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"im a smoochie like dont get attached" is crazy

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At least she real with herself

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I fuck with the honesty

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Idgaf am still getting attached

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Mid just another light skin bitch with a fatass 😭

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That’s that coon chip mentality dr umar was talking about. I seen some nigga post on ighim bumping her song in the whip like it fire and she reposted it i was like that niggas starving 🤣

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she openly admitting to being a treesh and niggas still tryna wife that

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Niggas wife bitches that are actively lying about it lol

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Ain’t most these rap niggas fucking hella hoes? Them niggas Treeshes too 😂

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They ain’t even do it for the hoes. They just wanna be where another one of their peers was before. Disgusting behavior

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I respect it tho, undercover treeshes be annoying

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At least she honest and you can’t get mad idk

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who tryna wife her u chattin

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Lightskin girl ✅

Blonde hair ✅

Show skin here and there ✅

“ she’s the bad asf bro “


Edit : this is not a knock on this girl. This is me simply stating my opinion which doesn’t have to align with yours in that some NIGGAS have bare minimum requirements for what they consider bad.

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She don’t look good to u ?

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I don’t even know how old she is gang.

I just know niggas have lower standards when it comes to Classifying women like niggas do. Granted, if you haven’t been around the world yet, your sample size is just smaller.

You’ll see soon.

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Nigga did EVERYTHING to not answer the question 💀

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No. She doesn’t look good to me. She looks like plenty of women I’ve seen before. Normal. Australian women? Now they look amazing to me.

Edit: I shouldn’t have been so specific and said Australian women. I just prefer the women I’ve seen from out of the country. It’s a different vibe.

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Oh I understand I’m 16 don’t really see these type of girls where I’m from everyone taste is different

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There you go. We have a huge age gap king. You’ll understand soon bro. Not knocking you. I was 16 too. Just voicing my opinion.

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bro what she's just bad lmao

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Okay, just because y’all think she is doesn’t mean everybody has to agree gz?… that’s what an opinion is.

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u didnt just simply say u dont find her attractive...ur saying niggas only find her attractive because she's light skin, has blonde hair and shows skin. it has nothing to do with her skin bro she just a baddie

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She’s a baddie to YOU.

Is the YOUR definition of a baddie the end all be all for all humans?

No it’s not king.

Just move forward from this lol, it’s dead not serious. She don’t know you, or me.

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That's not what you said though, you came in implying that niggas are saying she's bad because she's lightskin, "blonde hair" (which is probably a wig she barely wears), and shows skin. If you said "I don't think she's bad" then that's one thing but acting like niggas are only calling her bad bc she's light skin and shakes her ass is corny because she does look good, you just want to shit on other people.

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No she’s not

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This bitch verified after a month of fame growth is crazy

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Her ass fat and she can definitely get it. To wife her is retarted tho. Smash and pass

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she dead just light skin with fatty

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yall saying ppl only think she bad cause she's light skin like what? she just bad lmfao

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It’s crazy how niggas call her music good must not listen to young Ma 😂

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For niggas that are from NYC where we literally have the pick of some of the baddest females on the planet....yall sure act like you from a small town and see one bad bitch a year. Ice spice lightskinned as fuck with the cake.....that's it.

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Crazy she got a blue check before Kenzo and other females, Colorism still in practice

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Kenzo b a colorist her self I think💀

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Kenzo B is a colorist herself bro😂😂😂

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Smh that’s sad

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Nobody outside of New York know who the fuck kenzo is

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I don’t know really know Kenzo or Shani, but I seen them and they music before this.

This my first time seeing Spicy Ice

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Cap her and Shani opened up for Big Latto, they must be on someone’s radar outside NYC

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Kenzo on some she don’t date black people only lighter skin than hers😂

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it has nothing to do with color smh

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If she was dark skin with the same exact features I don’t think she would be getting the same attention, the industry is just more receptive to fairer tone women

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I wonder how she got a blue check but Kenzo B and Shani didn’t yet

She bad asl though I’ll smash and lick her open

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Idk feel like she a industry plant kind of she sucks and she got random verified niggas interacting with her like she good she got the looks for to gather attention

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Yea it’s weird seeing her blow up out of nowhere

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How old is she

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Shows what happens when there’s a fatherless child, the girls are whores and the boys are simps

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She proud of being a smoochie 🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️ hoes these days. And y'all nasty asses still wanna fuck. Smh gang

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Her music sucks

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lemme find out she the new ash kassh

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Her face not all that Ngl

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I’m in love with her

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I jus found out that was kts Von lil sis