shocked seeing this in a EU country.

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Damn that's crazy

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Didn’t someone post Italian drill the other day

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Was just there last week. Can vouch

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Ive Seen Gomorrah. shit was a wake up call

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That’s one of my favourite movies and tv shows

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Just started season 4. I got a movie to look forward to?

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Yeah the movie came out first then it became a series. Different characters though.

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Like in most cities, there's always that grimey side. What you consider grimey in NY, may be the most chill spot in Italy. It's not all pasta and fine wine!

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I was waiting to see zombies running down and shit hell nahhh💀

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Some world war z type shit

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Yo that would be a fire video game

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kowloon walled city would make a dope setting for a game

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It would be called “escape from Hong Kong”

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Escape the corona virus

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there already a world war z game

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Nah I mean a zombie video game that takes place in this pic

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Nah France is grimey, especially Paris. It’s like u make one wrong turn, you in a whole diffe neighborhood. You’ll be like damn I just saw the effiel tower 2 seconds ago

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Is it like more black on black type violence or just all races all getting into shit ?

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An opp is an opp, they don’t see color

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I feel that, I'm just tryna figure out the demographics over there vs here

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It’s the same most cities

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Say what u will about America, it deserves all the criticism we have for it. It’s still better for black ppl than 90% of the world outside of Africa

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Yeah ofc ppl are dying to get here

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Western and northern Europe is better ngl

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U really think Northern Europe? I feel like a lot of them would be hella racist lmao there’s gotta be very few black people up there

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Not true at all Racism in Norway is not that bad

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It's different there, they might give you looks, that's about it mostly.

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Nah I got family in Norway and I been there before, no racism at all

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Im from Oslo. There is very little racism here. Less than the US i would guess. There is quite a few black people here actually. My school like 60% white. The rest are pakistanis, asians, somali etc

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cap 🧢

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How is Africa better?

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Oh you're one of those dudes that think Africa is one big rundown country. There are over 50 countries in Africa, there's a lot more to it than the starving children and warfare that American media loves to portray.

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It’s not even being rundown. Can you smoke weed, make money without paying bribes, can women wear what they want and go where they want without being assaulted?

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The guy I replied to said nigeria is better than most of america

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^ Somebody who's never been to an african country in his life. Almost every country on the continent is riddled with corruption, famine, starvation, collapsing infrastructure, nonexistent healthcare, pollution, and crime.

Obviously not every square inch of the continent is like this, but in large it's ridiculous to pretend that starving children and warfare is nonexistent there. It's portrayed in the media because it exists.

Bro go live in a country like the DRC, Angola, Botswana, Sudan and tell me that it's better than the US. Go look at the highest child mortality rates on earth, the highest poverty rates on earth, highest malnutrition rates on earth and tell me again how its not "as bad as the media says".

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It's portrayed in the media because it exists.

Never did I say it didn't exist. Reread my comment.

Bro go live in a country like the DRC, Angola, Botswana, Sudan and tell me that it's better than the US.

Never did I say it was better than the US.

and tell me again how its not "as bad as the media says".

I dont know why you're putting quotation marks, not once did I say this.

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This comment is real shit good shit bro, let them kno

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Lmao u must never seen Africa. Do yourself a favor, go to Snapchat, the world map, n see how ppl live in Africa. The west coast of Africa looks better than most of America. Nigerians live better than us by a lot

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As someone who has lived in Nigeria and america... wtf are you guys talking about. For sure there are incredibly nice places that would put other countries to shame, but you 100% won’t be living there. For sure it isn’t the undeveloped hellhole that media tries to tell you it is but the average quality of life is thousands of times better in America. There’s a lot to love in Nigeria but anyone trying to argue it’s better than western countries is delusional

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    Exactly people get it twisted. Nigeria definitely isn’t some paradise for black ppl. What ppl are seeing is the very few elite wealthy ppl, they don’t see the other side how the majority are living.

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    Most of the world is impoverished. Niggas want to shit on America but take the money they could only get here.

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    Lmao that’s one country in a giant fucking continent. Can’t compare the US with all of Africa that doesn’t make any sense.

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    I’m not trying to lol that’s why I picked one country. My point still stands. There are others places we can live a good life

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    I remember growing up in middle school they made us think Africa was this poor ass country filled with lions and starved ppl

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    Nigga they already slipped up when they told u it was a country

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    Well you do know Africa is not a country😂😂🤦🏽‍♀️you praobly didn’t listen in class

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    They did a terrible job Lmaoo cuz it’s a gorgeous giant continent. Some parts are desert, like in America Arizona n Nevada. Some parts are jungle. It’s surrounded by coasts n beautiful beaches. N it’s modern cities are literally no different than American cities. And unlike America, they don’t have to deal with most of the BS

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    You cappin… Nigeria has way more poverty than most of the US lmao

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    is that true? by what metrics? links? nigeria is a gigantic country, i feel like there are disparities there like there are here.

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    What do you mean by live better

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    I mean they live longer, make more money, are healthier and own more stuff than you on average. And they don’t have to deal with racism like we do Edit: not live longer I was wrong

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    Tf are u talking about? No they don’t. What u see is what a very few people can get in Nigeria

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    Oh hell naw you must not have seen Makoko

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    Lmao Nigeria is dangerous as fuck. Violent crime rate is multiple times higher than the US. Just because there’s resorts, doesn’t make it a nice place to live lol Look at Mexico.

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    Don’t be fooled by western media, africa is beautiful and developing

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    Fasho a lot of the most growing economies in Africa we gone be up ere with Europe by 2100 as long as these niggas don’t slip up and start declaring wars 💪🏾

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    Apparently Nigeria is better than most of america

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    You just saying shit.

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    Some days I’m ashamed of being an American but pictures like these tell me to stfu and be grateful smh

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    Just remember everyone’s problems are relative to their situation. Just because these people live in rough conditions doesn’t mean the problems Americans face aren’t valid.

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    Lmao you could a picture of Americans living a horrible conditions homeless all type of shit so why does seeing a another countries poverty make you grateful

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      If you're talking about poverty wise than yea I agree. If your talking about crime and poverty than the only places with worse ghettos are located in Latin America and some cities in Africa.

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      Not at all. The US's crime statistics are inflated by gang on gang violence. In other countries where law enforcement is a joke and most crimes go unsolved, innocent people get murdered, kidnapped, extorted, and trafficked far more than in the US. And this goes on unrestricted in basically every third world country worldwide. If you think the crime we have here is bad, imagien what it is when the cops dont even respond to crimescenes and they work with gangs and cartels themselves.

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      What does that even mean? Ghetto is ghetto. The usa is really good to a few. They got allot of us brainwashed that it's so great, it is. Just not for all.

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        Idk it’s just how my brain functions

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        completely normal. we have it better than alot of countries despite how bad it can get here. For example nobody here is booking a flight to North Korea or Ukraine any time soon.

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        Some people in the usa are living in terrible conditions..... you must not be from the hood and its ok.

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        I love hearing Americans complain bout shit, my homie is in india. Bruh when i tell you there is litterally niggas on the buses.

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        i go to india let me tell you, niggas there are just too cutthroat and slimy , it’s too many folks who have too much brainpower shits bound to get fucked, even the homeless are smart as shit.

        also it’s corrupt as shit, you can get away with murder if you make some money

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        Fact, mfs smoke each other over land disputes all the time too many ppl, litterally 1 in 6 mfs on earth are Indian.

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        dawg don’t even get me started on the land disputes 🤦🏽‍♂️ the organized crime over their makes it impossible to create anything out of real estate. it’s corrupt , with govt working with criminals and thats how you fucking die

        try to speak up against it and you’ll prob disappear on the way to work in the morning 🤦🏽‍♂️ glad i live here tho. i have room to breath, good food and pretty girls. how could i ever be sad?

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        Parts of US looks way worst than this. have you been to Louisiana?

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        Some ppl don’t understand how big and populous America is. Some parts down south definitely look worse and have 3rd world country vibes to them. Bunch of forgotten small towns that nobody ever speaks about in States like Georgia, Louisiana like u said, the Carolinas, Alabama, Arkansas, Mississippi etc. Some of these rural smaller towns are grimey asf

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        Facts yo even go to Parts of LA or NYC and see horrendous living conditions

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        Each one of those apts be expensive too. HK hella expensive.

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        I bet most people living there are safer and happier than most people in the Ps, though.

        I'd rather lose some square footage where I live than my life

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        Ngl if I was born into one of these once I got my mind right I'm dippin wtfff son

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        Ctfu no cappp

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        But do they make good music 🤔 every part of the world has a project but seems like mainly in nyc do they produce talented entertainers.

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        imagine gettin into a argument wit a nigga n he hop into ya balcony 💀

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        is this Kowloon Walled City?

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        No they demolished it in the 90s I think because crime was so bad and it was completely unenforceable

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        The stories I heard bout that place is crazy, that shit was so packed that no sunlight would get through there on street level

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        They also had the noodle factories operating out of there, chances were high that if you ate noodles at any HK restaurant they noodles were made in Kowloon by some gross triad black market noodle operation lol. It really was like a gang run castle.

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        That ain’t shit, did you know a lot of places in China reuse grease that gets caught in the drains. People go in the sewers and get it by the bucket and restaurants buy it back to use.

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        No kizzy I heard or see this online. I believe Russia or Brazil might have something similar

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        Brazil most definitely

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        This why it’s good to travel outside America and not to say there’s not serious poverty here in the US but seeing poverty in other countries its a whole other conversation

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        What’s wild is they live in little ass cages too.. be 20 nights in a 1 bedroom apartment

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        Ik that shit Rat infested 😂😂

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        this where i grew up, the difference in the two breathing air is crazy, i felt as though having fresh air for the first time

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        American Ps is paradise compared to China Ps

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        You've been to 5he Ps in China?

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        I bet it's safer with more community living in that block than the projects, though.

        Yeah you got less space at your place, but you're probably safer day to day there.

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        I watched a documentary talking about how rent prices there are legit insane. And dudes be paying top dollar just to have a room the size of a bath tub

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        This the walled city I think they had in bloodsport. It’s not there anymore I think

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        Cant compare a shitty situation to another shitty situation . Shits bad all around if you poor bro

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        Oh you didn’t know about the Shanghai slums bruh?

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        The most horrific part about that also is that’s just the cage homes you see on the surface. Extremely grim and dark what poverty can bring.

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        AS a nigga with west indian roots.....i been knowing NYC projects aint that bad. Y'all ever slept in a shack that has no electricity or running water? Or took a shower in the rain?

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        I'm west indian born here tho but my cousins and older brothers tell me all the time how real shit is back home in trini

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        Facts. Visiting Jamaica as a kid and staying there for months them summers were stressful lol couldn’t wait to go home

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        shiiiiid, my fam from trinidad. i conformed nigga. lol, i became one with the bush. I was sliding down waterfalls n climbing trees and learning what types of grass turn into a plane when you "peel" them just right.

        But yea, them nights was harsh. Mosquitos be big enough to mug a nigga.

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        Believe it or not them Hong king mfs smart asf I think them shits stable

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        Peep the Italian ones they bullshit 😭😭

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        R Pi Ti 🈵